We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a SPECIAL announcement!

I am now a new member of the Unity Stamps Design Team! You can check out their blog HERE. Sometime today I will link on my sidebar with all the members. She has an excellent team going, with crazy talent, so I am honored that Angela wanted to add me as well. Please check the Unity thread on SCS and welcome all the new girls!








Angela was only going to pick ONE, but ended up with EIGHT! LOL!

This company has just EXPLODED! I have wanted to get EVERYTHING in their line of stamps since seeing them featured on the Craft Critique at the CHA show! Have you seen their big sentiments? OMG! I just ordered almost every single one!!

Anyway-I know you are wandering where on earth I will fit this in (I am asking myself the same thing! LOL!) but, I’m taking it easy, and I don’t have a heavy work load, and some of my other commitments have ended, and that lended  up a chunk of time for me. Plus when you LOVE working with something, its not hard to pump out the samples. PLUS that means even more to post here!!! Heck I may even upload to my SCS gallery more often! LOL!

Now that I have a FULL workload, I just spent the morning CLEANING OUT ALL MY SU! STAMPS and them some!! Tomorrow I will post a HUGE Stamp sale!!!! Plus we *may* be selling our house so the less I love the better!

 Given all my design work I haven’t used them in forever. Its best they go to a good home where they will get well loved. So check in later tonight or tomorrow for that.

NOW another WAHOOO!!!!

 I created my very first Scrap page!

Yes! ME-Lauren Meader, scrapped. I can’t believe it myself 😀 Oh and the shocker……….I enjoyed it! Many have asked me to do this, and here you are. Don’t expect this often though.

I tell EVERY company I sign up for that scrapping is out of the question. I have even let opportunities go because I don’t like it THAT MUCH! LOL!

When getting ready to create my sample for my big reveal, I was just compelled to do a 12 X 12 page.

Amber:Finding the beauty amongst the weeds


I have to say I am SOOOOOOOO proud of this page! I am totally patting myself on the back. I am so not a scrapper. If I can do it, anyone can.

View from the bottom to show dimension


I used Unity’s Butterfly Beauty for this page. I stamped my butterflies in chocolate ink, then colored with Copic’s and then sponged on some pumpkin ink. The antennae are copper wire. A souffle pen created the yellow spots.


I also used my Punch Bunch flowers to create my own “weeds”. The leave stems are ribbon I got at The Paper Tree.


I just loved the photos of Amber in the field at Charming Faire Farm picking flowers. Totally oblivious to the world around her. Picking and smelling each one. (I don’t think Dandelions smell at all, and if they do most likely not good).

I wanted a place to journal, yet hide my insanely messy penmanship, so I made a pull out tag to say what I wanted to remember of this page


I loved the colors in the photos as well, and was reminded of my Scenic Route paper in theAshville collection

I had this layout in my head since editing the photos, and figured WHY NOT! Just make a page. I looked at it more like wall art than a scrap page. I plan on getting a 3D frame to frame it, and put it in our living room. Poor Amber being the 3rd child, there isn’t a stitch of scrap book stuff done for her. Forget a baby book. Hopefully she will forgive me someday.

I will say having a “theme” in mind, rather than just making a page was fun and easy. I was definitely intimidated by that 12X12 canvas. So I said OK large card-REALLY large card.

But again I am so stoked with how well it turned out. Now I need to find a frame that matches my living room!!

Thank you to each and every one of you who reads all my blabbering and checks in here with me with so much love and support! You have no idea how much I appreciate and cherish each of you!!

Till tomorrow.