You know it has to end with Loves me right?!

Well its Sunday and I am preparing to record my next video. I really am having fun-minus editing! LOL! If I got this down I’d do one everyday! 😀 That may get old though, and Im sure you’d get sick of it. So no worries there. Plus its very time consuming. I so appreciate the feedback though-so thank you again. You are all helping me improve by leaps and bounds with your suggestions.

I also have to get ahead on some projects that are due because my brothers baby is due any time now and i am going to be IN the delivery room. I can’t even wait. I’ve been baby shopping like crazy!! I already bought some mini frames to that once she is named I can make a frame for each letter of her name, and plan on using the Rachelle Anne Miller Spring line of animals with each letter! OMG! Wait till you see them and my finished project! I don’t have anything in INK yet, since they have wavered on her name. I know what that is like because Amber was going to be Rebecca. I didn’t really settle on that name since I also loved Brielle, and Lily (now our cats name! LOL!) so I’m impatiently waiting 😀

Anyway-I want to share anotherJustRite Stampers project since you have now SEEN how easy they are to work with.  I also wanted to tell you what I REALLY think you need to use your alpha’s successfully, since I didn’t get what I should have (IMO) the first time.

If you get any alpha sets you should get the Harmony Classic Rectangle block set. 2 blocks come in the set. This will let you spell out lots of great stuff, without be made to use JUST a circle/oval block. After that important purchase, the rest is deciding what fonts you want! LOL!

So upon starring at my wall of Prima’s I decided that I should use them in a card.

This was my thought:


In Ruby Red, Dark Chocolate, and Ripe Avocado-with a May Arts olive ribbon.

I always loved the sentiment : Loves Me, Loves Me not, Loves Me.

I don’t have ANY stamps that say that, so I made my own using the New Times Roman upper/lowercase font. I’m so happy they are offering a upper/lower combo now. I enjoy making my own sentiments. I also like how they layer into the grooved blocks so I get PERFECT alignment and spacing.

OK back to the card-a close up

I knew I wanted a Prima next to each sentiment-so I staggered my wording.


I stamped Loves me not first, then removed the “not” and stamped my Loves Me.

When cutting my Prima petals, its suppose to be like the same flower-so the first one had one petal cut.

The second one I cut 2 petals. Upon doing that I saw that they could look just like a heart!

So for my last sentiment-it is suppose to be like the 2 petals above, layered together to form a heart-Loves Me.

Isn’t that pretty?

I had fun with it.

For my Prima’s I just layered 2 punched paper flowers, sponged for my centers, and a little blign rhinestone.

Finished with a light color spritzing and was DONE!

So that’s it! Quick post today.

I hope you like this and it sparks some ideas for you as well.

Thanks for reading.