Awe! Stamping world, you made me feel so glad that I actually DID share my outpouring of thoughts, truths and struggles in my weight-loss post! I feel so happy about it now. I realize MANY of you DO know how hard that was to put myself out there (especially the photos! EEK!) and to hear so many of you get inspired for TODAY (making TODAY be your tomorrow-not next week , or next year……….) seriously made me so proud of YOU. I have gotten so many amazing stories and emails from many as well and I want to thank you each for putting yourself out there too, and sharing.

Now I took a day off from posting yesterday, as I had Noah’s birthday party Sunday. He really loved when I read him all your wishes and thoughts on his project using All Boxed Up!! I also had some deadlines to meet.  AGAIN limited time. I have to stamp to actually be able to share stuff right? This is a hectic time of year for everyone.

So let me share a holiday tradition in my house.

I’m sure if any of you do the “Santa” thing, that having your children write a letter to Santa every year may be something YOU do too. So here is my letter idea for this year.

Dear Santa letters, to be filled out.


Each child gets their own.

They use to cut/paste photos from magazines, now they are older so I try to get them to WRITE the letters. I didn’t want to do that BEFORE I shared the project though 😀

TIP: You can let your child ACTUALLY go to the post office and MAIL it! Just put Santa’s address on the envelope, and your return address label in the upper left corner! The post office will send it back to you.  Then you can get it back, hide it, and save it for years to come 😀 Just make sure your kids don’t check the mail the next day! I also like to put a current photo with the year, and child’s age on it, for future reference.

Anyway, the letters to Santa is a real BIG deal in my house. I always try to get the kids to pick their favorite things to ask for BY Thanksgiving. Santa shops on Black Friday, so he needs their lists early! LOL! Speaking of which Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! WHAT!!! UGH!! I better get crackin. They also get to pick what Toy for a Tot that will be put in the box, OR we take a Wish Card off the tree at Walmart. My kids have so much stuff, the LEAST I can do is give a gift from each of my children to someone else. I am seriously cutting back this year. They don’t need so much stuff. We are trying to focus on thankfulness and the things that matter, like health and love of family stuff. We are waiting to hear back about when we will be volunteering this holiday at the hospital 😀 Its a way my family can give back while the kids are on vacation. Jason saves some vacation days for the week of Christmas, so he has extra time off. I think it will really fill us with the real spirit of the holidays. I always swore once Alexa was healthy enough we would do our part to make a difference. I can’t wait.

OK back the the letters!

When I saw the latest release by C.C. Designs called SugarPlum North Pole ,I knew it was perfect for this years Letters to Santa! So I got to work.

I wanted the heading  to read ” Dear Santa”, and have a neat, yet hand written look to it, so I used my Curlz Font from JustRite Stampers, and purposely made my letters off set using the Harmony rectangle wood block. I think its cute.


I used the Pretty Papers in Winter Wonderland by Lizzie Anne Designs as my inspiration. The colors also matched the old red SU! use to carry (sorry the name escapes me. but it doesn’t matter since its retired)

These can HANG on the Christmas tree too.


 I usually do that until the week of Christmas. I tell my kids the elves have to make the toys first so there is plenty of time to mail them.

Now for the “details”.


So, I colored him with Copic markers. Silver pen for the buckle.

 I used Liquid Applique on the hat puff, rim and coat cuffs. For his beard I chose a white liquid pearls, for a nice look.

The “snow” is that chunky cheap glitter I bought at Michaels and have been using on EVERY winter card I have made this season! It sells for $2.99 for a large jar. Its near the kids crafting section, and way cheap!! I am in love with it. Its perfect holiday snow.

These 3 letters took a whopping 20 minutes to make. Not bad. I *may* remake them and let the kids decorate them as THEY want. We will see! LOL! Sounds like another great afternoon time craft 😀

Well I am off to do my exercise video. I hope you squeeze SOMETHING in today too. No more putting it off. Oh and get some stamp time in as well 😀 That is when crock pot meals come in handy 😀

Till tomorrow.