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Anything wrong with this picture?

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OK, if you have more than one child, you MAY be able to appreciate this.

Normally this stuff does not seem funny to me until it is LONG over.

People will always ask ” Did you take a picture?”

Normally I give a look like “Are YOU insane? NO I didn’t take a picture”. But this was rather amusing.

I NEEDED to get some stamp stuff done. I needed a whopping 45 minutes of “my time”, or I was going to go INSANE!

 My kids were fighting like well……………let’s say a pack of wild animals. Sometimes, when I have really had it with the bickering, and the million time outs, I will retreat to my stamp “cave”. Its better for ALL of us to take a breather.

I can hear everything they are doing-which is good in a safety sense, but not a sanity sense sometimes! LOL!

Alexa and Amber have been at eachother throats lately. Alexa isn’t feeling great, and is on edge, and Amber is continuously provoking her.

I am in my stamp room and hear the bickering.

Alexa yelling “Take a break. Get in there. You need a time out. Get in there.”

I’m thinking oh great-here we go. More fighting.

Amber is crying “Let me out!” as well as other things I cant make out. Time to intervene

She is screeching her lungs out, and daisy starts barking-THAT is unusual. She is not a barker.

So I come flying upstairs, to interviene, only to see this


Alexa LOCKED Amber in the dog crate!

Daisy is sitting in front of it barking, and Alexa is happily watching TV.

I grabbed my camera, to which Amber’s tears were quickly turned off, and was then all happy about it.

NOW that is a good time out spot!

Just kidding………………………………………..but you have to admit its pretty funny. I was unsure if I should make Alexa go in there for her time out for shoving her sister into a dog crate!

Lucky for her she isn’t feeling so hot.

Now these are they days Im not so sure I will miss when they are all grown.

How Sweet-diet anyone? A sweet idea

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How sweet it is!

Does this box of yummies make you just want to eat one?

Love the colors, love the layout, love chocolate, love this set-period.

Here is another card using Be Mine. It is a new release by MFT (ready for order the 9th).

I LOVE chocolate. So I had a blast making this card.

I used some yummy ribbon my American Crafts, and my cuttlebug embossing folder. I think these colors should be the official Valentine’s Day colors.

I am starting weight watcher’s next week,on the 15th. I chose that day cause everyone starts the first. I want to be in the mindset that I am starting a life style change-not a diet (as Dr. Phil would say).

 My goal is to get ALL the chocolate OUT of my house.

NO! I don’t mean throw it away! That is a form of chocolate abuse! I am NOT an abusive person. I will properly dispose of each morsel-myself! LOL!

I am lucky Im not the size of an elephant-with all the coffee I drink (lots of sugar and cream) and chocolate I love. I just have a few pounds that crept up on me through out the year. It mainly starts with the stress eatting when Alexa gets sick, then goes from there.

I drop it in 2 months, then gain it back slowly over the year. GOOD TIMES.

THIS year, I turn 30. So if it kills me I WILL use my exercise machine and get my toned ab’s back! I want to say that I look HOT in my 30’s, not LOOKED Hot for some of my 20’s. No I don’t look HOT now-but I will. BY my 30th birthday May 3rd.

I LOVE the DVD- Turbo Jam! Its only 20 minutes of a great workout! You lose 10 inches in 10 days! Its great. There is also some 10 min. stuff for when you are way crunched for time. Hey its better than munching for 10 min. or sitting on the computer.

OK by better I mean better for your butt.

So tell me if YOU have a new plan to get in better shape this year. Or share a diet you are on or plan to try, exercise video, meal plan-WHATEVER you want! I want to know I’m not alone in this insanity we women put on ourselves 😀

Ok I do have another SWEET idea for you! This one is FAT FREE 😀

I also hope it makes you view everyday items (especially SALE items) differently.

While shopping the discounts at Rite Aid I found this cupcake rack! It was on SALE for only $2.99!!!!!


I decided it would be PERFECT for my smaller bottle of Prima’s, and my Martha Stewart glitter. For photo purposes I did not FILL it. I wanted you to see how it looks.

Since I have the wire racks to store my stamps it fits in so nicely.

Who would think a cupcake rack could be used by a stamper? We are just the most innovative, resourceful, and crafty people on the planet aren’t we?!

THAT being said Debra shared a link with me that blew me away! Check it out

$6 Ink Pad Holder

Now that my friends is genius. I would love to actually try it.

Do you have any cool tips or unusual uses you want to share? Post them here!

Share the LOVE!!!

OK, I gotta run. Alexa has pneumonia too. So it will be a long, and late night. We spent the day at the doctor’s. She looks OK, but we need to hope no high fevers-otherwise we are IN HOUSE! Her counts are fabulous though! Thank God! That is good.

Amber is pretty much back to her terrible three’s. Who says 2 is bad? 3 is far worse.

But I love her to pieces and would FREEZE her at this point, as she is adorable. Yes, I am a sucker.

 Till tomorrow.

Hearts A Plenty

Jan 7, 2008 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards

Today is the 7th, and that means we (MFT Designers) can now post with the New! Releases. I have some great samples, over the next few days, to share. It is so hard making stuff, then having to sit on it, for over a month-in some cases!

January releases 3 sets. They are Be Mine (mini set used here), Punny Farm and Happy Occasions. The release date will be January 9th! There will also be a cocktail party at the  MFT Forum. More on that later.

I don’t know about YOU, but my wallet HURTS with all these fabulous sets being released by all these companies. Worst thing is the releases aren’t over! Still got Paper Trey! I’m sure other’s that my brain can’t wrap around right now.

Also released yesterday was more digi paper by MFT—–> Kiss Collection. I am dying to use mine. I just got it loaded, and have yet to get “my time” to play. We did have a great weekend filled with time with friends. That is always nice.

So for my samples today I chose to use the set I am loving, called Be Mine. I used the MFT sketch challenge for this week-you will see samples by entering a keyword MFTSC12.


It was fun finally doing a challenge.

I LOVE hearts, and I LOVE black 😀 So I was very happy with this.

I think the center black heart just pops! To make sure of that, I colored my Making Memories heart shape tag rim, with a sharpie marker. Attached with terrific tape.

I also used Behind the Scenes, for the stripped panel, instead of a paper layer. Sometimes you don’t have the right paper KWIM? So this was perfect. Plus it’s nice to use stamps for your own pattern creation.

The ribbon is a black satin, that I got a Target for $2.99 for 15yds 😀 It helps make this elegant.

I had fun with these colors and elements, so I went on to make a simple card.


Admittedly, this may just be too plain Jane :C But its still cute right?

I LOVE the hanging heart. Oh well, maybe with some tweaking………….

Let’s just say after 3pm my brain shuts down, and the creative juices run dry. I have made worse-trust me!

So stay tuned…………….I hope to get lots of happy mail this week, and get some off to secret friends.

Thanks for reading.

Till tomorrow.

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