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OH my word is this ever LATE! We are a month and a half past this party, and I am just now posting this! AND Im only posting it since I want to post Noah’s birthday Smilebox, and I will feel extremely guilty if I do that one before this one! YIKES! Oh motherhood. Gotta love the daily dose of guilt. Weather its because you yelled at them for the 60th time to not yell at their sibling (I know it makes no sense but I know “I” do it! Not good), or had to take something they love away because they didn’t listen, then YOU feel bad………ugh! This is the stuff they don’t put in books, and most of the books that are written for parenting, I believe is by the CHILDLESS! Its so much easier to say WHAT you should and shouldn’t do when you don’t have them! LOL! Before I was a mom I always said ” I will never do X.” 9 Years and 3 kids later……… I am, often doing X.

I am now going to run and edit the photos so Amber & Alexa can make their TY notes. See, really late on those too. I still have TY’s to get done from a gift Alexa got from my PSF’s in MAY! See people I really don’t get it all done! I do procrastinate :C Boy do we have a bunch of TO DO’s for afternoon craft time this week.

Now Im in utter panic! These are ALL so late :C

Not good. Why did I even begin this task today? I guess to get it done.

Anyway details of Amber’s 4th birthday party, if you weren’t around then.

We had her party at Empire Beauty School. Each girl got nails painted, hair & make-up done! They had a blast.

In the photos you will see Amber held up her nails ALL day, because they told her to make sure they didn’t get ruined while being wet. I don’t think she hardly put them down. As for the make-up she was like a PRO!

All I could think the ENTIRE party was looking back on this day, the day she gets married! Time will just fly by. That is what that whole thing felt like to me. How am I suppose to entrust MY BABY to some guy someday?! I know crazy. She may decide to NOT ever get married, but still we all think it. Then I think she better get married, I want grandchildren! What if she doesn’t want children?! What then?! Crazy. I often get ahead of myself.

I just told myself-enjoy this time while she is little because before you know it she will be in the world, all grown up. I get weepy just THINKING about it. I know it sounds CRAZY since she is ONLY 4 but seeing my oldest- Alexa be 9 is a killer! Where has the time gone? Seems like just yesterday SHE was 4. You have no idea how fast it goes past us. I realized how quickly during Alexa’s 2 1/2 years of chemo, thankfully it went by in a flash.

I think because Amber is my “baby” and like my little sidekick, its a real killer for me to see her grow so fast. Being the 3rd child she seems to advance so much quicker. Much more independent and “old” for her age. Im sure our life circumstances only pushed that even more so. 

I dont say that because I love her more or less than the other 2. I think anyone who has more than 1 child knows you develop different relationships with each child. You love them the same, but each one has that special something that the others don’t. Thats what makes THAT person as special as they are. OK I hope that makes sense to you like it does to me, and if it doesn’t thats OK. Im just blabbering on about my thoughts

Time to get going on those TY’s.

I have Noah’s Smilebox and stuff to do, as well as LOTS of eye candy. Having said that, I have 500 photos to go through and edit to get to that point so stay tuned.

OH gosh, now I really wish I didn’t think about it all.