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Today in this post I am going to share my card for a Challenge that Dawn from Pink Cat Studio issued for all of us, and I want to challenge you all to try this as well.

Also note you can view more ideas for the challenge on Melissa’s blog 😀 and enter to win a free set HERE

CHALLENGE : Use fabric on our card. No ribbon doesn’t count!!

fabric-challenge-pcs.jpg A little lingerie goes a long way

That is what I like to call this! LOL! I have to say I LOVE how this turned out. Its so pretty.

I used the bodice from Lingerie 1 set, and the flowers.

Think bridal shower, wedding night, Valentines day, or thanks for the support, you lift me up (like the sentiments in the set)……….lots a cute things like that.

I got my fabric swatch, and went from there. I stamped the image on my cardstock, then used a hobby blade to cut out the middle portion only. I then put some fabric in the back, and layered batting, making the image pop forward, and look 3D!!

I used the pattern in the fabric as my inspiration to use the floral images in the set to create like a matching paper. CUTE huh? To complete the look we needed stickles, and some ribbon, with a spritz of color.

You should have seen my first card. WOW! What a disaster!! In the trash it went.

As I was making that hot mess, I had this idea pop into my head. THANK GOODNESS because it was going to be quite embarassing to post with that other card.

I guess I am happy that Dawn issued a fabric challenge because I NEVER would have made this. Thanks Dawn!

OK I need to run. Thanks for reading, and if you get some time try this challenge out.