Well today the kids begin another day of their summer swimming lessons. Yesterday Noah did awesome. Amber wouldn’t go in past her knee’s. She did practice in the tub though! LOL! She was a little scared, so I didn’t push it.

I have to bury my head and NOT watch since they teach them to go under water. That freaks me out. So I will be sketching some layouts, while the lessons go on. Looks like Amber will be sitting with me. Let’s hope she gets more comfortable. Alexa doesn’t start her lessons till next week. Now I am really nervous she will freak, since Amber did. Alexa can surprise you though, so we shall see.

One of my sketches from my kids being at the lake the other day, was this one using Hit the Beach. I did a couple sketches that I was excited about executing. More to come.

This is an older set, but one of my very favorites.

hit-the-beach-samples.jpg Soak up the Sun

I made 10 of these for Kim @ MFT for her store samples. They look cool all together though.

I’m really not into mass producing, but ya gotta do it sometimes.

 All the paper is by Memory Box. I colored with my Copic Markers (of course). Rather than layer her on cardstock, I just colored my border. So I cheated a little 😀 I was restricted to what I could use, but think these are cute all the same.

Now I have another new release sample

pullin-for-you-mft.jpg Pullin for you

This set is so super cute. I flocked my bunny 😀 I just HAD to. I have had MANY people email me about how I do this. I just take a 2 way glue pen, and evenly color over what I want flocked, then apply the flock. Tap of excess, done!

This paper is the Hansel collection from Piggy Tales. I loved the fresh summer colors for this. That sentiment is so great for MANY scenario’s. New job, life bumps in the road, someone making a change or tough decision……………just so cute. Oh and lets not forget they can make super cute BOY Easter gifts 😀

Well I must run. We are going out the door in a few and I still have friends b-day cards to do, some get well cards, and I am first up for the Papertrey Ink reveal! YIKES!

Then I got some Lizzie Anne SCREAMING to be inked (wait till you see the new stuff!!). Oh and I so want to use more Magnolia, and Bella’s and Unity………………………do you think I can find a way to extend the hours in my day? Summer is just SO hard to get anything done here. I like to be with the kids and out of the house while the weather is good.

Seems like everyone is gone as well. Cyber world is awfully quiet these days.

Well enjoy your day!!! Whatever you are up to.