Sorry this is WAY late. I spent the day with my kids and hubby. We went to Squam Lake. It is a nature hike where you learn about wild animals, in their natural habitats. It was fun. A little hot, but fun all the same. We all learned a lot. I think Jay and I were more fascinated than the kids though! LOL!

We learned about Fishers, saw mountain lions (they were really fascinating), bears, owls, fox, and eagles to name a few. There were foot print samples of each animal, pelts to touch. The kids thought it was HILARIOUS that they had actual  samples of each animals “Scat” (aka POOP) so you can tell what type of animal is in the forest by looking at the poop, and how you can tell what they eat-YUCK! Yet interesting all the same.

We went to the Beaver show. Now did you know that beavers are the 2nd largest rodent?

Um, yeah! Well let me tell you, that thing was determinded to get off that table. We were VERY close. When it came time for questions that is what I asked

bwaver1.jpg beaver2.jpg

So I raise my hand and say-“Can beaver’s jump? Like off that table?”

Thankfully he said No! But he has fallen off in attempts before.

He kept trying to get off the table. I would have gone crazy if that happened! Funny they don’t bit humans or anything, but at the end of the day they are STILL a rodent.

There was a RODENT exhibit! EW! Rodents are the largest populated thing in the US. (OK so I forgot my technical terms but you get my point).

Amber made this MOUSEY face when pointing to the mouse photo. It was HILARIOUS if you were there.


Then her and Alexa were peering in at a little mouse family-can you see the mice???


OH GOD! I wanted to die. Me and rodents-not cool.

I want to own an Owl! LOL! I knew I loved all these cute owl images for a reason. Mice are their prime prey. LOVE owls, HATE mice.

owl.jpg See the mouse in his claw.

Here are some other photos:

Alexa was showing me the butterflies up close (note her earrings!!)


Noah climbs up to a cave playhouse thingy.


Then the kids nest to the bear pelt.


There are lots more but I don’t want to bore you with everything. It was just a good educational day.

Anyway-lets think treats.

Sweet Treats! Don’t miss your chance to get your own set—>HERE!

That is today’s set feature here. Christine has put together new Kits-so my ideas here today share MY take on what can be done using ONLY what comes in the kit! I hope you like it 😀

yummy-ice-cream.jpg I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

I HAD to make a ice cream cone! This uses ALL nestabilities, and my mosiac tile cuttlebug folder 😀 So cute. It is a SQUISHED version from this creation.

Is that bear not the CUTEST ever? Oh gosh I just love it.

Then you have that monkey!!
ats-one-scoop.jpg I just adore these animals she does. MUST Haves!!

Here is the kit info. The release is tomorrow night 10pm EST!! WAHOO!! Must haves.

In Christine’s words:

I mentioned before that this month would be our first ever card kit. I drew the stamps specifically for the card kit. Since everyone loves Monkey, he is back with a new friend, a bear. And what is better in the summer months than ice cream?The kit will contain:10 pieces of cardstock 6 pieces of pattern paper7 yards of ribbon36 brads16 gems1 Stardust Glitter Pen1 Sweet Treats Stamp Set1 Instruction sheet to make 5 cards

There is enough in this kit to make the 5 cards plus plenty more. This will be an every other month kit.


Pretty cool huh? So that is it for me. I’ll post my MFT stuff tomorrow. The kids have swimming lessons in the morning and its Alexa’s first day of Summer School. I am going to be one insane person this week!!! You have no idea!

Thanks for reading!