Hope you are all enjoying summer.

It is just absolutely GORGEOUS out today. Jay has been on call this weekend and working from home. That mean NO computer access for me :C I am having with-drawls! He gave me 15 minutes to write this so I better get crackin.

NOTE: before I forget……………..

I also want to say that I have gotten a ZILLION emails about my little oven box (and a few other projects I have done). I do have a template in the works but just found out that I can’t share it for a while as I have some fun things to come……..one including that particular project, since it seemed so popular 😀 No worries there will be a great way for YOU to make  your own once I can share (wink).

More on that at another time.

Also I have blog candy to post tomorrow courtesy of Lizzie Anne!! So don’t miss that.

ib-sweet-friends-word-search.jpg Friends Word Search

I always love to take out other things to work on when I should be doing something else! I don;t know WHY I do this. Maybe I then feel more in control of my time and what I do with it. Anyway, this is one of those, not suppose to be “playing” projects 😀

This card is 6 X 4 1/4. The stamps are good size, just to give you an idea.

I love fresh, fun & funky colors. Ribbon is a great source of inspiration for me. As you can see I pulled from the colors of my American Crafts ribbons.

I have FOREVER been on the hunt for a super cool Word Search for my cardmaking ventures. I finally found a mini set with the perfect one called Friends Word Search. SO CUTE!!!!!!

On this is I decided to create like a “sentiment” within the search, rather than let the receiver find words. I think someone finding the words would be super fun too!! I do have a few ideas for that, that I will have to attempt another time.

This card came together in like 10 minutes! LOL! Now that is cool.

I used my super awesome Giga flower punch 😀 (Love that thing) for a quick accent. Speaking of flower punches, did you know that there is a new Susan Tierny Cockburn flower making book out called the Paper Bouquet! OMG! I got mine, and let me tell you I think it covers EVERY flower imaginable! I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you wanted of liked the other book you will LOVE this one-its an actual BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!! I honestly think she could have charged more for it.

Anyway……………..Im getting the evil stare so I better run!

Thanks for reading 😀

Have a great day.