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Hi everyone!

Thanks for joining me for my Papertrey Ink Newsletter Post!

I have to admit I was pretty TAPPED for ideas. So I went to Michaels and browsed the ENTIRE store, to find something FUN AND NEW to share! I get bored easy, in case you can’t tell! LOL! I love trying new things, and every so often I find something extra cool.

So, that being said I hope you like what I came up with 😀 I really enjoy expanding my uses for my stamps!

There really are so many ways they can be used! This is just ONE more!


This is a dinner plate (I created a matching set of 4) with a candle holder-as seen in the photo.

How about using your stamps as stencils for making decorative glass gifts?!

I made a video to show you just how easy this really is!


So grab some coffee and get planning on making some affordable painted glass items-no art lessons needed!

This is a photo of the finished candle holder. More photos can be seen in the video!


Now more on what you need to make your own painted glass gift items!

Obviously something GLASS, that YOU want to decorate.

Stamp set of choice.

I found (in the paint/stencil) section-some marker/pens that are meant to be use on glass and ceramics!


They are by Vitrea 160-cost $2.99 each, and come in a large variety of colors! You can get opaque or transparent colors.

Follow instructions for use on package!

Well I thought they looked SUPER cool, but my problem-I can’t paint or draw a simple stick figure to save my life!!

While there in the store they had stencils and stuff too. I thought-well I have stamped ON GLASS, why not use a stamped image as a stencil with my markers?!

Now I didn’t want to TRACE. I wanted a fun, new look! So I went with dots! Fun, easy and no stress if you drank too much coffee 😀

I used Beautiful Blooms for my project! You can use whatever you wish.


Step 1:

Clean your glass with glass cleaner. If using something that needs to be centered-Mark center on back with eclipse tape.


Step 2:

Stamp you image onto cardstock/copy paper-cut to size.


Step 3

Layer stamped paper where needed. Lay your plate or other item over stamped image.

Mark dots on flower center, and outer petals first!


Step 4

Count number of dots on each petal to ensure even spacing and nice even look on project!


Repeat for leaves, and flower centers-using green marker!

Take out your stamp stencil and VIOLA!

This is the completed plate


Not too shabby for a newbie glass painter, now is it?!

I have to admit, it was very fun to make this. I wil wrap up the set with a pretty bow and tag to match. Should be a nice gift for someone, right?

I especially like that I don’t have to be a true ARTIST to pain on glass now! I have stamps for that 😀

Well thanks for stopping by!

I hope you enjoyed the video, and visual tutorial for those who need it 😀

Thanks for stopping by

Hi everyone! If you are tuning in Happy Mother’s Day!!

I’ll share more on that at the end!

Today is day one, of a jam packed post, filled with excitement! AS ALWAYS :D)

As you know the Papertrey Ink countdown is here, and I always GUSH each month over and over at how excited I am. I know it may get old, but I REALLY am. Each month I fall in love the newest releases, and latest and greatest templates! Plus it makes me get a head start on my gifts.

I now get to FINALLY share a peek at my newest Timeless Template  called Ready, Set, Wrap!

 This one is SOOOOO cool and fun. Seriously.  It is so super adorable, fun and easy to make TONS of gifts for just about anyone you can imagine. Perfect size for SO many treats.


Looking for the perfect way to WRAP up something? Then this is the template for you!Ready, Set Wrap! will have you whipping out the perfect packaging for every occasion! Use it as a party favors or a fun project with the kids too.This is just the cutest box you could ever make! Perfect for that special something you want “un”wrapped in a fun way!The curves of this fun box will have the receiver in complete awe! You will be amazed at how fast this one comes together.

Go get READY, get SET-WRAP something special!

I also get to give you a peek at a NEW! stamp set called Bird Watching from Papertrey Ink.

NOTE: These items will not be released until the 15th D

Today I am sharing a video that will HOPEFULLY help you  maximize the use of your stamps, and view them in a whole new way, save you MONEY, and add great embellishments to those My Timeless Template gifts you create for EVERYONE!!

This video shows you how EASY it is to use your stamps to make your OWN chipboard embellishments!!

SOOOOOO, the focus of my tutorial today used a large bird from Bird Watching.

When I saw Bird Watching I fell in love. I immediately KNEW it had to be by Melissa Bickford! I LOVE her stuff!! LOVE!

I knew the bird would make the CUTEST Keychain toggle for my Ready, Set, Wrap! template.


I like to use lightweight coasters for my projects. Usually you get 20 coasters for $2.00. That is ONLY 0.10 CENTS each-and you can get several images per coaster-HELLO!!! So affordable!

If you were to PURCHASE chipboard pieces or stickers, they would cost upwards of several dollars with only a few in each package-and NOT always in your color scheme! Now you can use images you already purchased for your projects instead.

Now you can use your STAMPS and make you own in MINUTES! AND it will MATCH any project! (like you needed another excuse to BUY MORE STAMPS?! :O)

Plus, lets face it, these chipboard pieces not only add a fun element, but dimension and interest to everything you put them on as well. Remember its the LITTLE details.


Sentiment reads: You’re so very tweet

Don’t you LOVE the chipboard bird addition to this project?! Perfect!

Now I got the little keychain toggle thingy from Michaels Craft store. They are in the back in the LEATHER section. 20 chains for $2! Not too shabby 😀

The cardstock is amethyst. I used Dark Chocolate Bitty Dots 2008 collection for this. I colored in the dots on the paper to match my project-so they are amethyst dots 😀 LOVE IT!

I began my project using my Inspiration Challenge—>HERE It was just what I needed to get started.

My felt flowers were made by me 😀 I die cut them from felt. Watch my video —-> HERE Button is from Vintage Buttons

I used the Cuttlebug Flowers #1 die for the flower, and another cuttlebug flower bundle die for the leaves.

Now to un-wrap it


Slide off one side, then the other………………..

You’ll get the idea, as I share more ideas throughout the week 😀


My Timeless Template: Ready, Set, Wrap!

Stamps: Bird Watching/Additions

Cardstock: PTI Dark Chocolate, Almost Amethyst

Patterned Paper: Bitty Dots 2008 Collection

Ink: Dark Chocolate

Copic Markers: BV00

Vintage Buttons in New Leaf

Punch: Small oval by SU!

Other: Lightweight coaster board, eyelet, key chain toggle, Felt, Cuttlebug Flowers #1 die 2X6 Flower Bundle, crop-a-dile, hobby blade, sm corner rounder

Now for more peeks be sure to check out Kelly’s blog for another template peek, as well as  Nicholes blog, Melissa, Lisa and Candice.

I am spending the day baking cookies from scratch with my kids! (Hopefully NOT cooking anything else for the day)*I know I can’t believe it either!* But Alexa sent me a letter in the mail about wanting to bake cookies with me D Made me cry! It was SOOOOO sweet. I’ll also have to share the card/ poem she wrote me ALL by herself! She loves writing poems. I’m so proud of her writing and reading skills. She wants to write books/stories when she grows up! How cool is that?! A very good goal I think.

Amber made me couple things, that were REALLY cute. One saying she loves me because I take her shopping! LOL! And give lots of hugs and kisses.

Noah made me a card and puzzle-but told me he really wanted to make one for daddy! Um, thanks! LOL! So he took mine out of the envelope and made something for Jay instead! He is mad at me because he lost his XBOX for a week, after being TERRIBLE to my mother while she watched him, when we were at the funeral.

Oh well. He will get over it eventually!! I hope. It hurt my feelings for him to be so angry with me. I know I need to stand my ground, but its so hard to be a mom sometimes.

Thanks for stopping by!

 I’d LOVE to hear what your thoughts are for todays post and my newest template!

Enjoy your day.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for MORE peeks and endless ideas 😀

I got a video done! YEAH!! AND for MONDAY!! DOUBLE YEAH!

Now I know its not he flower one you are ALL waiting on, but that one will take some time! I did have it filmed but had a mishap.

 I have the intro done and editied , then when I went to find and edit the flower tutorial, the actual tutorial accidentally got erased, when I was video taping Amber riding her bicycle! I’d rather lose the flower thing which I can re-create, than my daughter’s video! I can recreate that moment.

You know whats funny si she is 4 and can ride a bike, but the other 2 won’t do it! Weird! Alexa is terrified (she has depth perception issues, where everything seems higher, and scarier) but Noah just isn’t interested.

Anywho…..this one uses a product called Fantasy Film. It is by Art Glitter

TRUST ME when I tell you, you don’t want to Google “fantasy film” OK! Just go to the site and look for where they sell it! LOL!

In the video I show you HOW to use, and  I also share how I custom color my film 😀 Can you say LOVE IT!!

Here is the detail photo of the card sample using the Fantasy Film


Not the BEST photo-sorry! Bad lighting :C

My mojo is on a break :C My template release always sucks every last bit of mojo out of me for like a WEEK! On top of that Im always adding even MORE template ideas each month to the bunch we have. So, sometimes I can’t get out of TEMPLATE mode! I just love them SOOOOO much. I could make boxes ALL day 😀

OK back to the subject:

The butterfly is from a set called Butterfly Wings from CTMH that Katie sent me, since she KNEW I’d love it. It was the Stamp of the Month for March, and sadly I got sick and had my surgery so am JUST getting around to using it-SORRY KATIE!!


So I kept this SIMPLE! Plain actually. But with a STUNNING butterfly why over do it?!

Anyway, its a super set! I used my Sketch 31for it. Told ya I had a sample! LOL! I just wanted to share the video with it.

Sentiment is a SU! set. Butterfly of Happiness I believe.

I have tons planned for videos, but have just been SO busy! Kids are on vacation-CRAZY!! But I WILL somehow some way share it all eventually.

I have so much fun SHOWING you what Im doing as oppose to just typing it all up!!

I didn’t do an “intro” since its a basic technique. Why listen to me blabber on for 2 minutes! LOL! You know how I can talk! I spared you all my banter during one part, and fast forwarded myself too. I think its hilarious! I couldn’t figure out HOW to MUTE me! LOL! So I added some crazy music to it too. So be ready to turn down the volume. I love watching myself in fast forward! LOL! I wish I could actually work that fast, as I feel like my brain moves that quick, but my poor body can’t keep up. Thank goodness for notebooks. Pages of chicken scratched ideas, from my awakenings at 2 am-seriously!

I also wanted to let it be visible on YouTube for everyone-so I hope you like it. You have NO IDEA how long that simple 8 minute clip takes to edit! OYE!!

So I hope you enjoy it!

Tomorrow begins the peeks for Pink Cat Studio!!

Till then

Thanks A Latte Gift set!

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I didn’t post yesterday beause I have tons to do and needed a BLOG BREAK!

The kids begin vacation today-so that means the start of little stamp time for me, since I want to go DO STUFF with them, so we don’t ALL go insane, being in the house. Especially with nice weather coming! Lots of deadlines, so that mean PRIORITIES!! So blogging wasn’t on that list yesterday.

No worries I have gotten lots done for next week-as I have so much to share! NEW RELEASES COMING!! So brace your pocketbooks people 😀

In the meantime I have a fun project to share using the NEW! Spring Release from JustRite Stampers called Demi Phrases

A fun spin on a easy gift!

Thanks a Latte Gift set peek


I so love those 1/2 circle sentiments, and the fact that they can be put into various of the JRS blocks for various looks.

Make sure you check out these 2 posts

Getting Started-this will help you know where to begin with their products

Retirement SALE!-They are making room for NEW! stuff so if you want anything-HUGE discounts!!

 OK back to the post info!

Thanks a latte-gift set


So here is my gift, packaged up all purty!

Who wouldn’t get excited by this?! I would!

Now you may wonder-WHAT is inside…….


OK I have to say I LOVE my bow! LOL! It has 4 ribbon curls. Not a good photo-but again  just had to point it out.


Do you have a cocoa, coffee or tea drinker in your life? Raise your hand! LOL!

(if not you can just use the tin and package up something else that tickles your fancy!)

I am a HUGE coffee person-HUGE! So I thought this would make a fun gift.


 I stamped my Demi-Phrases , in black ink, on 2 pieces of white cardstock.

The coffee cup is by Gel-A-Tins(and OMW! Upon linking the site I NEED more!!! WOWZERS! Check them out!)

 I found a set here Coffee Break. I stamped, colored and cut out the cup for a 3D effect.

 I then used the Labels 3 die to cut out 2 labels for my coffee tin. LOVE IT!!!!


Both sides of this tin are decorated the same. I like everything to have a “finished” look. You can’t see any seams either!

I used Black & White basics for my paper, and black gingham ribbon

I wanted to package some French Vanilla Coffee Drink Mix from- General Foods International, since I am addicted to ADDING it to my coffee, for a nice “latte” kind of taste to it. I love the little tins too. WAY CUTE.

Now I know its a coffee drink mix-but if you try this!

I have a Keurig- s0 I put in 3 scoops of the mix in my cup, with 3 Splenda, and my fat free cream. I then brew my Dunkin Dounuts coffee into the cup, and it give a very rich, creamy awesomeness to my coffee! LOL! I like the sugar-free one-less calories 😀 But it us YUM-AZING!!!  Try it!

OK off track there. Sorry!!

My colors were taken from the container colors.

I took the directions on the coffee tin, and using my computer-printed them onto a adhesive sheet , cut, and adhered it to the bottom of the can, so the recipient knows what flavor the coffee mix is, and how to mix it! Plus it looks nice too.

I wanted it to be SPECIAL though! Not just a wrapped can of coffee mix. So I went the extra step and made it a set that I LOVE!

How about coffee and a treatlet?  I took some pre-wrapped (4 of them) White Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookies, and inserted them into theLolli-Pop Along base, for a yummy surprise 😀 They are wrapped so it preserves freshness! Oh and I despise cooking, so its easier than home-made, but you could add your own home-baked cookies too!


Here they are in the base. All 4 with a bit of room.

Now we slide it into the template.

NOTE: I did alter the template a bit to fit my project 😀 

 I made my base 3 inches deep instead of 2.

 Same for insert.


SO I turned the base of cookies-which are tied in nicely, and turned it up-side-down, so my coffee tin can sit on it.


I just slid it into myLolli-Pop Along base.

Now put the coffee tin on the top of that…


Viola! Awesome gift wrap!

This is  a peek through the window on the front of gift set . I love it


I  have been wanting to use it again, for a while.It turned out to be PERFECT for this gift set.

I decorated the front to look similar to a coffee bag. Mission accomplished.


Just another photo to share. I took a bajillion!

Now isn’t that s SUPER presentation, of a SIMPLE gift, that is very inexpensive?! Seriously! I love this craft!!

Can you tell?! LOL!

Funny I love packaging stuff but I LOATHE wrapping presents! I like UNWRAPPING them though 😀 I just think its strange how I love packaging but not wrapping gifts. You should see how SLOPPY something comes out if I wrap it. You can totally tell it was a LABOR of love! LOL!

I have been creating up a storm so come back to see what else I have for you! OK!!

So that is it my friends!

Till tomorrow 😀

Cross your fingers I get my videos taped too! Lots to share with ya

Thanks for stopping by

Hi everyone!

Guess what! Im featured on the Moxie Fab World BLOG! How fun and exciting is that? It only added to how I feel today!

I don’t know if its the meds or just life, but I’m in a super happy mood today. SO thankful, and just plain HAPPY.

LIKE I’m bouncin off the walls ( in my head -not physically! LOL!) with excitement. I honestly feel like CRAP, but the weather is warm-like the kids can PLAY OUTSIDE warm, I got a NEW TOOL that is BEYOND fabulous (share a video on that another time :D) and my dress fits!

What is there to be upset about?

Yesterday was a BAD day. I hurt worse than ever!! My first day on my own. Can you say OUCH!! They have switched my pain meds 4 times! Basically everything except Motrin make me feel like I’m on the Tilt a Whirl ride, still in motion. I end up getting every possible “adverse effect” listed, so I’m done with it. Just say NO to drugs! LOL! So now Im just resting and relaxing, no meds. I can see HOW people get addicted because they are quite quick to dish out OODLES of stuff. I have a virtual pharmacy going in my bathroom cabinet right now. Maybe that is because I don’t have a history of going to the doctors, let alone abusing meds! LOL! I actually refused most of it, Im the type of girl that won’t take so much as tylenol for a headache, let alone the BIG GUNS.

Anyway, yesterday: I was very upset because my dress before surgery fit like a glove: AKA no room to GROW! N-O-N-E

Well since my surgery I was definitely BLOATED! I measured! I added an INCH to my waist! There was NO ROOM for an inch in the dress-if I sneezed it would BUST! LOL! Not kidding.

I was upset because I haven’t eaten anything that would warrant the BULGE. If Im going to gain an inch it would have been nice if it were “worth it”. Meaning CHOWING lots of sinful goodness. But I hadn’t done that. Quite the opposite. Im living on cereal and fruit. If I eat “food” I feel like a swallowed a fire ball.

Anyway-I woke up today and felt “skinny” again, and low and behold lost 1 1/2 inches! YEAH! So I tried on the dress, and it fits! With room to sneeze! LOL! no SPANX for me!

I have NO IDEA how Im going to walk in HEELS (Im so not a HEEL girl!) let alone dance  at the Wedding Saturday (belly is NOT feeling good-driving feels like everything is PULLING-let alone dancing), but Im going to that wedding, and I’m going to have a BLAST!

On a FAT note:

I also have someYUM-A-LICIOUS cupcakes coming to my house tomorrow, and me and my friend Paulette are going to gossip over cupcakes and all sorts of frozen big girl drinks 😀 I know I was just complaining about being bloated, but I haven’t eaten anything worth talkin about in a LONG time-especially with the surgery-week before, now on my second week. I think I can afford a sinful delight-or two! LOL! I’m sure I’ll go into sugar overload, but Im OK with that.

On a stamping note:

YIPPEE!!!! I have another video for you!! Just a quick one I did, while still doped up on pain meds-see same horrible hair, and you can kinda tell I’m a little loopy! LOL! At the time I thought I was “fine” obviously NOT! LOL! I watched it today! YIKES!!

I think its a great, informative video (despite my lack clear thinking) on how to custom color ALL your embellishments, which allows you to SAVE money!

Anyway enjoy it! Its at least good for a laugh. 

If you want to safely view  ALL the videos I published on Veoh, please CLICK HERE! 

NOTE: DO NOT CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS !If you click ON the thumbnails AFTER the video it takes you to the Veoh site. Some of the content there I am told is “R” and “X”rated and you may not want to do that around young children. So if you just watch the video here on my blog, and avoid the thumbnails you should be OK. Not sure WHY they don’t have ONLY stamp related videos pop up, but I guess some aren’t.

Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

I am not responsible for content that links to the videos from the Veoh site.

Thank you D

I still haven’t been able to STAMP or create anything. Even sitting here too long KILLS me. But it felt good just to SMELL my craft room 😀

I also have to announce the winner of the My Timeless Template Class Kit

Chosen Via


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-04-02 18:37:34 UTC

311. Stacy |

Hi Lauren, I hope you continue to get feeling better. I love all of your fun projects. I think we all have a wonderful friend that got us into stamping / cardmaking. Thank you Annette! You were always there to help me and loan me stamps or stamp pads until I was able to create on my own. I love all of the PTI products.


So thats it for me.

Don’t worry i’ll get pics of the cupcakes in a jar!

Thanks for stopping by

Got Etsy?

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I’m happy to announce my very own Etsy Shop-My Time-less Little Treasures

I am specializing in ONE OF A KIND gifts and gift packaging! FINALLY! I ordered a BUNCH of stuff today to expand my collection of GIFTS and not just packaging items. I will be adding cards in there are well. I may take requests for cutsomized packages-not sure yet. Im pretty busy.

I am STILL in the process of uploading all my CRAP to sell, so keep checking in if you are interested. If I made something you are interested in and not yet posted-shoot me an email!

All the pieces are signed by me (since I did make them :D-kind of like when you buy pottery! LOL!).

I get SO many requests to sell my items, and asked WHAT do you do with them?

Honestly, I package them up in a box and they SIT in a room doing NOTHING. I usually do package up my cards and donate them every few months though!! Now I can get them OUT OF HERE!

Basically everything I make, be it with my templates, for a tutorial, or just for fun (I never re-make anything) will be put into my store and available for purchase!! As soon as I get to it all. Right now I’m focusing on recent items I made.

FINALLY!! I can check off ONE more New Year resolution. I had been wanting to do this for a long time. See I KNEW I’d find something to do with my time while Im bed bound next weekend! LOL!

(Thanks to the PUSHING of my dear friend Paulette who was going to drive me insane if I didn’t get this up & running SOON! Thanks Paulette-you know I LOVE YOU!)

So Check out my NEW!! Etsy Shop –>HERE! I honestly have NO IDEA how to price stuff. I feel so in the dark. I tried to base it off other things I found on Etsy.

On another note:

 Yesterday I was at Stamp New England! It was so fun. Those women  WORE ME OUT! WHEW!!

Ill post photos and videos of that maybe tomorrow. I want to be able to give it proper posting!!! So Im not going into details 😀 I think everyone had fun and I SOOOO enjoyed getting to meet everyone who attended. It was nice to put faces to names.

Hugs to you all and thanks for stopping by.


Since last years Papertrey Ink project using the socks for the “Bun” in the “Oven” project, and now, with the latest release of the actual “Bun in the Oven” template, I am swamped with people asking “How do you make the cupcake out of socks?”

Well I think it is much easier to SHOW you, than it is to explain it, so I posted a video clip to share

Between how easy the box now is with  the the printable template, and this cupcake sock video, you are sure to start whipping up sock favor gifts in no time!

All you need is your Bun in the Oven box template, and 2 pair of socks!


Now you are one your way!

Monday’s with My Time © is here!

I have a UBER cute idea for a gift box using the Newest My Timeless Template © release of Bun in the Oven ©

A you know I think the templates are full of endless possibilities! I so enjoy sharing more and more, even after the releases!

Here is another idea.

Hippity Hop Bunny Box


This is a photo of what we will be making today!

Complete with tail!


Is it not ADORABLE??!!!

More photos are included in video. As are the directions.

Think Easter, Spring, Baby-or ANY TIME just plain adorable box! Change it up  just a smidge and it can be a teddy bear, skunk, cat, dog, and as seen yesterday- even a turtle. Just by switching the colors, and the ears!!! Oh and the TAIL!

All you need to get started is the Bun in the Oven template!

Cardstock of choice

 with Ink of choice-along with some acetate

Some stamps of your choice:

I used-Pond Life, Wise Owl, Everyday Classics, Heart Prints, Borders & Corners Hearts

Punches: I used

2 inch circle, 3/4 and 1/4 inch circle, large heart punch, large & small oval punch


I don’t know what to say, other than I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster of creativity with that particular template. SO many things to be made. Way fun!!

So let the video begin!

NOTE: DO NOT CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS !If you click ON the thumbnails AFTER the video it takes you to the Veoh site. Some of the content there I am told is “R” and “X”rated and you may not want to do that around young children. So if you just watch the video here on my blog, and avoid the thumbnails you should be OK. Not sure WHY they don’t have ONLY stamp related videos pop up, but I guess some aren’t.

Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

I am not responsible for content that links to the videos from the Veoh site.

Thank you D

I had so much fun making this, and I hope YOU do too.

I like to think that these videos on Monday are a bright start to everyone’s week D

As you know on Monday’s I have started my weekly video feature, and I think its going well. I “think” most of you are enjoying it as much as I am. I like making them-just not the other stuff-like editing! LOL! Same as card making. Thats the BEST part-the photographing and stuff is the icky part for me.

I LOVE teaching. Love it. Videos for me, are better than actual classes because there is NO prepping 20 things for anyone.  

Since Im such a TALKER its much easier for me to express everything that way, rather than type a journal here. I could talk paint off a wall if you let me, I swear. I think many of you clearly realize that by now.

I also find that most of you “get it” more than my blah blah blah, step by step photo stuff.

Am I right?

I do want to spice up some of my videos and have some funny ideas for that in the future D So Ill save that, for then.

Thanks for watching the video. I love hearing what you thought, and of course if it inspired you to actually TRY it!!

So thanks for stopping by, and making my day with your words 😀

Till tomorrow

Are you loving the Papertrey Ink Peeks this month?

Just when I think it can’t get better, somehow, someway, it always does.

Well now you have had some peeks at the TRIO of My Timeless Templates © that are being released on the 15th! I really can’t wait  😀

We have :

File it with Flair ©  Captured Card Case ©  and Bun in the Oven ©

Now I hope you are up for MORE ideas using each one. So let me share some more ideas, and show some MORE versatility.

File it with Flair is INSANELY versatile. INSANE! I totally love this template 😀

File it with Flair Goes GIFT BOX?!

Say what!


This is seriously the best gift BOX I have ever seen! LOL!

These colors are inspired by a bathing suit on a TV show Alexa watches called iCarly.


Dark Chocolate, Raspberry  Fizz, Ripe Avocado, Summer Sunset & white.

For today’s peek I printed  2 File it with Flair templates .


2 boxes separately

I used FriendsTil the End set

This is a detail photo


I used Shimmerz to paint it, and added a Making Memories page pebble for dimension.

So one file template is  in chocolate, the other in summer sunset. Cut, scored, and assembled as directed-except when I made the summer sunset one, I cut down the top by 1/4 inch. So, instead of making it FILES boxes, I slide the summer sunset one into the dark chocolate one-and VIOLA! TOTALLY rockin gift box.


Look how the curves make it SO cool looking. This is such a great box for a teen.

NOTE: Just make sure you slide it in the correct way-as shown here


If you slide it in with the (summer sun box) tall end at the top, you get a large gap, amking you think it doesn’t go together. So basically a tall end at top, and tall end at bottom. Just ensure you are putting it together correctly BEFORE stamping ! LOL!

I could go on and on about this box! But I won’t. Instead Ill move on to the next template.

How about another version of the Bun in the Oven template?

Now the previous samples are all cutesy and whimsical. Well, what if YOU aren’t that cutesy type? Can this template STILL be one you would use?

Well I would have to say YES! Of course it can.


Sending you a happy hello…

Well how about an more “elegant sample? I ADORE this box!

Same “oven” template. Can you believe it? I don’t see an OVEN at all, do you?


All I did was round the tab top corners, and instead of using the “oven door” template, I simply made a slider cover (directions for that come with template) instead.

I also punched a window, where I used my Poppin Acetate technique to give the bird some color, and shimmer.


This used the PTI anniversary set-Everyday Classics. I love the paper, but for the LIFE of me cannot remember WHO makes it. Its like 2 years old. It match Aqua Mist perfectly!!


Now you may notice another “difference” with this sample-look at the pretty scalloped base. Doesn’t it make this look like a special display case or a fancy “jewelry” box type of presentation with that added base on it?

I used the largest Label #1 nestability to make my base. I think it gave the template a nice twist. I snipped the edges and adhered with Scor-tape for a sturdy base for the box to be layered onto.

I just love it.

OK now moving onto the third template- Captured Card Case


Have a goodie

As I said before, and I’ll say it again-this isn’t JUST a card case! How about a candy box? These are chocolate cookies, covered in chocolate, and more crushed cookies. TDF!!! I got them at Target 😀 I LOVE Target!

Yes! I did eat a “couple” :C Only the broken the ones!! I gave this box to my dad who came to visit this past weekend.

He LOVED it.


I have to say I LOVE the dual colors for this box template:D Makes a nice presentation, and while simple has a big impact. A great template for mass producing a NICE gift. EASY PEASY!

So I “repackaged” the pre-bought cookies (cause you all know how much I LOVE to cook/bake-NOT!) and now they look so much more special than throwing a box of store bought cookies to a friend-KWIM? I’d much rather spend my time putting thought INTO the gift packaging than MAKING it. If you do both, there goes the whole day! I like to call it TIME MANAGEMENT skills.

I used Wise Owl, Handwritten Note, and Beyond Basic Borders.

I cut my window in my lid PRIOR to assembling!


How cute is that owl?

I outlined my Bridal Confetti flowers with a marker. I like the look.


Well that is all for me.

Check in on Nicholes Blog, as well as Lisa, and Melissa

Tomorrow I have even MORE to share. I have been in creative mode for a week, now you get to SEE what keeps me SOOOOOOO crazy busy the last 2 weeks (on top of family stuff! LOL!)

 Well thank you again for checking in here. All the emails and comments make every second of hard work (heck the time it take to POST alone) all worth it.

I’d love to hear which project is your fave and why!!

Till tomorrow

Hi everyone!

Let the excitement begin!

Before I go on & on in my usual BLABBER, I truly-from the bitty bottom of my heart, want to thank ALL of you. I am always in true awe by the love and support you offer to me, and so many in the stamping community. You know everything about me and my family (much to my husbands dismay! LOL!) You all let me blabber, and offer so much support! You laugh with me, cry with me-all of it. All over the world! You share a piece in my life, every time you check in. When I get ready to post my peeks every month, you all share the joy and excitement too! Its always amazing. I love when YOU all get personal with me too, and leave funny comments-the longer the better(wink), and I crack up. Some of you get me crying too! Anyway-I just really appreciate each and every one of, for all you give to me during my time spent here. I think YOU are all amazing, and YOU inspire me to keep sharing, and just plug along, everyday.

Seriously-huge hugs and THANKS!

Day 1 of the Papertrey Ink sample peeks 😀 I have lots to share daily for the next few days, so don’t miss a day 😀

I’m so beyond excited for today’s post! You have NO IDEA!

I am peeking a set by Melissa Bickford called Wishing You. It is FABULOUS! My new favorite MUST HAVE set ever!

I LOVE tulips-LOVE! My favorite flower 😀 This set is ALL super cool, fun and funky, inter-changeable tulips that are to die for. The sentiments alone ROCK the house. I kid you not! I had to make myself STOP using it.

Normally, monthly Nichole emails us peeks of the release, then posts our assignments. When I saw this set I couldn’t BARE the thought of NOT peeking it! A total Lauren set! LOL! So I immediately begged to let me peek it (this is not a usual occurrence at PTI! LOL!) Im usually a good girl and use what I am assigned, but this had to be an exception.

 I also  get to share a template peek 😀 We are releasing 3 templates this month 😀 Can I get a YAHOO!! One that I have been begged to do for almost a year!

Any guesses?

Well, you will see that one tomorrow.

I can’t wait to show you all the samples I have worked on! I’m just bouncin over here.

But, today I will share a video that features a great project using my FAVORITE set: Wishing You, and my newest My Timeless Template © Captured Card Case ©.

NOTE: DO NOT CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS !If you click ON the thumbnails AFTER the video it takes you to the Veoh site. Some of the content there I am told is “R” and “X”rated and you may not want to do that around young children. So if you just watch the video here on my blog, and avoid the thumbnails you should be OK. Not sure WHY they don’t have ONLY stamp related videos pop up, but I guess some aren’t.

Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

I am not responsible for content that links to the videos from the Veoh site.

Thank you D

Captured card case is a template that easily holds your standard, A2 size cards and envelopes. It is a hinge style box, that is perfect for so many treats! The way this template folds together allows you to use two colors of cardstock, giving you a striking look by having one color for the base, and another for the lid 😀

Here my base is done in True Black, and my lid is done in White


Again, don’t get stuck in the rut of thinking of it as JUST a card case! After today you will see many other uses for it. It will be a go to template for sure. Especially when mass producing gifts, like around the holidays, or for a class, maybe and event?


Now, speaking of “cards” and A2 size, I think we ALL get stuck in the A2 size card RUT!

So today’s video I will show you how to  EASILY  mass produce a UBER cute set of cards (THAT ARE NOT A2 size!) in not time, using the Wishing You set.

 I  also did a step by step tutorial, for my formula, for making your very OWN envelopes (ANY size!) to match your card creations. Includes a “liner” tutorial too.

You can see my “formula” —> here. I have had MANY requests for the VISUAL 😀

I really hope this helps you want to custom make your own envelopes more often. Better yet, try this version to give as a gift in my Captured Card Case ©! How much more fun are little note cards?

Today’s Captured Card Case easily fits my unusual sized cards and custom made envelopes! I think you will love it. Well I hope you do because it took me FOREVER to get this done. My computer deleted my first 2 videos, so I had to re-shoot, re-edit, and the whole nine yards of it. I just don’t have “luck” with this stuff KWIM?

OK onto the project!!

This is the close up of the box top


So I printed, cut, scored and assembled my Captured Card Case, as directed. I then decorated it to match what will be my card/envelope set.

(All this info is on the video, but for written reference) It is a bit overwhelming if you LOOK at the typed up version, but if you watch the video, you will see how SIMPLE it really all is 😀



My finished cards are 2 3/4 X 4 1/4 (fold at top)

You need 2 sheets of 8 1/2 X 11 cardstock in True Black

Score along the 8 1/2 inch side at 4 1/4

Then along the 11 inch side-cut 4 pieces size 2 3/4 (do that for both pieces-giving you 8 card bases total)


1 sheet of white cardstock 8 1/2 X 11

Cut 2 strips (along the 8 1/2 inch side) at 4.
This gives your 2 4 X 11 strips.

Punch a scallop border, along one side of each strip.

Cut strips at 2 1/2. You will get 4 per strip (8 total)


Stamp flower bud in Pure Poppy Ink

Flower buds in Summer Sunrise

Stamp stem in Ripe Avocado


Now punch a zig zag border from Bitty Dots 2008 paper in Ripe Avocado.

Cut down to 3/4 X 8 inches. You will need 4 strips.


Now cut 4 – 1/8 of an inch X 8 1/2 inch strips from true black cardstock, and layer onto bottom of zig zag “grass” border.

Layer these pieces, onto bottom of stamped layer, trimming excess.


Stamp sentiment in True Black ink


Layer completed mats onto black card bases using dimensionals


8 Uber cute cards 😀




Now for the mini envelopes-made using my formula

Envelope Paper Size Formula

1. Measure size of your finished card

2. Length of card plus 1 1/4″ = Width of Paper

3. Width of Card x 2 plus 1/2 of the width = Length of paper



I like to use PrintWorks photo paper in Matte finish (30 sheets for $4.99=0.16 a sheet=0.66 for our project envy cost!)

Cut photo paper 4 X 11 ( I left excess due to the type of curvy cut at the top)

Along the 4 inch side score at 1/2 inch then 3 1/2

Along 11 inch side score at 3, then 7 1/2.

Trim off excess on side from top and bottom panel.

Use corner rounder to round top sides of middle panel.

Placing the broken border part of the coluzzle ON the top flap score line-Use largest curve of coluzzle to round top flap.

For patterned paper insert-cut 2 3/4 X 4

Along 2 3/4, align coluzzle to top of patterned piece, Cut 2nd largest circle curve.

Mat into envelope, leaving even border.

Apply adhesive to bottom side flaps.

Fold in side panels, and adhere bottom flap to sides.

Apply Scor-Tape to end of closure (leaving protective layer on) for future use.



Insert cards and envelopes into the Captured Card Case-perfect fit

 Now they are ready to be presented to someone special 😀


Aren’t they adorable?!


Now the stamp set, and template will not release until the 15th at Papertrey Ink

Be sure to check out Nichole & Melissa’s Blog for more samples! 

Tomorrow I will share MORE  template samples, and reveal the other 2 templates we are releasing!

I’d LOVE to know what you thought of today’s post/video!

I get so excited this time of the month 😀

Also, let me know if you give any of it a go-OK!

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