Good morning (or night), depending when you pop on here. Either way, thanks for visiting me here 😀

Its absolutely FREEZING here in New Hampshire. We have gotten slammed with snow the last few weeks. Could that be why I’m so in a SPRING mode?

Anyway, I made the following card for my friend’s daughter. It was her birthday the other day. She just turned 4! I think she looks like this image 😀


This image is Miniwagonbella . I bought her at my LSS—>HERE.

It had to be VERY girly, so I used my favorite colors, and SEI paper Ally’s Wonderland. My dilemma came when it was time for WHERE to put the sentiment. Read on.

 Yes, my card is going to be LATE! Big shock right? I’m over getting upset about sending a card too late. Its much better than not at all right? Besides, Amber has been ill , so I have not left the house. It will go postal Saturday when Jay is home, along with a few little Target Treats 😀 I’m sure Shannon won’t mind.

I wanted to share something with you that “I” find extremely helpful to use/do when I stamp.

I like to get alot of mileage out of my products, and this is one I’m sure most of you HAVE, but DON’T ever USE!

Its called a Stamp-a-ma-jig.

Now when I type, for some reason I always think people KNOW what I’m talking about. I tend to forget that some of you are new! I realize this when I get questions about the products. Please don’t EVER hesitate to ask me anything-OK! No questions is a bad/stupid question. How else do you learn? So ask away if you need too.

If you clicked the link (I just Googled one for a photo), it describes that it is a stamp positioner, and yadayadayada. I find it very helpful to line up images when I stamp-especially 2-step stamping. I am pretty OK with doing it on my own, but I do have some blocks that are mounted crooked or the image is really to tiny to figure where it lies on the block, and so on. Plus with the rise in acrylic images, you may not find you use yours much anymore.

Well I am going to change that! Here comes MY cool new use for it! It will save many cards for you I’m sure. Or it will save the after thought of “Oh I shoulda………”

Do you ever wonder if a card NEEDS something more? Or if a particular sentiment will fit in a certain spot? If it does, how will it look? Will it ruin it, orclutter the card all together? Will it be better in another spot? And the thinking goes on and on, right?

NOW here is the solution that helps me! After MANY ruined cards, I FINALLY figured it out (a while ago).

Not only will it show you HOW it will look, but it can help you place it, and get it right! It can also help you decide to NOT use it, before your masterpiece is ruined.

Click the following thumbnails for a larger view!

I use my stamp-a-ma-jig, line it up, and stamp my image/sentiment, on the plastic layer that comes with it.


You may also use a window sheet for this. DONT use StazOn!!!!

I then take the layer, with my image, and place in in different places on my card.

 stamp-a-pos-1.jpg  place 1  stamp-a-pos-2.jpg place 2  stamp-a-pos-3.jpg place 3-a winner!

This helps me see if it will look good where I THOUGHT I wanted it, which was originally place 1, or better elsewhere.

 Sometimes I change what I originally thought, and go with something else-or nothing at all.

Now by lining it up on the Stamp-a-ma-jig, I can ensure that my image will end up exactly where I want. In this case, with the “girl” word at the edge of the corner.

So as you can see by my finished card above, it is exactly as I wanted it, but not where it was suppose to go. My card was saved, and all is good.

I hope you found this helpful and use it in the future! You can even do it with colored ink if you are undecided what may be better! So go for it!

Till tomorrow.

I have some Papertrey samples, MFT sneak peek’s, Lizzie Anne and more Bella’s to come! Not to mention our Saturday Sketch!