to your nearest Michaels.

On a shopping excursion to M’s, I was browsing the dollar spot, and-right next to it, found these babies!


Look familiar?

Well, if you are saying DUH! Its says right on the package Decorative Accents-that obviously go in your candle holder/vase’s then you are SO WRONG!

These are JUST like the Robin’s Nest Dew Drops! I mean EXACTLY! same size and everything. Only for an entire bag of these you will only pay $3.99!!

I was tipped off to these during my blog browsing (which is not very often :C), so if you know who originally made this find-post it here!

I had to see for myself. YUP! They are exactly the same.

You see I got the pink/purple variety, green variety, and clear-so I can use my Copic marker’s to color them whatever color I want 😀 They also had a blue variety. No need for that.

Now the bag was rather big, and was NOT with the plant/vase stuff. It was near where you buy decorative home greenery, on an end cap!

So I wondered  HOW I could store these.

As you can see in the above photo, I used a old SU! plastic stamp case. I didn’t want to mix them up, so I did this


I simply measured my case size. Then cut cardstock a bit longer (about 4 inches longer) in length. Scored it, with my Scor-Pal, to make divider’s that fit it inside!

The dividers are scored at (for example) 2-3-4 then again at 6-7-8. This gives you the mountain you need to support the weight of the beads, and keep them separate! Your measurements will vary depending on case size and how many packages of bead thingy’s you purchase.

Just put a bit on adhesive on the bottom of the divider before you place it in. Add beads-DONE!

Cool huh?

I have an INSANELY busy day today, so hope to post some eye candy later.

I have alot to share this week, so stay tuned 😀

INCLUDING a cool product I NEVER heard of before. You are going to want to see it.

HINT-its shines, and changes color.

 Now I know you want to know what it is 😀

Till then.