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To have and to hold…

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Don’t miss the peeks! All That Scraps is having another release! Check out the blog daily. You will see more peeks from the upcoming release, and enter to win the set shown each day. This months release is on the 5th! So stay tuned.

The set I am featuring tonight is by AmyR and is called Wedding Day & Wedding Day sentiments.


I used some gorgeous shimmery paper, and vellum from WorldWin Papers!!

Here is a close up view of the Wedding gown all done with vellum and my cuttlebug embossing folders 😀


Here is a close up of the Tux!


I have to run, but I hope you enjoy the sample 😀 DOn’t forget to check the blog! Lots of great ideas there.

Happy New Year! Now what will it bring for you?

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I want to say Happy New Year to each and every one of you!


How is THAT for a BRIGHT family photo. Flash mode is a killer! I was going to b&w but this was certainly more festive!

Here we are, last photo of 2008

Amber 4-and like a mini me. She is so girly and grown up for 4. She and I do lots of things together that Alexa isn’t interested in-like shopping :D. Amber is my little side kick. Growing way too quickly for me. She is little creative creature who is girly one minute and wanting to watch foot ball with dad the next.

 Alexa 9-healthy and Cancer FREE! Thank GOD!! I remember thinking she may never see another Christmas at times. Here she is, her favorite time of year. Hair growing. She is amazing to me and inspires me everyday! She is my little artist. She likes reading and writing stories. Maybe she will be a writer when she is older. I’m amazed at how well she does with it. I think back to all the awful things they told me my life would be like, being a young mom and having a child with Down Syndrome, and I get mad. I would have missed out on the most amazing things in the world if I didn’t have Alexa. If more people in the world saw things as she did it would be an amazing thing.

 Me 30 and over 45lbs lighter .I haven’t checked, but definitely lost more weight over the holiday, and am 5 pant sizes smaller! In only 20 weeks. I’m not done. I’m still staying on a healthy lifestyle. Who says you can’t lose weight after 3 kids and tons of stress eatting! LOL! I really am proud of myself, and am loving 30. Much better than 20! I have so much to be thankful for-really. 2009 is going to be fabulous!

 Jay 31-This is the best man on the planet! He is the most amazing, patient, loving, and supportive husband/dad. I feel like I won the lottery when I met Jason. He loves me for who I am. That says a lot! LOL! He accepted Alexa as his own, and has always been there for me every step of the way. He spent hours on Christmas morning taking toys out of packages, putting things together, 100 stickers on Amber’s doll house, and playing with all their new toys with them. He is just amazing. I can never say enough about him.

 Noah 6 -who is a entire head taller than his older sister! He is the caretaker of the family. I always think of him as the older child, and have to remember he isn’t. He is such a great brother to hi s sisters, and really watches out for them. He is into his boy stuff, but loves crafts with mom! He is so creative too. I love everything he makes. He is so sensitive, and considerate. He always makes me laugh and has so much energy. He is going to turn into a great man some day. I have a very special place in my heart for Noah. Its different that the girl thing. I feel like I am watching Jason as he grew up, and if he is 1/2 the man Jason is someone will be lucky.

Here is Daisy in her Santa Dress! She wasn’t too happy with me 😀 But it was so cute. She kept trying to rip it off, so that is why she didn’t make the family photo! LOL!


 Daisy is one now, and we have had her a year. She is a cockapoo, and only 14lbs full grown (I always get asked that). She is the best dog ever. Great size too, and fabulous with the kids and the cats/other animals. Biggest issue is peeing with excitement when people come over, and jumping on them when they come in. That isn’t a good thing, but not horrible. I’m so happy we have her in our family. She still follows me around everywhere in the house, and spends as much time in my stamp room as I do, keeping my feet warm!

Our cats-boy are they wallet suckers! Our boy cat Moo-Moo has cost us more money and stress this year, than anything! LOL! The other 2 girls are fine, thankfully.

Then there is my brother and Valerie, and soon to be baby Gabriella! They are suppose to be moving on the 7th! Cross your fingers for us please 😀 I can’t wait to meet my niece. I get to be in the delivery room! She is due Feb 5th. Pray for a healthy, happy baby!

As I rang in the new year, I reflected on 2008, and have to say it was a FABULOUS year! I always get emotional when that ball drops.

Alexa completed her Chemo, and is doing amazing-who could ask for more?

My children are growing into great kids-

Our dog Daisy has been a great addition to our family-

I was able to start doing something I LOVE-My Timeless Templates, which seeing other people love, and use is beyond amazing. The entire thing is just a dream come true, and I pour every ounce I have into it, and love every second. How many people have a job they truly love? Plus doing it while home with my children is such a bonus.

I was able to find some time to give back to others. That feels great.

And I was able to FINALLY have a New Year where my primary goal  wasn’t wishing I could lose weight! YEAH!! Im on shaping up mode, and love shopping for new clothes.

Life is so good. I am excited to see what 2009 holds.

I really hope TODAY will be your TOMORROW! You have a clean slate to start with. I always make a list of goals and wishes/dreams. I keep it in view so I am always aware of what I want to do.

The important thing is to also have a plan on HOW you are going to put those goals/dream/wishes into reality. Dreaming is wonderful, but nothing is going to fall in your lap. If you want something you have to be willing to work hard to get it.

Maybe you have simple goals. Maybe you want to get organized? I spent the last few days re-organizing my stamp room, and cleaning it up a bit. Boy did that get my mojo in high gear! WOW! I love cleaning and organizing things.

I will share my goals for the New Year, and hope you will too.

My goals for 2009-

Enjoy my children, and time with my husband. Really live for today.

Continue to exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle-everyday! Pamper myself more :D) I love excersing daily now. I feel great.

Be a good example for my children  in all areas, always. Be it exercising to volunteering, I want them to be well rounded. I want to raise kind, loving and giving children. Being a parent is so hard, in the end I want to know I did something right. I have off days, and I hope those don’t over shadow the good!

MAYBE design my own stamps! I have had so much interest from all you asking WHEN I would do this. Maybe its time. I’m not sure. I really love the template more, and want to continue to pursue that avenue, but I may branch out-so watch out! I pray I have the $$ and time to learn the software I need to get started. I had ideas for how I would want my things to look, but an no artist there. I’m a better designer with other people’s stuff than my own.

Open my own Etsy shop! I think its time I had a place to sell my creations I have made with my templates and other items. MANY people have also asked about this, and I hope over the next few months I can get started on that. I also want to take custom orders and things, but not sure if my time will allow that, just yet. Its on the list-so we shall see.

Actually SEND the cards I make (this is another goal I have yearly and it never happens! Tomorrows post will share more on that-actually sending stuff!)

Get this CRAZY video thing figured out by the end of the week! I want to do more video stuff here to help, and get more “in touch” with you all! I had hoped for my video, but honestly haven’t had much time to mess with that!

Actually answer my emails! I have over 300 sitting in there right now, and just haven’t had a minute.

I would LOVE to hear your goals for the new year! I don’t like the word resolution. I like to think of it as something you want to work on! So I call them goals instead.

Now I will share some more weight-loss stuff since that is general “goal” we all have for the New Year! Health is so important and I have definitely gotten a lot of responses to this area when I have talked about it. Maybe there is something here that will help you.

My Time’s Tips for a healthier 2009!

I have talked very openly about my recent weight loss goals and struggles. Its NOT easy.

This post isn’t about a quick fix. Its about an overall healthy lifestyle. All you have to do is WANT it.

Be positive! You CAN do it. You can do anything you set your mind too. Truly. Its not too late. Its never too late to start taking better care of yourself.

If getting in shape were easy, then everyone would be in top shape. It’s a constant work in progress. You have to live it everyday. Not just a few weeks, or going on a “diet”. Diets are short term, and often involve cutting something major out-like carbs. We actually need all food groups-in moderation. You cut something like carbs out 100% then the second you have them back you will blow right back up! Its about daily life changes. Something you stick to, so all your hard work can be maintained. Eatting in moderation. I can’t stress that enough.


Before I begin let me tell you that the first 3 weeks are the worst. Getting use to making time to work out, putting your plans into action, and cutting out some of the bad food and the cravings is hard. You CAN do. Just overcome ONE obstacle at a time. Don’t look at tomorrow, focus on TODAY, and doing everything you can to make today better.

Like I said before, I’m just like you! No personal trainer, no dietician. I have 3 kids and a busy life. You don’t need to join a gym, or have a trainer, and get expensive equipment. I did all of this from my own living room.

We all have to start somewhere! So go to the store and get a few inexpensive items. All the items you need to get fit at home cost less than a gym!

I say get a DVD that interests you and give it a try. It won’t be easy!!! Its suppose to kick your butt! I have made suggestions HERE before as to what has helped me. I say get what you like and suits your needs. You may even be able to rent some! Then if you really like them make the purchase. Your library may have some as well!

I have also enjoyed The Biggest Loser DVD’s. The Cardio Sculpt one is fabulous!! As I said before I LOVE Jillian Michaels 30 Day shred, and really helped me shed some more of that hard to lose last few lbs. The Mitch Gaylord one though was what really got me where I am today.

I think getting a mat for the floor is a good investment for your back and floor exercises, and some handweights. Start with 2 or 3 lbs.

I also have a weight band, and have gotten some other equipment but that isn’t necessary stuff. I like to mix up my workouts. Its important to NOT get bored!

When you work out at home it doesn’t matter what the weather is, or if you have time to drive to the gym! So go for it.

By just making better decisions you are on your way. Instead of that fried chicken go for baked or grilled. Instead of 2 pieces of pizza eat ONE! etc.

Trust me I don’t know any more than you do about all this. I’m just putting common sense into action.


I think you need to figure out what motivates you. What is your motivation for getting healthier? What road blocks have stopped you before. Get rid of the negative “I can’t” attitude. You CAN and WILL! Just read my other post here. Push past those road blocks and just do it.

Also identify what motivates you to eat badly. Is it stress, boredom? Do you not eat all day then are starving? Stay on top of your hunger. Then you won’t blow it on a handful of chips or cookies.

Get motivated and get moving!

Obviously activity is the key to losing weight. ANYTHING you can do to increase your activity level is great. No excuses. If you can find 20 minutes on the computer you can find 20 minutes to some sort of physical activity. Take a brisk walk around the block even. ANYTHING is better than nothing. I work out literally everyday now, because now I love it and I want to!


Set realistic goals, and only look at it as one pound at a time. If you gained 20 lbs overnight you’d just DIE! You aren’t going to lose it that easy either. It is hard work.

Keep track of your progress. Be mindful of what you are doing and eatting, always.

Keep a journal or track your progress. I used our calendar to know how many weeks I had been working out. I filled out my weeks to the end of the year! There is NO stopping 😀 Write down what you eat if you want. Or just keep track of activity. Get a friend involved for support if you can. Ask people in your home to make you accountable, especially at a function where yoiu may want 2 full plates of food,  just because its there-and delicious and that is what you do at a BBQ! You don’t really NEED it.

Eat to live, not live to eat.

Don’t beat yourself up!

If you do slip up or whatever, don’t blow all your progress on ONE oops! Just do better the next meal. AND if you are making an oops, don’t got for seconds!


You can make any meal and make it healthier! Go fat free, or low fat. If you aren’t use to those items you will slowly get use to them over time. Try 1/2 full fat, and other 1/2 low fat/fat free if its a big issue. Before you know it you will love Skim milk! LOL!

Eat Breakfast!

This is a major thing most of us don’t do. Its actually WORK for me to eat breakfast. Im just not hungry. But its like gas for your car. You need to fire up your metabolism, and breakfast is very important. You will feel better when you actually start the day with something to eat.


This is huge factor in gaining weight. CONTROL your portions! You can eat what you want in MODERATION.

 I eat on a kid size plate. When I go out to eat I automatically take 1/2 off my plate, and have them package it to go home with me. When you are eatting ANYTHING watch the portion size. Its usually smaller than you think.

Have easy healthy snacks on hand! So when you are hungry you can just grab a healthy option.

The 100 cal packs are great quick choices, fresh fruits another great choice. Measure a serving size of your large bagged snack foods and package them into snack zip lock bags. You can mindlessly eat handfuls of something when youa re hungry.

Water, water, water!

 Its good for you,  fills you up, and keeps you hydrated. Your skin will glow if you drink lots of water, and it reduces the sign of wrinkles!

Don’t eat after 7pm!

That is a biggie. We often eat out of boredom, and anything that goes in your mouth after 7 will usually go right to those hips! Try your best to NOT eat after that time.

Snack healthy!

I find that I need to stay on top of my hunger in order to eat well. That means eat when I am hungry, before I get to starving and mindlessly grabbing whatever is in my face when I open the cabinet door.

Top thing to avoid

anything FRIED, Smothered, or in Alfredo sauce! LOL! Those are all really bad.

Supersizing! NO!!! Don’t do that. If you do ahve fast food just make a better choice as I said. GRILLED, no SAUCE! Those sauces on sandwiches are packed with empty calories. If you really want fries get the kid size stuff instead.

Anything “gourmet”!  

 Chocolate/sweets in moderation.

AND-Just because it says fat free doesn’t mean its OK! Its usually high in sugar, which them turns to fat. You eat too many of fat free anything its not good for you.

Fresh fruits and veggies are always a great choice. NO DIP!

Bottom line-eat everything in moderation, get moving and you will get losing 😀

That concludes my new year goals post!

I hope you find time to share your tips, goals or whatever else you can here!

Happy New Year!

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