No eye candy today 

OK this is late in the day, but Im lucky to even squeeze this in. Not to bore you with the details but its been a while (thankfully) since my house has been THIS crazy.

I have 3 sick kids-

Alexa -JUNKY icky cough. Disgusting nose. She is doing good though, so Im crossing my fingers for her.

Noah-Croup as of 2 am. I hate croup. Its very scary, and just plain rotten

Amber-Poor Amber. She has gotten sick a lot this school year. Bronchitis and a double ear infection. At the doctors till 9pm last night!!!!!!Nasty harsh persistent coough that won’t quit and has kep ME up since Friday, and random hgh fevers :C No meds are helping.

She is VERY good when she is sick. Just wants cuddling

Me-exhausted, stressed, sore throat, headache, and body aches.


Oh did I mention all the snow heading our way tomorrow?

All I need is ONE night of sleep, and I’ll be refreshed.

I hope!

OK so I need to post the challenge posted in the Pink Cat Studio forums

so here you go! LOVE Challenge!

Looks fun. I hope I get to give it a try one day soon.

Sorry to be a downer-I’m wiped.

I will say NOT getting to stamp has put my brain in oeverdrive and I have lots of ideas brewing in my head now 😀

OK now I need to get back to the family.

Have fun with the challenge