Well guess who just got another video done! Whoot! Whoot!

Its all videographed, now I just need to do photos and editing. I can’t wait, because the Birthday Card Box Organizer came out SOOOOO pretty-IMO!

Thank you all for sharing the excitment with me 😀

Its cool to be able to share with your HOW the templates work! So I hope you all enjoy it when the time comes 😀 Seeing them in action !! I’m really so proud of that line 😀

My goal with My Timeless Templates © is to give you a inexpensive way to create great gifts, and an easy jump start on packaging your items, so that you can spend as much, or as little time focusing on the details and designing it to suit your project/style.

Some of you like to cut back on your time even MORE by simply replicating a design idea you have already seen.

Well if you want QUICK and EASY PEASY then this is the post for you!!

This was my concept project for the Take Along Tote ©, so I thought I’d share it with you today.

My Friend Take Along Tote ©


This is the front view. This holds 8 simple cards.

I love the clean and simple look this has. The BIG pop is the use of the page pebble in the flower center, everytime the image is used.

This gift set uses the leaf pattern from Wise Owl, and the flower from Floral Frenzy.

The cardstock/ink are white, spring moss, berry sorbet, sweet blush.

Berry sorbet polka dot ribbon, and patterned paper-pink patterned

But you know me by now that the back is *just* as important!


Now the back is designed just like the front, and it hold 8 stamped envelopes to match!

This is the side view


Butterfly punch is from Martha Stewart.

Now the inside is perfect because it holds a Legal not pad, cut to fit-and wrapped to match (of course)


It featured the same design as my cards.

Here are my notecards/envelope design.


Very clean and simple! Great for when you are tight on time, or have much to make!!

Speaking of tight on time, I need to RUN!

Just wanted to do a quick post done today for ya (wink).

Thanks for looking 😀

Till tomorrow.