You didn”t actually think I’d let the day go by without a post now did you?! 

Oh boy, oh boy! have I been a busy girl! My head is spinning with ideas 😀

I am working on MORE templates, and my projects for the next reveal! I think I just developed my best one yet! HAPPY DANCE!!

I have so many things I want to share all at once but not real time to do that-yet!! Plus Im loving this whole video thing! My last one (you haven’t seen it yet) was SO much easier! And Im only on #3!!

Many of you asked about Veoh. Well Veoh allows me to post LONGER videos! Me being long winded. I like that 😀 I am getting a feature enabled here soon, so YOU can ALL see them HERE! So that will be exciting.

I so hope you don’t get sick of “me”, and seeing ideas using my templates, because believe you me-I have a ton of ideas.

I promised before the holiday that I would share with you another version of what you can do with the base template from the Lolli-pop Along ©. You may remember —>THIS POST. I told you that you could also switch it up to be for Valentines Day!

So here it is


P.S. i love you. (and giving Dove chocolates, believe me they will love you back! LOL)

How sweet -literally- is that?!

Raspberry Fizz is my newest FAVORITE color! Im beyond in love with it. Pair it with chocolate, and we have HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!

Taking the colors from my YUM-A-LICIOUS Dove raspberry chocolates, I made this box from my Lolli-pop Along © base.

That is the thing with my templates. SO many uses 😀

I LOVED the bucket image from the Love Songs set. The hearts are suppose to be piled up on the cake stand, but I stamped them into my bucket and trimmed out.


 I used a heart nestability, and added some acetate to create my window.

Now you get a peek at the yumminess you are about to embark into.

Isn’t that so cute.

OK one last photo, then I’m off.


I am working on a project and would LOVE to hear little treats that you WISH you had a cute packaging for OR would like to see me use in an upcoming template-made all cute!

Thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate all the love & support you give me-believe me, it means the world to me.

 You all rock!