I’m happy to announce my very own Etsy Shop-My Time-less Little Treasures

I am specializing in ONE OF A KIND gifts and gift packaging! FINALLY! I ordered a BUNCH of stuff today to expand my collection of GIFTS and not just packaging items. I will be adding cards in there are well. I may take requests for cutsomized packages-not sure yet. Im pretty busy.

I am STILL in the process of uploading all my CRAP to sell, so keep checking in if you are interested. If I made something you are interested in and not yet posted-shoot me an email!

All the pieces are signed by me (since I did make them :D-kind of like when you buy pottery! LOL!).

I get SO many requests to sell my items, and asked WHAT do you do with them?

Honestly, I package them up in a box and they SIT in a room doing NOTHING. I usually do package up my cards and donate them every few months though!! Now I can get them OUT OF HERE!

Basically everything I make, be it with my templates, for a tutorial, or just for fun (I never re-make anything) will be put into my store and available for purchase!! As soon as I get to it all. Right now I’m focusing on recent items I made.

FINALLY!! I can check off ONE more New Year resolution. I had been wanting to do this for a long time. See I KNEW I’d find something to do with my time while Im bed bound next weekend! LOL!

(Thanks to the PUSHING of my dear friend Paulette who was going to drive me insane if I didn’t get this up & running SOON! Thanks Paulette-you know I LOVE YOU!)

So Check out my NEW!! Etsy Shop –>HERE! I honestly have NO IDEA how to price stuff. I feel so in the dark. I tried to base it off other things I found on Etsy.

On another note:

 Yesterday I was at Stamp New England! It was so fun. Those women  WORE ME OUT! WHEW!!

Ill post photos and videos of that maybe tomorrow. I want to be able to give it proper posting!!! So Im not going into details 😀 I think everyone had fun and I SOOOO enjoyed getting to meet everyone who attended. It was nice to put faces to names.

Hugs to you all and thanks for stopping by.