Today’s letter is R.

R is for Remarkable, Radiant, Romantic, Reliable, Responsible, Reasonable, Rich, Regal, Riveting, Resourceful, and Rea-for a REAL Friend! Not just a PSF (PRETEND Stamping Friend).

R is also for Renee. Renee is the FIRST original PSF. When my daughter got Leukemia, Renee was the first person to contact me, and start this revolution of amazing friends, that Alexa calls the PSF’s!

She coined the term when all of “mommy’s computer friends” would send her gifts and cards in the hospital.  She would ask WHO sent it to her. I would tell her Mommy’s stamping friends from the computer. So, because she never met them, and couldn’t see them, she said “Oh they are your PRETEND Stamping Friends”. So basically she thinks I type to FAKE people that don’t exist all day! LOL! Then they magically send her her little cards and things too. Oh the mind of a child 😀

Renee is a special person, and will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope to meet my pretend friend someday.

This woman took a tragic time in my life, and gathered so many women, who not only reached out to us, but who became my rock through the storm.

They were there to get me through the toughest times in my life. How can you say Thank You, to all of them. Through that I have made some of the BEST friends a person could ever ask for. Each one has truly blessed our lives, and touch it forever.

So to all my PSF”s I love you, cherish you and thank you for everything. Your friendship has meant the world to me and my family. You all saved me mentally and emotionally, on days that I didn’t think I’d get through.

Now that I’m all teary, I will share the letter with you-


For info on how this letter was made into ART, click—->HERE

I used chocolate chip card-stock for the base.  I stamped it with Beautiful Blooms, and adhered some $1 spot paper flowers (like Primas) to some of the centers. Dew Drops are in the centers.

Here is a view of the sentiment-another CTMH one.


“We can do not great things, but in rising up every-time we fall”

How suitable for Renee. She helped me rise up, when I thought I would fall.

The birds are by Inkadinkadoo. I love them!

And that my PSF’s is that.

Now I really need to go stamp. Then get the kids home from school so I can go INSANE!

Yes, my kids have been awful lately. What’s the word to describe them Rebellious, Rabid, and Ridiculous! LOL!