I didn’t post yesterday beause I have tons to do and needed a BLOG BREAK!

The kids begin vacation today-so that means the start of little stamp time for me, since I want to go DO STUFF with them, so we don’t ALL go insane, being in the house. Especially with nice weather coming! Lots of deadlines, so that mean PRIORITIES!! So blogging wasn’t on that list yesterday.

No worries I have gotten lots done for next week-as I have so much to share! NEW RELEASES COMING!! So brace your pocketbooks people 😀

In the meantime I have a fun project to share using the NEW! Spring Release from JustRite Stampers called Demi Phrases

A fun spin on a easy gift!

Thanks a Latte Gift set peek


I so love those 1/2 circle sentiments, and the fact that they can be put into various of the JRS blocks for various looks.

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 OK back to the post info!

Thanks a latte-gift set


So here is my gift, packaged up all purty!

Who wouldn’t get excited by this?! I would!

Now you may wonder-WHAT is inside…….


OK I have to say I LOVE my bow! LOL! It has 4 ribbon curls. Not a good photo-but again  just had to point it out.


Do you have a cocoa, coffee or tea drinker in your life? Raise your hand! LOL!

(if not you can just use the tin and package up something else that tickles your fancy!)

I am a HUGE coffee person-HUGE! So I thought this would make a fun gift.


 I stamped my Demi-Phrases , in black ink, on 2 pieces of white cardstock.

The coffee cup is by Gel-A-Tins(and OMW! Upon linking the site I NEED more!!! WOWZERS! Check them out!)

 I found a set here Coffee Break. I stamped, colored and cut out the cup for a 3D effect.

 I then used the Labels 3 die to cut out 2 labels for my coffee tin. LOVE IT!!!!


Both sides of this tin are decorated the same. I like everything to have a “finished” look. You can’t see any seams either!

I used Black & White basics for my paper, and black gingham ribbon

I wanted to package some French Vanilla Coffee Drink Mix from- General Foods International, since I am addicted to ADDING it to my coffee, for a nice “latte” kind of taste to it. I love the little tins too. WAY CUTE.

Now I know its a coffee drink mix-but if you try this!

I have a Keurig- s0 I put in 3 scoops of the mix in my cup, with 3 Splenda, and my fat free cream. I then brew my Dunkin Dounuts coffee into the cup, and it give a very rich, creamy awesomeness to my coffee! LOL! I like the sugar-free one-less calories 😀 But it us YUM-AZING!!!  Try it!

OK off track there. Sorry!!

My colors were taken from the container colors.

I took the directions on the coffee tin, and using my computer-printed them onto a adhesive sheet , cut, and adhered it to the bottom of the can, so the recipient knows what flavor the coffee mix is, and how to mix it! Plus it looks nice too.

I wanted it to be SPECIAL though! Not just a wrapped can of coffee mix. So I went the extra step and made it a set that I LOVE!

How about coffee and a treatlet?  I took some pre-wrapped (4 of them) White Chunk Macadamia Nut Cookies, and inserted them into theLolli-Pop Along base, for a yummy surprise 😀 They are wrapped so it preserves freshness! Oh and I despise cooking, so its easier than home-made, but you could add your own home-baked cookies too!


Here they are in the base. All 4 with a bit of room.

Now we slide it into the template.

NOTE: I did alter the template a bit to fit my project 😀 

 I made my base 3 inches deep instead of 2.

 Same for insert.


SO I turned the base of cookies-which are tied in nicely, and turned it up-side-down, so my coffee tin can sit on it.


I just slid it into myLolli-Pop Along base.

Now put the coffee tin on the top of that…


Viola! Awesome gift wrap!

This is  a peek through the window on the front of gift set . I love it


I  have been wanting to use it again, for a while.It turned out to be PERFECT for this gift set.

I decorated the front to look similar to a coffee bag. Mission accomplished.


Just another photo to share. I took a bajillion!

Now isn’t that s SUPER presentation, of a SIMPLE gift, that is very inexpensive?! Seriously! I love this craft!!

Can you tell?! LOL!

Funny I love packaging stuff but I LOATHE wrapping presents! I like UNWRAPPING them though 😀 I just think its strange how I love packaging but not wrapping gifts. You should see how SLOPPY something comes out if I wrap it. You can totally tell it was a LABOR of love! LOL!

I have been creating up a storm so come back to see what else I have for you! OK!!

So that is it my friends!

Till tomorrow 😀

Cross your fingers I get my videos taped too! Lots to share with ya

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