So today is Saturday! I LOVE Saturdays. Not just because I get to see what YOU do with my sketches, but because its the weekend, and there is ONE more day off from the hustle and bustle of LIFE!

Anyway-this week when stamping I made this card

mytime-thanks-horizontal-gg.jpg Thanks-

It used the “thanks” sentiment from the Thank You set, Green Grass Stamps. Tammy puts up a new sample with her sets, on her blog daily-you can see them HERE. Its pretty cool.

Anyway, so I stamped away. This was what I came up with.

Here is the sketch-click for larger view


Now upon photographing it I flipped it! I saw this when I did-


SAME card-whole new look!!! Cool huh?? OK so its not a whole NEW card, but you’d never know right.

So, I decided to create ANOTHER card, using this sketch:

sketch-29-1.JPG click for larger view.


Now talk about versatile huh?

 I was so excited. Especially since I have never seen a sketch like this before. Talk about fresh, fun and funky! I also tried to use BRIGHTER colors. Me being in a spring mood and all, I wanted to get out of my “comfort” zone, and this was definitely OUT. But, I love it.

This card uses the ipodabella, the sentiment from Essential Sentiments (which are way popular!! I have had them on order for a friend for a few weeks! SOLD OUT-and rightfully so), Border’s and Corner’s and the Music Player.

Put them all together, and you get one HOT card 😀

The flowers are by Prima-Got Prints No 6. After pulling them out, I have been SO inspired by their colors 😀 Gotta get inspiration where you can right?

So that being said-get inspired. Do the sketch whichever way you see fit.

I’d love for you to send us a link here so we can all see your take!

NOW- as a EXTRA challenge-try it both ways!

Thanks for checkin in-

I wanted to let you all know that Amber is doing well. Thanks for the concern. Her antibiotics needed to be changed, but all is well.

Alexa did well this round of Chemo. She does have a thyroid issue, but otherwise seems good. I am so happy she is able to be in school FULL time!!! What a change since last year.

She gets the occasional cold, that brings me to my knee’s in prayer, that she will not get too compromised. She has one now, so we will see.

God is good. I just keep on going.

Daisy is also great. Lovin the snow-but her hiney is not wanting to poop in it anymore :C Leaving lots of “accidents”. But she is the BEST lil thing otherwise, so we will keep her! LOL!

She gained 3 lbs! And is at her half way mark for weight. She has gotten stronger, and takes running leaps up onto the couch.

She also runs UP the snowbanks, and flattens her paws to “slide” down. Its WAY cute. She has quite the personality. OK Now Im an official crazy dog owner-right?

The kids lover and are very attentive. Sometimes too much.

She will be getting fixed on the 31st :C

OK I gotta run-get inking!

Till tomorrow…………………………….