OK right now I want to throw my camcorder equipment out the window!

I have my first intro video-sort of a “tester” done, and edited (very amateur!) and can’t figure anything else out! GRR! I need to upload it somewhere, and then figure it out from there. Im so not computer savvy, so this is becoming a bigger deal than it should be, I am sure. I know this talk is getting old, but Im going insane, and wasting so much time, its ridiculous. Done for today :C That took up way too much of my time.

 Well in a happier note-C.C. Designs is having their release tonight at 10pm! Don’t miss out on them.

Check—>the blog <—for you chance to win.

Now for my sample 😀


Lots of love-

This is the GingerSnaps Hey Cupid set.

I adore the mushroom girl the most. She is just beyond cute.

Well I hope you can attend their release party tonight at 8pm on the forum–> HERE!

Im off to the doctor with Amber. She has a weird rash that is rapidly spreading!!!!!!!!! EEEK!!!!!!!!!!

So I’m off-