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Simple Shimmer Card Wrap Set

I can think of so many occasions where a gift of Thank You notes would be the perfect gift. Maybe even elegant wedding favors.  I will share a simple technique, that takes the “plain Jane” single layer set, and makes it a real “WOW”! The simple vellum card wrap will only add to the beauty, and give you a easy perfect package for you to present your set.

You will be amazed at how fast this set can come together. Another great idea for those who need to mass produce an elegant gift set.

Monogram sets are the hottest thing right now. Sometimes you aren’t sure “which” initial to use for your monogram, or WHO you are going to give the set to. Feel free to get creative, and use a sentiment in place of the initial.

What makes this set so beautiful is that by using the Pearlescent watercolors, you are adding a soft and subtle shimmer, that isn’t messy, and wont rub off. It has the effect of a watercolored image. It is another use for this type of coloring medium that is often forgotten and under-used.

Then, you add that embossed circle, and it really adds some dimension and interest, without over powering the soft shimmering flowers with a layer.

First you will need to assemble your supplies.


For this set I am using:

Papertrey Select White cardstock, Vellum Cardstock

The flower cluster from Piece of Cake, Borders & Corners Circle set, the “T” from Ambassador Monogram, and “thanks so much” from Mixed Messages.

Always Artichoke ink, and Purely Pomegranate ink.

Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch, glue dots.

Pearlescent Watercolors by Yasumoto, with water, and paint brush, White Opal Liquid Pearls, and the Circle Nestabilities.

Step 1-Use only a little water, and your pink pearlescent watercolor, and create a “paste-like” mixture. Paint the pearlescent paste onto your flower cluster.  Stamp onto card base

NOTE: Don’t use to much water, or your flowers will be runny, and unrecognizable.

TIP: When making a set-do each step on each card first, before advancing to the next step. This will make production of multiples of a card go much quicker. Example-do all the pink flowers on each card base, before starting the next step.


Step 2

Do the same thing for your leaves, using a green water color.


Step 3-

Emboss a circle into your card.

Step for this may vary depending on the machine you use. I am using my Cuttlebug.

To JUST emboss a layer I personally find this sandwich helpful for me.

A plate, B plate, black mat, tan mat, cardstock, nestability die (cutting side down), and B plate.

EDITED TO SAY: Or just 2 tan mats. I have an older mat set.

This gives me a nicely embossed circle


Step 4

Stamp the stitched circle onto the center of the embossed circle, in artichoke ink. It fits just outside the smallest embossed rim.

Then stamp the “T’ and sentiment, in pomegranate ink.


Step 5

Apply liquid pearls to the flower centers.

This gives a subtle 3D effect, and continues the subtle shimmer.


Step 6-

As you can see above, punch a butterfly out of vellum cardstock. Adhere with wings popped forward, using a clear glue dot.


Step 7-Creating the holder.

This holder is meant to house 4 cards with envelopes.

Take your vellum cardstock and cut 5 3/4 X 11


Along the 11 inches score at

1 1/2 –


 6 1/2-


Score along lines. Put cards inside. Tie around a ribbon to hold closed.


Simple as that.

Thank you for taking a peek at my little set. I hope you take the time to try it out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Should you decide to make your own-send us a link!

Enjoy the day

Do you love Basic Grey?

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Well my friend of a friends is selling hers at COST! Limited supply.

She just had twins (awe!!!) and is getting out the selling buisness.

So who wants to take it off her hands?! Great deals…………


Pretty Kitties Preview-and another mouse tale-

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UGH! Sorry I missed the MFT party last night. Did you make it to the release? What did you get???

Jason got an urgent work assignment last night, and it required him to be online while on the phone! He is a computer geek 😀  I was freaking out that I couldn’t get online, but hey his job pays the bills. He had to do customer support till late in the evening. Poor guy. He has been coming home and pulling some extra hours from here since work is so crazy busy. I am happy he can work from home like that through rather than be stuck at work an hour away all night. I am really looking forward to the long holiday weekend with him & the kids. We are celebrating at my mom’s. I swear I only see her like 2-3 times a year. LIFE. Gets too crazy sometimes. Good thing for holidays. Gives you a reason to STOP and make time for family.

My PTI newsletter goes LIVE late tonight 😀 Im so nervous! LOL! I know it seems silly, but the expectations of keeping up with the greats is a little scary at first. I hope you all get to check it out and like what I have to share 😀

Well today is a preview for one of the 3 sets being released from C.C. Designs.

This set is called Pretty Kitties! Do you want to win your own set?


ats-pretty-kitty.jpg Pretty Kitty

When I saw the princess one, I had to use my SEI Au Chocolat paper! Its just fit for her Royal Kitty. With pink & brown and a dash of bling, who wouldn’t love her?

Then I thought of the cat loving the mouse. Or maybe loved chasing the mouse 😀


This used the Pretty Kitty set and Big Ol’ Backgrounds in hearts The paper collection is by Scenic Route (I’m in love with that stuff). This is a rather funky card, and layout. But fun too.

When  I saw the mouse image I was so excited. Its WAY cute. Cathy Indelicato has a card on the ATS Blog with the little hole for the mouse-LOVE that idea!! TOO cute!!While I HATE mice this one is too cute to not love.

You know I had to give it it’s own card!


I have mice on the brain!!


Last time we got rid of them with DeCon. Love that stuff. Well we now have bought MORE stock in it.

Last week (about midnight) before going to bed (yes I am a night owl) I went upstairs to check on the kids. We do this every-night before bed.

Well Alexa is STILL awake-squished herself up to the top of her bed, and is hugging her pillow with WIDE eyes.

I said “Alexa are you OK? What’s the matter?”

She pointed to the corner of her room and said “Im scared of the RAT!” Now the WAY she said it was so soft and full of expression. It was really cute, and scary!!!!!!

“I said “WHAT?! The rat? What rat? Where?

As she pointed that thing went running towards her closet, near ME! I jusmped up onto her bed and began to screech! OK so NOT a good parent thing to do. We are suppose to act OK when things are not, and here I am bouncin on her bed screeching as loud as I can “Jay!!!!!!!!!!!! Get up here right now there is a mouse! EEEEKKKKK!!!”

So he comes running up stairs. Now the mouse is under Alexa’s doll bed. 3 cats surround the thing. Alexa and I are sitting at the top of her bed, and she is hugging her pillow. Jay moved the doll bed, and the thing goes to run. He begins to smack it with his shoe! I begin FREAKING out (and poor Alexa is freaking out. I was NO help!!) So I put the pillow over her face and screeched don’t look! Don’t Look!!

The mouse runs into a shoe in her closet and Jay picks it up and tosses it into the middle of the room! OMG! I could NOT believe he did that. I wanted to DIE. So its begins to skitter and the cat hunt is on. It runs right under the closet door.

DARN! So he gets the DeCon (the kids closet doors lock from way up top) and he puts it in the closet. The cats just sit and wait by the door. Alexa says ‘Where is the rat?” I told her daddy killed it and its gone. Sometimes white lies are a OK thing. I know I wasn’t going to sleep if I knew a mouse awaited in my closet. I didn’t sleep for a week the last time! I felt awful for freaking her out even more. That was NOT a good influence. In my defense I am usually REALLY good about not showing my kids something freaks me out. We deal with BIG stuff here, but when its in the rodent family and is actively running around my home I can’t help what human nature takes over. I know it may even seem silly but I have issues with rodent. BIG ONES!

So the next morning I awake to a faint squeaking noise. My eyes pop open, like a horror film! I bolt up in bed and listen. Yes its a squeak. I go to get out of bed and I have 3 cat tails twitching crazily from under the bed skirt. I shake Jay awake, and tell him “I think there is a mouse under the bed”

He gets up and sure enough the cats had some fun, but didn’t finish him off. Jay grabbed his work gloves to take it outside. He said Oh! Its tiny. He is just a baby. No worries.

NO WORRIES??? WHAT? A baby!! you know what that means? That he has at LEAST 6 sibling babies somewhere with him! How can he say No worries!!

Anyway-we have DeCon everywhere and haven’t seen a thing since. All I know is this is NOT cool!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no idea why we have more mice NOW! Its summer. Why can’t they go find some dump to feed off? You would think my house were a pit, but it really isn’t. I clean EVERYDAY!! My cabinets get cleaned, I wash my floors every other day, I vacuum twice at day-morning and evening, and I have 3 cats ready to pounce, and a dog that has no idea what they are doing but wants to join in the fun anyway!

UGH! Well that is all for now.

I hope you all have a FABULOUS 4th of July! Check in later today or tomorrow for the newsletter!! And pray these mice are GONE 😀


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