Hi everyone-this is going to be a chat for the My Timeless Templates © be it thoughts, comments or questions.

I hear many of you have tried  the free download -Stocking Stuffer, as well as purchased the templates. SO exciting-thank you for giving it a try!!!

I am flooded with emails (thank you for the support :D) and some are with questions.

I would like to ask if we can TRY to keep the questions/answers here so if someone else has the same one Im not sending 5o emails (no joke) with the same info. I’m not saying don’t feel like you can’t contact me! Of course you can, and I love hearing from you (that is why I allow my email to be public :D) but am just getting some of the same ?’s so lets keep it all in one place if we can!

I will update here with more Q & A as I get them.

If you find something helpful PLEASE share 😀 and I ask that people read your fellow stampers comments as they may help you!

This process actually IS simple, but it being the new thing for everyone,  Im certain  we are all unsure we are doing everything right! When treading in new waters there are always questions.

We provided the WORLD with a free template to not only see the value of what you get for your money but so that you can get all the kinks worked out, and get printing up some fabulous creations. I am sure once you get going you will see that this is a real time saver, the fun this has to bring, and how easy it is.

OK now we will start with the basics!

PLEASE keep in mind since this is the first time PTI and myself are doing this sort of thing we had no idea what was to come as far as questions as whatnot. We did out best to cover basic questions re: downloads and whatnot as well.

DIRECTIONS FOR YOU DOWNLOAD FOUND HERE! Many of you said “Hey Lauren I don’t speak french! Can you explain that better to me?”

Well I can try my best! LOL! I don’t understand “directions” well either. Im a hands on kind girl.

OK now “I” am very computer challenged, and am not the technical person here. I just create the basic template and description write ups and the rest is out of my hands. All the fabulous graphics and template stuff was all the fabulous work of Nichole & the people at Papertrey Ink.

BUT I will do my very best to answer the questions YOU have in the easiest way possible!!!


Downloading-we will take the FREE template as an example since EVERYONE can get that FREE!!

When you “buy” your template, you open the WinRAR file. Once the file loads you will see a box with the files in it. At the top of this box are some ICONS.

Hit the EXTRACT TO ( file folder looking button) option.

When you do that it brings you to your OWN computer files, and you them need to choose WHERE you want the file kept for future downloads!

Example-I created a file for myself under Lauren’s Card Stuff, in that file I have a category that says My Timeless Templates. I go through, and select that. Once I hit the OK button, it saves the files, where I told it to put them.

Then you are done.

Question:I printed up my Music Makeover and the calendar is missing a few months in the file.

Answer: See this tread here

Question: I have Windows Vista. I can download the stocking on the computer that runs Windows XP, but I cannot get it to download on my laptop that runs Windows Vista. I am not a computer expert, so it could be me, but I just cannot figure it out. What am I missing? TIA!

Then later her ANSWER: There is no Extract Files option provided on my computer (which really makes no sense, but its not there). So, DH downloaded a 45 day free trial of WinZip (an extractor program) https://www.winzip.com and now I have the files. I did find that I could not get them from the download now ‘button’ on the page with all the templates. I had to click on the pic/icon to go into the description and click on the download ‘button’ there. I first saved the files and then went into my documents file and attempted to open them from there. When I clicked on them, winzip automatically opened and I went through that (just before it actually unzips them, it tries to put them in some bizare location on my computer, so I clicked browse, and selected the desktop as a location for them to unzip to and later put them in the file I want them stay in), and several clicks later, I had all of the files for both templates!

Thank you to Karen (aka TiikkiStars on the PTI forum)

Now I want to play! So I would go find Lauren’s Card Stuff, and open it. Then I find my category “My Timeless Templates”. I open that file and I should be able to find THREE files.

Stocking Stuffer is a 2 page print out so you have your stocking on one, then the additional box & elements on another. Don’t forget EVERY My Timeless Template  © also comes with a Project Idea Pamphlet, with  full color photos, supply list and instructions for 5 exclusive projects!!

Basically just like you see with your Stocking Stuffer download, that is what you can expect with the for purchase templates as well, every month.

These are all listed in your file separately. So you have to find each file and download.

Another example is the Music Makeover, that is only ONE page for the printer, then you have your Project Idea Pamphlet.


Lots of questions for this part! LOL!

First and foremost-PRINTER SETTINGS!!! This can really impact your template! So here is what you need to do to make sure you are getting the accurate printout-very easy!

Question-I printed my Music Makeover template, and it doesn’t fit my CD case! What am I doing wrong?

Answer:  When you go to PRINT your template, most printers automatically set the page scaling to ” FIT TO PRINTABLE AREA”. You DO NOT want that setting! Simply click your selection box, and make sure PAGE SCALING is set to NONE! This way say your Music Makeover box, will print to appropriate size.

Your lines for this template go to the end of the cardstock.

Question: No you are doing everything fine. The templates will not print to the edge-hence the “arrows” telling you to go to the edge. THat is part of the software we use to create the templates.

Answer: No you are doing everything fine. The templates will not print to the
edge-hence the “arrows” telling you to go to the edge. That is part of the
software we use to create the templates.

Question:My cardstock won’t go through my printer! Help!

Answer:This is where you PRINTER MANUAL comes in handy! Or your hubby! My printer is pretty cheap-its a Canon (something or other! LOL!) and it takes PTI cardstock like a DREAM!!

What I learned from this whole printable template thing is that SOME printers need to be put on a setting if you are using something thicker than Copy paper! So check your settings, and then you should be good to go!

What if it REALLY isn’t going to go through?

Well as I saw suggested (by Debbie Stampin CPA-thank you!!) before Print your template onto your copy paper. Apply the template over your cardstock with REMOVABLE adhesive tape. Then  cut, and score JUST the copy paper that is ON your cardstock, as directed. When done with all the steps remove the copy paper, and you have the same exact thing!

Each time you want to make another print another template. It is virtually the same thing since you would always be printing a new one on your cardstock!


Print on the BACK of your cardstock!

If you have a pattern or a stamped piece, you want to print on what you want the INSIDE to be! So patterns go FACE DOWN!!


Question : How do I know where to cut, and where to score?

Answer: The SOLID lines arr for cutting, and —– are for scoring.


On some of the templates, like for KEEP{sake} it will say “Print two” that means you need to printouts to put your box together!



Answer: Great Idea How about MyTT(insert template name here) Stands for My Timeless Template Example: for the Keep{sake}


Sound OK?

 Comment: I hope you will share a ton of ideas for these templates with all of us every month! I need ideas.

Reply:Well as stated above there will ALWAYS be a EXCLUSIVE Project Idea Pamphlet with 5 projects with the SALE of every template! Those will NOT be shared anywhere else.

I of course will be sharing peeks here on my blog up to the countdown, and ideas with you.

This next comment I thought about not addressing, since it is a personal choice, but if several hundred people really want to  ask, then here is my OPINION

Generalized Comment: Can you convince me WHY I should buy your template, when I can try to make these myself?

Reply: I don’t think I should have to convince anyone. Thats not what its about. I helped create a product line that I would love to have, and use. I thought it would be so helpful to many other people 😀 Sharing what I love, and making it faster and  easier.

I think the idea book alone is worth the $5! LOL! However, to each person what you want to spend your money on is a personal choice. I am just here to provide you with a TIME SAVING option!

I know I PERSONALLY have spent $8 on ONE plastic traceable template for ONE project! No ideas, nothing, just the plastic piece! By the time I trace it all (and the score lines) you are done printing, and cutting, maybe even  scoring your My Timeless Template!

I also have spent $12 on a package of pre-die cut boxes, that I didn’t use too many of since I was limited to the colors it came in :C

To me proudcts that make my crafting faser, easier, and better are priceless.

I take the work and guess work out of you having to get the PERFECT template! Over time you will see the diverse templates I have created.  Really it doesn’t get any easier than what we have for you here. I MAKE these templates from scratch, ALL the time, and I am finding the printable versions FABULOUS, and for me, so much easier. That is my opinion and this project is like my baby! It is like asking  McDonald’s why you should eat there! LOL!

Bottom line- I love this product and I believe in it 100%. I poured every ounce of my being into it. You also  get my PERSONAL support to help with anything you may need for the templates as well. Here I am answering questions and emails and giving a ton of ideas to get you started 😀

Making sure something is perfect can take HOURS. Now you don’t have to bother, unless you really want to. You get to do what you love- and the rest is taken care of. The choice of purchasing it is your own. Another reason we are providing you with a FREE template. Try it out.

Those of you who do workshops, now don’t have to bother with coming up with cool ideas.  You can whip up an EASY project with EVERYONE in minutes! No fuss. Then you are focusing on the stamping, and making them feel like THEY CAN DO IT TOO!! There really isn’t a ton of prep work either! If you are a demo you know what I am talking about. I was a demo for several years and would have KILLED to have my ideas to print! I use to go through the hassle of making all my customers make it with me step my step! When you have a room full of 20 people, that is not an easy takes to keep everyone doing the same thing at the same time!!

Also to put it into perspective,  think of the things you have TRULY wasted $5 on! That drive thru lunch-one value meal costs over a $1 more than my templates, that you can use OVER AND OVER with not guess work.

How about that specialty coffee? One or two of those adds up to cost my template.

Just some thoughts of mine on that question. If you like a template you saw, then you may want to purchase it. Maybe one month you won’t like something, maybe every month you will.

No matter what your opinion, I truly want to thank everyone for their love & support. Im still recovering from all the excitement here, and HOPE I have helped you with any questions you have! This has been quite the journey.

Please feel free to comment and ask more questions if they arise, or let us know if this Q & A helped answer a issue for you!

I am here for you, so whatever you need I will do my best to help you to the best of my ability. If I don’t know Ill try to find out!

THANK YOU AGAIN!! Enjoy the templates! Can’t wait to see what you do.

Tomorrow I will have a actual project to share 😀