Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

I am thankful: 

Thankful defined-

grateful: feeling or showing gratitude; “a grateful heart”;

Gratitude, appreciation, or thankfulness is a positive emotion or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive

an expression of gratitude; a short prayer said at meals; grace, a benediction

Thanksgiving to me-

T-is for TODAY! I am so thankful for today. I feel that way everyday. To be able to wake up and live another day. I try to take a moment and find something to be thankful for everyday. T is also for time. I am thankful for the time I have with my family, and loved ones. The time I have whenever I get to do what I love. Time is precious, and passes quickly. Hang on to every second you have.

H-is for Health. Having gone through Cancer with Alexa, makes me SO eternally grateful for every day that each one of us awakens, and we have a healthy day! Each day is truly a gift, and your health is one of the best things to be blessed with. I am thankful that God has healed Alexa, and carried us through a difficult time, to all be here, so thankful, not just today, but everyday. I am also thankful that I have a healthier lifestyle, and have met some major goals for myself 😀 I feel AMAZING!

A- is for appreciation. Appreciation for my family who means the world to me. I could do a entire post on JUST that. In fact Im sure I have! LOL! A is also for- a higher power. I am thankful to God for everything he has blessed my life with.

N- is for Never Knew/met. You may wonder what this means, but to me its being thankful for all of you whom I never met or would have never known if it weren’t for this CRAZY world of stamping. I have developed so many relationships and friendships I never thought possible in a cyber world. TRULY AMAZING. I am so thankful for all of you who visit me here, who have shared and I have become friends with. You are all like an extended family if friends that keep me going everyday.THANK YOU!!!

K -is for kids! You know I had to use this letter for my kids! I can’t imagine my life without them. As insane as they make me most days they are my heart and soul. My reason for breathing and living. The love I have for them is indescribable-although I am certain you know what I mean. I also have to add Jay in there! I know its not a K word but he is my best friend! My rock. My soul mate. I strive to be as good of a person as he is. He is the most amazing person I ever met. Oh and Daisy our dog. She is the best little furball a family could ever has asked for. For someone who never wanted a dog, she is my little sidekick. I love her to pieces. K is also for kindness-I have been blessed by a world of kind people, so thank you to all of you!

S- is for Stamping (of course)! I am so grateful that I have been able to find a creative outlet that not only helps me de-stress and get some “my time” but has connected me to so many people that I never would have come in contact with had it not been for this insane hobby! Stamping saved me during some difficult times.

G is for giving back. I think it is important that everyone finds some way to give back to others. No matter how big or small. Every small gesture makes a difference. I have some goals for myself and family to do our best to give back! Be it sending boxes of cards to places that need it, to raising awareness for causes I believe in, to donating clothing, volunteering, so pitching in to help a friend during a difficult time. Sometimes its a RAK, or lending an ear. Ask yourself for ways that YOU can giveback with the coming New Year! Not only will it help someone else, but you will feel AMAZING!

I -is for inspiration. I am thankful that I can get inspired everyday from something. Be it one of you, my children or my surrounding. I am also thankful for the oppourtunities I have been given to work with/for some amazing people in the stamping world

V- is for valuable. Value has different meaning to everyone. I think finding value in yourself is so important to your own outlook on life, and feeling of selfworth. When you feel you have value you exude confidence. Also make sure you make the people in your life feel valuable to you is so important. Acknowledging the little things that shows you listen and care makes someone feel very valued by you 😀

I- is for I can do it! I truly believe we can do anything we set our minds to. Often that is our only limitation. If you are positive in yourself you really can do anything you set your mind to! I don’t just sit here and say this stuff, I not only believe it but I live it.

N is for NOW! I hate the whole “tomorrow” attitude. I think it has to do with my dad. He ALWAYS said “tomorrow” and promised big things for “tomorrow”, and you know what tomorrow turned into? Not TODAY, tomorrow-again! It would never happen. It made me so upset. I try to never put off for tomorrow what I can do today. I am NOT a procrastinator, and I think its because of that. Also we need to really treasure what TODAY has to offer. Make the most of it. Having a sick child taught me that NO ONE is ever promised tomorrow. Make today, your tomorrow.

G- is for GO FOR IT! See above “N”.This has always been my attitude. If you want something you have to go after it! Its not going to just fall in your lap. Whatever it may be, believe you can achieve or obtain it, and nothing is impossible.

Well thank you for stopping by here today. I have so much more to say (don’t I always) but the family is calling 😀

I hope that whatever your today brings, you find something to be thankful for.