Hi everyone!

Boy have I been scrambling to get some cool samples ready for you this week as we have ourPapertrey Ink countdown! Countdowns, for me are now busier than ever as I work hard to design my projects, as well as share some sample ideas daily, using my monthly release of My Timeless Templates. If you are new to my templates-read all about them here! AND make sure you try the 2 FREE downloads 😀

If you have tried them, thank you! I get so excited with each release, and seeing what you all do truly makes my day.

This month is another exciting one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Introducing my newest template from My Timeless Templates ©! 


It is called the Take Long Tote© This template will be available for purchase on the 15th.

It is a perfect holder for all those beautiful cards we all make! With 2 pockets to hold your cards/envelopes or whatever else you can dream up, it the perfect tote for anyone. YES!  This fits your standard A2 size creations.

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This template works perfectly for this months stamp set release, which I am so excited to be peeking today as well, called Simply Stationery. It was designed by Candice. It is a set that is so up my alley, as I adore making card/stationery sets for people. (Justa in case you didn’t notice.)

This set I made was created using the DELUXE Stationery Kit. I hope you like it.

 You can never have too many card holders. As the days go on I will of course give you other ideas for this template too.

Stationery and cards are always the perfect gift, that keeps on giving. Having a perfect, easy to make package, to coordinate is a huge bonus, and really completes the package. It is so nice to have a variety of ways to present/store all your beautiful creations.

I decided use Black, Pure Poppy , Ripe Avocado, and white . 

Now upon looking at this set, one of the images caught my eye. It is a flower-like flourish. To me, it was just like my favorite flower-a tulip. I had to use it as my main focus.

Close up view of the tag


 My tag uses one of the sentiments in the stationery set.

Now the “with appreciation” is from Mixed Messages. The circle border is from Borders & Corners.

I added the flower element to tie the set together. I love how it can showcase your gift set is handmade.

Now inking my flower with dual inks was very easy.

I inked just the stem in Ripe Avocado ink.


Then I used the shape of the ink pad to ink just my blossom in Pure Poppy.


Stamped where desired. It went very quickly.


Now for the tag part.

I made my tag using the Labels 1 nestability, and a rectangle scallop border!

Here is a visual:


My white stamped tag was about 1 1/2 inches wide, then I die cut it.

Layered the tag piece, with the scallop border for the bottom. Punched a hole, and had a elegant tag for my stationery set.

Getting an elegant tag is easy peasy!

This is a side view of the Take Along Tote ©


As you can see, it has 2 pockets. One on the front, and one on the back. The choice of 2 is of course optional.

The front panel holds my stationery sheets from the Deluxe Stationery Kit. I folded mine in 1/2 like a card.

Here are the cards out of the pocket-


As you may notice I did a scalloped panel. I stamped the flower along that panel for a pretty simple touch.

I TRULY love this set

 Now the back panel -this holds my stamped envelopes to match.


See the envelope corner?

A stamped envelope is a little touch that can really make a big difference.

Here is a closer view of the card set all tied together: simple elegance


Now un-clip the top of the tote, and inside you can hold even MORE fun items.

Note: I just added 2 punched circles, stamped to match to make my clip (by making memories-as are the page pebbles that are in the center of my “with appreciation elements) a perfect closure for my tote. You can always punch a handle in the tote, or use ribbon etc, as you will see over the next few days here.

Tote open to reveal inside storage


I decorated the little tin to match, to hold stamps for mailing.

Inside this one I decided I would cover a note pad (I got a set of 6 at Staples for about $2). It has a magnetic closure. Designed to match perfectly, of course!! Very easy. This will help someone jot down any important reminders and such.


 I also included a pen in the set as well, with a little cardstock pen holder to match.

Isn’t that a nice surprise? Not only do you have two pockets as an option, but you can open it up for another great surprise, and more storage!

Well, that is it for me . I had so much fun making this. I hope you enjoyed my peek at the new stamp set, and md my latest template release!


I love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment if you want a chance to win my completed project featured in todays post!

For more peeks make sure you check out Nichole’s blog!