FIRST- thank you for the well wishes after the tornado thing. Also the advice. I think I got lots of info that I would not have otherwise. My heart goes out to all who experience this often, and any losses you have had because of it. Those who talked about it being the signs of the end of the world, unfortunately, I agree and get the heebie jeebies over it. 

I have the Saturday Sketch for you!

sketch-58.JPG please click to enlarge.

ALSO if any of you know of HOW I can make these with PaintShop Pro-email me!! (DAWN you know I’m talkin to ya girl! LOL!) Or any other program other than Paint. I can’t always get into more complex L.O. due to the regular Paint Program. Thanks 😀 I would love to learn to get better sketches done.

 I wasn’t going to post…………..lives are busy at this time of year, and people seem to not be doing them as often, so I really wandered if it was even worth doing this week. This week also leads to my insanely busy time of the month. I have stuff going on that would make your head SPIN I tell you! In fact today I had an idea for another BIG thing, but we will see where that goes!! This will make sense to you in time.

Please take note there is NO time limit or contest on my sketches. My point is for pure inspiration ONLY! I want to get your hiney OFF the computer (after you stop by here of course! LOL!) and get using all the products you buy.

 There are always so many challenges, so I figured what is ONE more. I have been doing these weekly sketches for well over a year now!! I thought maybe you all were sick of them, to be honest.  But if you all want it, then here you go!!

I am happy to hear so many do enjoy them at some point in their crafting 😀 I also thought maybe I should get some volunteers! Anyone want to do a weekly challenge? You don’t have to have a blog. Just some place to link-or you can send me your creation and I will upload it here for you (WITH CREDIT OF COURSE) Let me know.

OK now to the paper sample of the sketch…………………

It’s a Jungle


I LOVE this set-Born to be Wild from Lizzie Anne! I {HEART} Giraffes. Noah still has his little stuffed once he got when I found out I was pregnant with him. Jay and I had his named picked within 3 hours of finding out. All we needed was confirmation for a BOY!

Very recently Noah made me remove all his “Noah’s Ark” themed items from his room, stating “Mom, I’m not a baby anymore!” “I don’t need all this baby stuff” (AWE!!! WHAT does he mean he’s not a baby anymore?! He’ll always be my baby!!) But he did make sure I kept “Raffey”. That made my heart leap 😀 YEAH! He has sentimental value. That is something that can’t be taught. You got it or you don’t.

OK sorry about that. Everything I do always has a thought or reason, or a WHY I love it so much, and sometimes I go overboard in explaining that.

SO point is I have had it this set too long and had been unable to pull it out and use it. WELL-I finally had to play.  It was a lot of fun.

I used a Paisley & Petals collection by SEI, to inspire my colors. I also made white polka dots on my giraffe like in the paper. I thought these colors were so RETRO SAFARI!!! They are also a bit masculine. Love it. I love this layout. I am going to have to try it again (I think I always say that! LOL!!!!)

SO if you try it, or if you don’t, I hope you are just plain inspired to stamp. I encourage those of you who just gallery gaze and are afraid to upload to STOP!! Get your creations uploaded and into a gallery or something. I noticed this week I got a lot of emails about being afraid to upload, and you fear your work isn’t good, and all that non-sense!  We all are continuously needing to better OUR best. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else but you. SERIOUSLY!!!

 Even the very best artist make really crappy cards time to time-you just don’t see them. Not every vision turns a masterpiece. What you hate, some one else will love (this happens to me often and I think I have bad taste! LOL! My least liked creations or one’s I may not want to share become the most loved! I almost never shared my ONESIE card! LOL!) I still throw cards out. You should have seen the HOT MESS (channeling Christian from Project Runway-love that saying) that I made the other day. It was my worst card in a LONG time. REALLY BAD!

SO UPLOAD, SHARE!!! Be confident. If you have no confidence in yourself WHY would anyone else?

OK off the soap box. If you start a new gallery or something I’d LOVE to see it and send you some encouraging words-so drop me a link 😀 I’ll check it out.

Happy Saturday, and I cannot wait to see what YOU do.