OK this is UBER quick!

Looks like my “cold” took a nasty turn. I have a nice little fever going, and found out Im battling a double ear infection, so I need to lay down. All of the sudden I started with horrible stabbing pain in my ears. Gotta love it. This is only my 2nd ear infection in my life, so I feel fortunate for that. Good news is the kids are getting better and are on the mend.

Tomorrow I will get to rest since Jay will be home-thank goodness 😀 I just pray my brothers girlfriend doesn’t go into labor YET! Not till Im better 😀 I can’t be near a new baby, let alone IN the delivery room when I am sick!

I made this last night-in attempt to help with the release peeks. Mojo isn’t happy or working when I feel so lousy. I have TRIED for days to get creative buy my ickiness isn’t allowing any creativity to flow.

I had to use this image though from AmyR’s set Warm & Cozy-since I could use a comfy robe and some tea 😀

The set is due for release Monday Feb 2nd.


You can see peeks of it from the ATS Design Team HERE

I colored the robe, then doodled on the flower/leaf pattern to match my Making Memories paper.

Just a simple card-to give you a peek.

I do have a cute peek for tomorrow and its the Saturday Sketch.

I can tell you it WILL be late. I need to rest.

Thanks for checkin in