BRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it ever FREEZING here in New Hampshire.

I have a little goody to share to help warm up those COLD days. A GREAT gift for the mailman this time of year.

I have been out and about, running around like a mad woman. They say that due to the “recession” many people won’t even be shopping this season. Well, I don’t know if they have been to Target lately but I don’t see an empty parking lot, that is for sure.

I am uncertain if I will even brave the Black Friday shopping venture I usually go on this year. Seems so busy all ready. I found a cute pair of brown shoes at Target that I DIDN’T buy because I was exercising RESTRAINT.Now they are ALL I keep thinking about! I’m not a “shoe” person but every girl need a pair of black & brown dressy shoes to wear with jeans.

I didn’t want to spend $32 on them :C I have HAD to buy new clothes 😀 Not a complaint, its a great thing, but shoes didn’t seem to be a necessity. As it was I needed more make-up. Something I use daily but HATE buying. I may go back today. Yes, I think I deserve them 😀 I have been working really hard, and they will really complete my outfits. OK I know you don’t care about my shoe issue. Just had to share my indecisiveness. I am after all a SAHM so my “shoe wearing” excursions are only to the kids school, school meetings, and food shopping! LOL! Nothing fancy or exciting. At home I am barefoot-always. I think I need a new winter coat too. Oh boy. This could get ugly! LOL!

Anyway…………….speaking of Target I have my cute cocoa cup project to share today! It is a covered Archer Farms disposable coffee cup 😀 You get like 12 for $3. Im sure you can get a better deal elsewhere.


 Inside are 2 different flavored cocoas (my MIL gave them to me and they were perfect for the post today)

I just made a template, and cut a cover from my pink cardstock. I then took some super cool adhesive paper from Scor-Pal (not posted yet??) and punches various snowflakes. Put the punched stickers on my cup, and covered in glitter!

I used my sweet little Santa from Rockin Holiday, as my main focus. He is just SO flippin cute! SO! I used some icicle stickles for his hat and jacket trim.

The sentiment reads: Holiday memories warm even the coldest of days


I LOVE using shades of pink & red for holiday stuff.

I love the little ric rac ribbon along the bottom. SO cute.


Now once I got going on this I thought “Oh! Wouldn’t a gift card holder to a coffee shop be so perfect for this?” Why, yes! Yes, it would! LOL!


So I used one of My Timeless Templates, For Keep{Sake} (only printing ONE of the templates) to make my gift card holder. 

Now I didn’t have a gift card to a coffee shop handy when I created this, but in hindsight, I would have. So just use your imagination, and make the colors the same as your giftcard! LOL!

Here is the card holder portion, slide out


So, for ANOTHER idea, instead of putting Cocoa in the cup, a great way to present a gift card holder would be to make a gift card holder and put in your cocoa cup instead!!

But for now-here are both together.


I love that is is all matchy matchy. You can also include both like you see here. Its up to you.

SO that is it for today. This week I am hard at work making items for deadlines. I want to finish early so I can just enjoy family time.

I hope the many of you who have emailed me or replied about my weight-loss post have been diligent, and followed through with starting to work out. One benefit to having my brother love with me is I feel like I have a personal trainer at my house! LOL! Upon his wisdom he advised I make a specific purchase, so I did.  I just bought a Kettlebell (comes with a DVD) to HOPEFULLY help me kick off the last 10-15lbs I WANT to lose. I have lost 4 more lbs! YEAH!! I am NOW  down about 40lbs, 4 pant sizes, and 2 shirt sizes! (shirts run differently) All without stepping a SINGLE foot in a gym or on a membership! That means more $$ for clothes 😀

I have some “problem” areas and my brother is the perfect person to help me target them. You can see why I say that HERE . So Ill keep you posted on the Kettlebell workout once I give it a try.

I have THROWN OUT (aka donated) every single item that is too big for me! I am leaving myself NO ROOM to grow out of my current size! Only going DOWN from here! If it gets snug, then my hiney better kick it up a notch. I refuse to go slowly work my way out of my jeans. NOT going to happen.  I am also changing out my workouts to keep it fun and interesting. I will say HAVING to buy smaller clothes is the BEST part of it all.

I’m NOT letting Thanksgiving KILL my hard work. I am making a low fat dessert for the family. Not sure WHAT yet. AND I already have a entire “plan” for what I am going to put onto my plate. Yes, I am having dessert 😀 A SLIVER of pumpkin pie (my MIL makes a KILLER one that I have been craving for 2 months now!), and a SLIVER of something else. Not sure what it will be yet, but whatever the “regular” portion size, Im going with HALF that. I think if you go in knowing what you are going to eat you won’t over do it. We also always go for a brisk walk after. Better bring my sneakers.

Many of you asked me so many questions, one being WHAT I cook for dinner! LOL! Well I LOVE this site—-HERE. EVERY single recipe I have tried has been AMAZING! Check it out.

OK I think I have gone on and on  enough today.

Have a great start to the week. I have so much to share so I hope you check back in again 😀

PLEASE feel free to post things that YOU are doing to stay healthy, any progress you made, sites you like, exercises to try, recipe’s for low fat desserts (PLEASE!!) or other great recipe’s you want to share!

Ok thanks again for letting me gush. OK you didn’t LET me, but if you read it all, thanks! LOL! Not sure I would have.

Till tomorrow