Rain, rain go away. Come again another day.

Feels like Spring here in New Hamsphire. The rain adds to that feeling. I think it’s somewhere around 60’s today.

I am still in Spring mode here. Ready for flowers to bloom, and cheery colors.

Done with viruses  and pneumonia, and the kids being stuck inside. (NOTE: Alexa and Amber are doing very good! Thanks) Too bad I have a ways to go till winter has past. Maybe THAT is why my kids are killing eachother these days.

Noah use to be my headache. He is now “the good child”. Amber and Alexa cannot even be in the same room, without an all out brawl!

I tried to bring out some fun, by letting the kids play with Moon Sand. OMG! That stuff is AWFUL!


My play room looked like a mini beach!

Yes, I put down garbage bags even-before the play began. Hoping to capture the sticky sand, but NO! Sticky sand or not-SAND IS SAND, and it made a mess.

Let me tell you-Moon Sand will NOT make another appearance here in my house till it is warm enough to play OUTSIDE!!

Thanks MOM! That was a GREAT idea. I’m sure you giggled all the way home from the store when you were thinking of the FUN I would have cleaning it up.

When we were kids that stuff would not have gotten BOUGHT, let alone played with. Oh the joys of being a grandmother I imagine.

OK back to my card! LOL! Don’t know how I got so off topic. Maybe the clumps I keep finding in wierd areas of the house………………. but anyway…………

I LOVE using images in a way they aren’t meant for OR expected to be used like. I was in a BRIGHT mode when I made this card.

Here is my first example


For this card I used Papertrey Ink Limitless Labels, Green Thumb, and Beautiful Blooms.

The blooms are die cut with my Cuttlebug Flowers #1 folder.

I LOVE how Nichole makes sets that interchange with each-other, effortlessly.

The colors were inspired by my ribbon.

The label became a band.I love all the scalloped edges this has, as well as its dimension and POP! You can’t see it here-but this is very dimensional. The flowers a really popped up too.

I then took the idea and went more subtle with it

mytime-papertrey-collection.jpg Spring for you

Is this not so different? For me anyway.

On this card I used-Limitless Labels, and Text Boxed.

I just went with a shabby , scrappy, sorta naturey-I dont know how to describe it kinda look. 😀

Notice more sewing! How fun that is lately. Im getting my use for the $4 sewing machine! (PS-MY AREA- They sold out a while ago! I went back to check on those and the cupcake stands-GONE! SORRY!)

I LOVE River Rock and Soft Sky. They are just so gorgeous together.

I just loved both of these. As different as they are, I think it shows ANY stamp set can be used for ANY style. Just put your own lil twist on it, and don’t be intimidated!

I say that now, but I have that Crafty Secrets- Kitchen set-never inked-that petrifies me to even touch it! LOL! So not LAUREN. I get a headache looking at it. The weird thing is I DO like it? So what is up with that?

But Papertrey…………………..OMG! It screams LAUREN BUY ME! USE ME! LOVE ME!

I haven’t gotten much time to play with my new stuff, but hope too soon.

Hope you are having a great day!

Don’t forget its MFT’s New Release! Today.

Till tomorrow.