This is post 1 of 3 for today! Please SCROLL down so you see all three!!! PLEASE READ THEM! LOL! I think I developed carpal tunnel typing them all up 😀

It’s the first of August! Can you believe that? WOW! Time is flying by. Before you know it, it WILL be Halloween. I am always looking for cool and fun things to do with my kids and/or for their classmates. Maybe this time I will be ahead of the dash (yeah right! LOL!)

Nichole has challenged the team to come up with some fun Halloween treats.

You can see what everyone else has done here:






I decided to share a cool recipe that is fun, and you can let this kids help with. Hope you like it, and give it a try!

Here goes…………….I would like to share with you my Little Pumpkin Pop-In ©


This is a little container cover I made to  “pop-in” the super cute 2.5 oz. clear top round tins. Buy them now people! LOL!

pumpkin-pop-in.jpg Tin out of the Pop-In ©

I love how it dresses this little tin up. Rather than just having a wrap around the bottom, it really gives you an entirely new gift option.

Please don’t ask me for directions. This is a teaser of more to come!! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it, but that is all I’m saying for now (BHWAHAHAHAHAHA insert my evil little happy laugh). Let’s just say I have been busy, busy, busy.

OK moving on.

I used the Spooky Sweets set for my lid.

I wanted my lids to be super quick and easy to mass produce-think 3 kids……. X’s however many students they have in their classes……………so about 40 kids minimum. SIMPLE.

By now you are saying OK so how is this sharing a fun & cute Halloween treat?
Well its what’s inside that is the FUN part!


Monster Mash Make-up!

2 TBS solid shortening (AKA Crisco)

1 TBS cornstarch

4-5 drops of food coloring

Make-Up sponges

1) Mix shortening and cornstarch together in a small bowl, until smooth.

2) Add in food coloring. Mix till well blended.


When you are done just rinse off with warm soap & water.

You can whip this up at home in minutes! The kids will love it.

OK I know you are saying EW! But the kids are saying YEAH!!!

Trust me me-Kid tested!! MOM Approved 😀

My Little Pumpkin Amber


OK I never claimed to be an artist! This is as good as it gets. Amber saw the tin and wanted her face to be painted like the  pumpkin stamp. I have to admit I was nervous that her face would be stained orange by the food coloring, but it came right off and NO perma-pumpkin face! LOL!

Next up is Alexa-my flower child. She was not wanting her face painted! She said she just want a little flower on her cheek. UGH! That meant I had to “draw/paint”. YIKES!


Now we have Noah-who wanted to be half  “The Hulk”, and half boy.


Unfortunately he was “itchy” and scratched it off while I got the camera. It’s one of those things-when you know you can’t touch something you have too! That is his mean face. Still looks cute to me!

All in all it was a super fun & easy afternoon craft and would make great “make-up” for girls or obviously face painting. No expensive paint kits to buy.

I love the idea of making several colors and giving these to the kids classmates. It really whips up quick, just add to the recipe to suit the number of people. The batch above fits perfectly into the tins, if that is any indication. SO each color batch makes a 1/2 of the tin.

So that’s it for me. I hope you like my idea of a fun Halloween treat! Afterall they get PLENTY of candy right?

Thank you again for checking in with me.