In like a lion, out like a lamb. OK I know that saying is in regards to Spring, but I can make it work where I see fit can’t I?

I want to start the year off in high gear (hence the fierce lion), and always have it end on a sweet note-happy to start a new one (the sweet lamb part).

That being said-Happy 2008 everyone!

Hope you had a safe New Year.

I am so happy to be in a new year, despite how fast they pass.

A new year, new beginning 😀 New goals. FRESH.

A great mark in time to see where you were, and where you are today, in the now.

How have you changed, and grown?

What has happened to shape these events?

Are you happy about these changes?

What can you do to get where you want/need to be?

A time of reflection. Some years will be better than others. Focus on the good things you have, and try not to dwell on what you don’t. Focus on moving forward. Become the best you can little by little each year.

Looking back, I have accomplished so much in the year past.

Things I never thought possible came ot be, and some that are to come to be. Its always a work in progress.

 I have worked hard for them. Hard work pays off sometimes.

Sometimes it’s all about timing. IS IT YOUR TIME?

The saying goes “If you want something ask for it. Sometimes God’s answer is yes, other times its no, and sometimes its wait.” (not the perfect interpretation but you get the idea right?). So be patient. Its not always easy, but you have to know there is a plan for you. Sometimes we have to wait and see what it is. We may never get the WHY answered. I know I have many of those questions. But I have Faith.

One of my dreams was being part of the Dirty Dozen. It came to be,and I never REALLY expected that. It was really just the beginning.

Following that my blog . I never ever planned on doing one. Imagine that? Now look at me blabbering away to the whole world.

The many amazing design opportunities I have been given, where I continue to grow as an artist. I take NONE for granted, and love each company I represent whole heartedly. Never thought people would know who I even am. Or cared! I want to continue to grow and learn from each day.

I have been successful with publications. I had to put it out there to have it happen. That means rejection. Everyone gets rejected. Heck, some of the most amazing people (famous and otherwise) get turned down! So I sucked it up, and  sometimes succeeded!

I am truly blessed. There is no “secret” I have. Many of you ask. I really don’t know the answer to most of it. Just confidence, faith, and hard work. I also truly LOVE what I do, and am true to myself. What you see is what you get-period. If I say I love it, you know I do.

I have also enjoyed developing relationships with people I never met. Touching lives, and making small differences in other people. Who said you have to dream BIG to make an impact right? One tiny step at a time.

The creation of Alexa’s Set was a huge accomplishment to me as well. Maybe even my number one! Using what I LOVE, to help make a difference. AMAZING!!!!

Its was one of the very first stamp sets created, in a trend, used to raise money and awareness for a cause. How can I not be proud of that idea? All proceeds from Alexa’s set benefit pediatric Leukemia and Lymphoma research! I am SO proud of that. I used what I had, to do what I could.

I think the thing I want, is to continue on the way I have-full steam ahead. Never losing site of my aspirations, hope’s and dreams. Always being aware and helping other’s as well.

THIS is what I LOVE to do. It makes me whole.

I love that I can be wife, mom, housekeeper, and many other things, and still fit in some of the “MY TIME”. I’m not ashamed to say I NEED it. We all do. Its all about balance. Find your balance and it will all just work.

Speaking of “work”………………………I am getting ready for Valentine’s Day. I love making items for this occasion-since most themes are cutesy and whimsical. That is so my style 😀

mytime-ats-mane-squeeze.jpg Mane Squeeze

This is my first post for the New Year!

So here is my “In like a lion” themed card. Not very fierce is it? But he is so cute just the same 😀 Kept clean and simple. But I hope you like it just the same.

This is from one of the yet to be released sets by C.C. Designs . It will be available on-the 4th.

I just love this image. Colored it with Copic’s. The paper is by SEI-Ally’s Wonderland. The brads are a Target $1 find. The mane is liquid applique, sprinkled with pink glitter by Making Memories, then heat set.

So that is it for tonight.

Amber has pneumonia. She saw the doctor today. Fevers of up to 104.6!!! So I’m really on mommy duty.

The other 2 go back to school tomorrow-provided we have school. We got 8-10 inches of snow today. I have some cute photos of Christmas, and Daisy on TOP of a HUGE snow bank-which I hope to share soon.

I wish you all the BEST this new year.

Thank YOU for the love, comment’s, sharing and support. Its beyond appreciated 😀

Till tomorrow.