ib-alexas-set-tags-a-plenty.jpg 100% ADORABLE ALEXA

Oh how long it has been since I inked Alexa’s Set ?! TOO LONG.

I wanted to create a fun and funky card with my new  Mini Build A Tag. It was the PERFECT set to go with my Groovy Girl Alexa! ( I honestly would LOVE to have the Groovy Girl line to carry a doll in honor of Alexa! I swear SOMEDAY I will get that to happen!!( PS if you are from that line at Manhattan Toys and some how find this CALL ME! LOL! I swear my daughter has the largest collection of any girl! She has been collecting them since 14 mos old, and play with EVERY SINGLE ONE EVERYDAY!!!! You would buy an Alexa Groovy Girl wouldn’t you?? That would be her dream come true!)

I made this image to look like a clothing tag you would find on some clothing. I love all the little details on this using the images from that set. Just so perfectly cute. I have seen other people do more shabby chic stuff or vintagey stuff with the set, but I wanted to FUNKTIFY it! LOL! Mission accomplished 😀

The colors were pulled from my American Crafts ribbon 😀 Love it

SOOOOO-I had to use it for this weeks card sketch (WARNING it is a challenge!!) but that is the POINT 😀

sketch-57.JPG Click to enlarge, and feel free to MIX it up! DONT BE AFRAID!

If you try the sketch, just send us all a link here so we can see your take 😀

This was ANOTHER pool side sketch!! LOVE that pool time. Speaking of pool and Alexa-while at swim classes Wed. night she was “swimming on her own, and went RIGHT UNDER the water (by accident) I almost had a heart attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She popped right back up, spit out the gallon of water that she chugged, and just kept swimming. One of the other mom’s asked me if “I” was OK. She said my face was priceless and I turned pale white. I of course wasn’t, but Alexa was, so I sucked it up. OYE! That girl is definitely going to be what KILLS me someday. No one else in the world has ever put my heart through so much! GESH!

SUPER DUPER NEWS: Alexa’s set is now back up for sale!! YIPPEE!!! If you don’t know about this set here is a little info:

Alexa’s set was created in honor of MY daughter Alexa! I am super proud that Missy B allowed this set to be created, and 100% of the proceeds go to Pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma research! The set is SUPER cute, and it even has Alexa’s signature 😀 If you want to know more about my daughter and our LONG battle-visit HERE It has been updated as well. FINALLY!

Thanks for reading 😀 Have a super day!