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BLOG-Hoppy Cupcake

Nov 4, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

Well Kim from  My Favorite Things decided after hearing what YOU wanted to make our releases more exciting, that we would all do a blog hop!

The release is happening TONIGHT HERE! From 9p-11p EST. Be sure to check out the forum HERE, for some SALE INFO too!!!

So by having a blog hop, that means you follow a “chain” of people to click on, and in the end someone gives away a surpise!!!

The chain will start with Kim! So if you are here, start there! If you are following the “chain” then after you leave here you want to go and see Candice

BEFORE you do that, you can see mine…….

This set is called Cupcake Flopsey


Hoppy Cupcake Day!

Since I adore this new set, I chose to use it for my HOP! I thought it was an especially good choice for the “hop” due to the sentiment, and image!

This card has LOTS of added elements. My bunny is flocked, so she is nice and furry. I used liquid applique and glitter for my puffy sparkly frosting. YUM! I added my page pebbles for fun 😀 I also found that the cupcakes from the Dino-Mite set were a perfect companion, as was the party hat from Let’s Go For a Walk 😀 I just added dots to the hat with my marker tip.

My colors are Lemon Tart, Ripe Avacado, Pure Poppy, some Sweet Blush ribbon, and American Crafts stripped paper.

That’s pretty much it.

I hope you like it, and enjoy the HOP!

Guess what? I’m not making my Christmas cards!

Nov 4, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

I know, call me CRAZY! Don’t commit me yet!!

I decided on a huge whim that I am NOT making my Christmas cards this year! I BOUGHT THEM!!

Before you pass out from the shock, keep reading.

So I was going though my emails, and I had one in there from the American Cancer Society.

This is what it read:


This year, do two good deeds at once by sending your holiday greetings in a card designed by the American Cancer Society, New England Division.We have six cards to choose from.All cards will say: In the spirit of the holiday season a contribution in your honor has been made to the American Cancer Society, and you get to choose the sentiment.There are no fees for printing, shipping, or processing, and 100% of your donation will help the American Cancer Society continue its programs of public education, patient support, lifesaving research, and advocacy for social policies that reduce the public’s cancer risk.

You should have your cards in hand within 5 to 7 days business days of placing your order.

View them now and place your order online.


How could I NOT do this?

Christmas time for me is always sentimental for me. I ALWAYS look at the photos from the Christmas right before Alexa got diagnosed with Leukemia. I get a huge wave of emotions this time of year. So much can change year to year.

This one in photo in particular, ALWAYS stands out to me.


Her long dark brown hair. So shiny and thick. You cannot tell by the photo but it was down to her waist. She looked so happy, and full of life. Christmas for Alexa always begins in July! She gets out the movies and starts with the carols! She’s so funny.

 I often wondered if that would be her last Christmas, once she got sick. I HATE those photos of her. It makes me really remember that you never know what may come from one year to the next. Who will be with you, who won’t. What can change in a single second.

I felt so vulnerable. Something I loved more than anything was threatened to be taken away by a horrific disease. There were too many scary times to count. So many times I planned her funeral in my head. Im not saying that to be morbid and negative, its just the raw truth of what you are faced with. I often would not let my mind wander, for the thoughts that would fill it were awful. Many tears flowed, and still do time to time. I don’t think I let myself deal with it head on. I couldn’t let it all in then. I still feel like it was one big BLUR. Two and a half years of going through the motions.

Then came the following year, Alexa and her now bald head, holding her gingerbread house. She was so proud of that house. Again full of life, happiness and the magic she once had. I was amazed at her, being a typical kid, after everything she had gone through, once again so happy.


That photo makes me happier that the one before. It is proof that God can answer prayers, and that research makes a difference. Too many other mommies lost their babies before me, so that research could later save mine. My baby is still here, but no one is promised tomorrow, NO ONE. When you come close to feeling that, it never leaves.

I cannot tell you how thankful “I” am personally for all the research that has been done over the past decade. I learned that had Alexa got sick just 10-12 years ago she would have most likely received a death sentence with her diagnosis! But with research she had a 96% Cure rate, and is currently in remission! The fear never leaves, but I truly believe she has beat this. I believe God has big plans for Alexa.

I thank God DAILY for that. There are no words to say what that gift means to me. So I decided I would support a cause I was affected by and believe in, and at the same time I make a small difference, and let go of the STRESS of making all my holiday cards!! Its the one thing I don’t enjoy about the holidays. I am relieving myself of that and the guilt this year!

Now don’t think I’m not going to make stuff for the holidays, I absolutely am! I have my new My Timeless Templates, and other fun ideas that will help with that. I just decided this was a nice thing to support, and gave me a fabulous excuse out of something that stresses me out every year, as I’m not big on mass production, and it will allow me more time to focus on HANDMADE stuff for everyone again!

I will also include a photo of all of us in there, like I normally do. I may not even go through the crazy hustle of the professional photo shoot! I want to keep it fun and natural. No crazy poses and waiting for 2 hours for our appointment. I want to take this season and be thankful, give back, and start new traditions.

So thanks for letting me share my liberation! I hope you check it out too.  I feel so good about it.

Also Alexa’s set– 100% of the proceeds support Pediatric Leukemia & Lymphoma Research! Sorry I had to toss that in there for those who may not know about it 😀

Well thanks again for reading. Tomorrow I have 3 more posts!

OK maybe I AM crazy! LOL!

Good night world 😀

Snow Angels

Nov 4, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

This is the THIRD post for today. SCROLL DOWN!

Yeah, totally crazy, I know 😀 But isn’t it fun to see so much in ONE place?

It’s a lot of TYPING, and who knows if you are READING it, but if you skip that long winded mess I usually type up daily, I can’t say I blame you 😀

Now lets PRAY I remeber all the info you need, and get everything done without forgettign something major.

Im loving Melissa’s Lily & Billy Winter set. Its from Pink Cat Studio and is being released Thursday the 6th. The samples are all from one set, and today I have 2 cards to share!

Also don’t miss theBLOG, for more samples, and your chance to win!

The first one use the entire image-


There is NOTHING as awesome as red & white together. Im not a red & white person but I adore the color combo. Maybe its a subliminal message from my TARGET loving receptors in my brain 😀

I wanted some really cool POP of color, and I love how the red brings out all the other colors I used too. The blue, green and orange really look nice against it.

More using my chunky glitter! Get this Martha Stewart has some chunky glitter. I was told about it, and RAN to Michaels. Well, its not as chunky as this, for $10 for the large jar! Mine was only $2.99!! AND I think its prettier. I warned you that you would be seeing this on like every creation I make this week 😀 Im loving it. I think it makes it look like they actually pushed through the snow, don’t you?

On Lily’s jacket I did whip out the Liquid Applique! That is a winter card time staple for any paper-crafter.

Now my cool snowflakes in the bkgd, THAT my friends is the pink snowflake punch from Marvy. I punched out some sticky sheets I got from Scor-Pal. You can make any shape sticker, or use it for lots of cool things (ideas to follow 😀 soon). I then stuck the sticky punched snowflakes and glittered them up. Looks totally cool in person.

Now I have 2 more samples-one is really cool, but Im saving it for the release day :C sorry!

But this one is cool too-

Dashing through the snow…………


He’s down………..

This is an interactive card. I used the SAME image as the card above, I just cut Billy out, and made him able to JUMP, up and down in the snow 😀

Now he’s up………


Pretty cute huh?

I just used the slider card idea to make him do this.

He jumps up & down in the glittered snowhills.

I love the guava and pumpkin colors together! Who would have thought, cute snow card color? Its different, and I really like non-traditional colors like that. I actually made this for the Pink Cat Studio challenge, then remembered we couldn’t use a new release :C So I had to wait.

Oh well, better late than never.

So for my bkgd I used an OLD SU! punch. One of my faves. I just punched some flakes and then lightly tapped on some white craft ink! Its dulls the guava, and makes it more “snowy” looking. Add some white flakes using a singlo gel pen and you are ready for a snow-day!

For my sentiment, I was going for a soft & subtle look so I applied my vellum OVER the sentiment instead if behind. It give a nice & soft look, that doesn’t overpower the main image.

I love it. You can tell I had fun using those lil clippies and polka-dot ribbon too. I think when you enjoy something, or the creative process just flows you can really see it in the end result! So remember to have FUN!

OK I need to go now. Its late at night, and I may noe make sense anymore. Plus family calls. Wait till you see my last card using this set on Thursday! Oh boy! REALLY cool 😀

As always, thank you for reading.


Brandon & Sadie play soccer

Nov 4, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

OK so today begins the first of several sets being released from C.C. Designs.

This month is a crazy release with there being 6 sets coming out. Here is the list:

4th- Brandon & Sadie Soccer

5th-Christmas Around the World

6th-Cupcake Occasions

7th-Forrest Friends

8th  Glam Girls III

and 9th-North Pole

Release party will be–> HERE <–November 10th! Be sure to check theATS blog DAILY to enter the give-aways!

This set is another CUTE one fromJen Ofiana 😀

Brandon Plays Soccer


I think he’s so cute. Having had my son and daughter is soccer I was so happy to see these 2 images. I love that Jen didn’t limit the soccer to JUST the boy.

Now for my card I used the ball in the set to inspire my idea for my ball on the card. I basically just used a little square punch, and put it in again to evenly snip off the corners. Its really a “must take photo to SHOW you” kind of explanation.

This is actually a gift card holder, and it is held closed by the 2 slots on the side. Great Coah card, in the team colors. My hubby – Jay was the kids coach.

Next up I got all girly with it, and used more fun & funky colors.

I call this ZERO to TWELVE


I think this would make a cute Hey! You WON!! card 😀 I made her look similar to my Amber. Amber actually picked all the colors from deciding on that ribbon.

I couldn’t NOT do another soccer ball. I got kind of in that mode. Looking at it I should have placed the pieces close since I stamped the bottom portion. Oh well!

Anyway-stay tuned for MORE cute stuff coming this week from C.C. Designs 😀

With a cherry on top

Nov 4, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards


Another post with one of the NEW! Releases from My Favorite Things 😀

It’s called a Cupcake Kind Of Day.

The release is Wednesday, the 5th HERE! From 9p-11p EST. Be sure to check out the forum HERE, for some SALE INFO!!! YAHOO! Do not miss it.

I know many of you LOVE your cupcakes 😀 Then this is the set for you.


I was inspired by some paper I had in my stash. Not you “typical” cupcake colors, an I think thats what I like about it.

I stamped the cupcake and colored it with copic markers, adding a little bling.

I decided I would stamp my cupcake bottom on vellum, in craft white ink. Cut it out and layered it over the bottom of the main image. Really cute touch. I then cut out my entire cupcake! LOL! Im on a total circle kick, seriously. I just can’t stop.


I then colored a piece of Hemp with a marker to make my cherry stem!! Yeah, no more trying to cut out those TINY shreds of cardstock. I think its a easy fix.

Its a simple & cute card. I like it.

More to share tomorrow!! Hope to “see” you then

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