WOW! What a CRAZY day it has been. I am going to wait till tomorrow for my sketch. Im so sorry if you are waiting. Im am just drained today. In a good way. So much to take in. While I have known about the DT position, FINALLY revealing it, feels so FREEING!

First let me say THANK YOU so very much for the amazing compliments given on my news for becoming part of the PTI Design Team, and my Baby Bouquet.

I put alot of time and effort into that gift, and the comments truly made my day!

As for the PTI Design Team-its also nice feeling accepted by all of you who visit. I was so worried about it.

I readevery comment (ALWAYS) and was so touched that each of you took the time to look, and say some of the nicest things, ever! Each one has made my day! You all mean so much to me. REALLY. Where would I be without other stamp addicts? LOL!

As for the baby bouquet-it was trial an error, and now that I have it figured out, I think it would be relatively easy to reproduce 😀 Its always hard the first time when you implement an idea. Sometimes its fast, other times-not so much.

As far as inquiries for me selling them-WOW! Don’t even know what to say. I wouldn’t know where to even begin pricing, and don’t know that I have all the time to create so many. I think if I did price them, they may be on the higher end for baby gifts. Think rich people and boutique’s! LOL!

I presented it to my friend, and she immediately poked and pulled it apart! LOL! (Insert shocked face). Oh well. I had fun making it. It was meant to use.

On to other things I guess…..

Now another thing you may not have seen-My article on Craft Critique —-> HERE! Its for the Making Memories tag maker/rims. I know several of you have asked for that-so there you go!

OK till tomorrow-

I have a bunch to do because we have people coming over for the Patriots game.

Im not into sports but hey 18-0 is pretty  impressive. So with that I say GO PATS!