Well I had NO idea what was going on yesterday. Got extremely dark with whipping winds and pouring rain. Weird noises. My pets going a bit wonky (guess they knew??) Living in New Hampshire/Massachusetts all my life a Tornado is something I (thankfully) never had to deal with, let alone worry about, except for the unfortunate people you see on the news.

Well wouldn’t you know it yesterday one whipped through the very next town over, and passed its way through to the other town over. Basically where I live is SMACK in the middle. We were totally missed. Some not so fortunate. I can’t get in touch with one of my friends who lives in where the damage was-but it is summer and she travels a lot to her mom’s in NY. Hopefully they are OK.

So here I am in my basement, with the kids (in my stamp room of course!Thank goodness that is in the basement huh?) they have their little table, coloring books, markers and what not, and Daisy gated in there (with the cats too! LOL! Who came down cause I think they were freaked out too). My space is small. It was crampped and the kids were scared. It was scary out. I don’t blame them one bit. I WAS SCARED! The news did, but didn’t help. Anyway-that is where we spent the afternoon till 6pm. I was nervous about Jay coming home since it was headed his way to where he works. He works in Portsmouth and that and the Maine area were under watch till 7pm. He thought I was being a little dramatic till he saw all the roads closed, trees broken off, and the news footage of just down the road when he got home.

Not till THEN did he realize why I was begging him to come home.  Anyway, we are thankful that we are safe now.

Is it just me, or is this world just going crazy? Talk about the weather rebelling the last few years. I mean really!! WHAT is going on. This is just awful. So many people losing their lives to treacherous weather. Weather like we have never had. Having this tornado hit down the street made me realize I’m really NOT safe. The worst part was I had no idea WHAT to do in that situation! No alarm sounded. NOTHING-till it was over. Would there have been a warning? Or would my roof getting blown off have been my warning? Just so scary and sad.

Is this really the effect of Global Warming? Awful.

My point-I had no Internet and it is still on & off! TRUST ME, as much as I LOVE my Internet I am NOT complaining. I missed it but I was thankful to be in one piece. Just know that I am around but my service keeps getting interrupted.

Anyway-here is my sample for today.

mft-peppermint.jpg Purple peppermint

Stamp is by Annie LaPoint from MFT and is called Peppermint

OK Im going to be honest and say I have NO IDEA what color this “peppermint” should have been. Nor did I feel like GOOGLING it. I wanted it this color so I took creative liberty and did it. I like not using the expected colors. If it is suppose to be this color then YEAH! LOL!

I used the faux fabric technique I shared HERE

I used Plum Pudding cardstock and ribbon. The paper is from the Guidelines collection.

Lastly Feel Better

feel-better.jpg Feel Better

I LOVE this set. Sorry it took so long to share this. You would not believe how much stuff I make. Seriously! Much of it before a release, and I have to wait till after X date to share it. In the meantime I am still stamping, so sometimes I forget to share all of my other creations! LOL! This is yet another one. Coming up on another release always reminds me that OOPS!! I have more to share!

Anyway-I actually had the concept for this set Bunny Slippers a while ago. I asked Kim about it and here it is. I realized MFT had real no get well sets, in their signature style, when I had to send a friend a card, and wanted an MFT set. Now I am one happy girl!!!

Bunny slippers and a  pink fuzzy bath robe (this one is covered with CUPCAKE velvet flock )were so MY MOM!!! When she wore those bunny slippers till they were ragged, and then I’d hunt to get her another pair. Nothin was better than seeing my mom in her bathrobe, coffee in hand and those bunny ears hopping up & down as she would start the day. It was like a movie really. EVERY time I see bunny slippers I think of my mom. Makes me wonder what my kids will be reminded of for me when they grow up? Probably coffee-anything! LOL!

So the cardstock is sweet blush. I have to say It is my absolute FAVORITE color right now!! I am in LOVE! The flowers are by Maya Road (also velvet) and the little flower centers are the Bella Dots. LOVE THOSE!! I cannot for the LIFE of me remember the paper name :C SORRY!!

Well that is all for today everyone. Blog land has been QUIET!!

I hope you are checking out the Dare to Get Dirty Challenges!!

Tomorrow I’ll be here with my Sat. Sketch!! Hope you can join in. Maybe I should cancel it?? I’m sure everyone is busy with summer. I’ll think about it.

Later 😀 and stay safe.