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Thanks for stopping by today!

I’m excited to get started on Day 1 of the Perfect Peeks for the My Time Made Easy ™ LLC March Release!!

This month you asked to get some early peeks, so I figured I’d give you what you asked for and spend the next 3 days sharing some of what we will have to offer!!

Now the week long daily samples that follow our actual release from myself and my FABULOUS design team will continue as usual, so keep checking in daily for lots of ideas and inspiration.

Let’s get started!

NOTE: All products shared today will note be available in store until March 1st!


  • Mona Pendleton
  • Pam Imholz
  •  from the MTME team both have some additional projects to share!


    Oh Baby!!! Check it out! Whether it’s creating invitations or favors for a baby shower or making a creative and cute package for a baby gift – OR just making a card or gift tag to go with a gift for a new little one – you will definitely want to see this brand new Bringing Home Baby set from My Time Made Easy. Totally unique and super cute and reasonable. Come see…

    Visit Pam Imholz to see more!


    “Come take stroll in my Vintage-Style Bouncing Baby Buggy!”

    Visit Mona Pendleton to see more!

    Yesterday I shared this little peek with you:


    Now let’s see how many NEW! Release items you REALLY got a peek at shall we?

    You actually saw 4 pieces to our NEW! Release

    1) The Tag

    That is from a NEW! Pretty Pieces Cut File called Tag You’re It ©It features 4 different tags in PDF, SVG, GSD, DXF, and WPC formats. You can never have too many options when it comes to tags! This is one in a set of 4 tags!

    2) Stamp Set

    The title on the tag reads “Bringing Home Baby”, and features an adorable little stork!! Obviously we have a baby theme going!!

    The stamp set is called : Bringing Home Baby © and is a Set of 27 images! ( Details further down)

    PS: Those of you wanting NON-BABY stuff hang in there! We have more to share I promise

    3) The Flower/Leaf

    Fanciful Flowers © Pretty Pieces Cut File

    Available in SVG, GSD, DXF and WPC format It is so true… can NEVER have too many flowers!! This file has 6 flower shapes, a center, and perfect leaf shape!

    4) The Pretty Packaging © template

    Obviously the tag and flower are attached to SOMETHING! But what?

    Well, as you know the main focus of MTME is coordination. Making cards, tags, and gift items easier and more affordable than ever 😀

    That being said….. What comes to mind when you read Bringing Home Baby?


    How about a Bouncing Baby Buggy © Pretty Packaging template!

    Finally! I have been dying to share this with the world for over a year! Yes, a YEAR!

    I fell in love with this when it all came together!

    That is one of the hardest parts of the industry-hurry up and WAIT. The best part to the “wait” with this was the fact that during that “wait” I was able to design a coordinating stamp set, with everything I personally have always wanted to accompany my Bouncing Baby Buggy Pretty Packaging © template.

    This template was actually fashioned after this baby decoration—-> CLICK HERE 

    and a combination of these baby favors —–> HERE SOOOO CUTE!!!


    I used the Fanciful Flowers © Pretty Pieces Cut file on the carriage front, and to decorate the wheels! As you can see they perfectly match the A Loving Heart Paper!! I also accented it with the GaGa for Gingham paper

    This template also coordinates with the Pretty Impressions © Bringing Home Babystamp set, and the Pretty Printables © Bringing Home Baby digital paper collection. 

    Upon first glance this is an amazing 3 dimensional baby carriage template!  Perfect for welcoming new baby, shower gifts/favors, or decor. It can hold so many wonderful baby gifts!


    Here I have a set of my first born (Alexa) baby booties and bonnet. The one she wore to her Dedication when she was just 21 days old. She was Dedicated to the Lord the day before her open heart surgery, in the hospital chapel where our pastor traveled to do the ceremony for me. I have NO idea how I got through that ceremony! It was so hard. Alexa had a formal dedication a few months after her surgery.


    In the actual carriage is a handmade bonnet that one of my old Stampin Up! customers made for me when I was expecting my third child- Amber. It is a special bonnet that is later turned into a handkerchief for when your daughter grows up and gets married! She has her “something old”. Lordy! That gets me teary just TYPING it!! To think that someday my “babies” will grow up or even marry. Or the fact that her baby will wear it someday! Goodness gracious. 


     As you can see this template has  the realistic look of an English Pram stroller. You wouldn’t believe it is all made from cardstock! From the perfectly pleated hood, darling decorative panels, to the wonderful wheels, there is no better way to package up a gift for baby.  Do not be fooled by this “baby carriage” template. It can also double as a beautiful basket, when you use just the bottom! Fill it with a plethora of gifts from a planter, candy, candles, baked goods, get well care package, spa essentials, treats for the kids……create a wheel barrow for the gardener in your life…. or make it a half egg for Easter! You can even use our fabulous Cute Critters © Pretty Pieces cut files to make the base of this a animal body (just resize it to about 80% its original size)! 

    One template, endless possibilities. You will see those later this week.


    Here is the back of the baby buggy.

    It is the perfect place for a hand stamped tag! You could even place the baby name, or birth statistics back here for a keepsake that mom & dad will cherish forever!

    Here is the sweet stork closer up!


    He is the larger version of the stork on the tag you saw attaches to the front of the carriage.

    I just colored the stork in with my Copic Markers. I stamped the solid baby bundle image inside the outlined image, then used my copic markers to doodle some flowers that match my Fanciful Flowers © Pretty Pieces Cut File and my A Loving Heart ©Pretty Printables digital paper.

    The ribbon is May Arts! Just GORGEOUS!


    More about the stamp set:

    Bringing Home Baby © is a Set of 27 images!

    Stamp set designed to coordinate with the Bouncing Baby Buggy © Pretty Packaging template, and our Bringing Home Baby © Pretty Printables digital paper. This is the PERFECT baby stamp set! I have combined must have sentiments with the main images I have always longed for in a baby set, and it is definitely gender neutral! Not only does it have the essential baby themed sentiments, but it has the key images to define “bringing home baby”.

    We have an adorable stork! You can color it in, or use the solid image for quick and easy creations. There is also a smaller version so you can make coordinating tags, or other gifts. There is also the PERFECT baby carriage that resembles a English Pram Stroller-you can color it in, use the solid images in the set to quickly and easily add color, or build your own using the solid pieces. The carriage in this stamp set was designed coordinate with the Bouncing Baby Buggy © Pretty Packaging template.

     Not only can you make fabulous cards, and tags but baby gifts, decor or gift packaging! 

    Sentiments include: 

    Bringing Home Baby

    For the new arrival

    Heaven Sent

    Delivered with love

    Expecting a bundle of joy

    A Gift For You

    It’s a Baby Shower

    Bouncing Baby






    You can’t go wrong! 

    I will have more to share with this template and stamp set and the release progresses! In the meantime don’t miss more ideas.

    Be sure to visit:

  • Mona Pendleton
  • Pam Imholz
  • They are both featuring projects using the Bouncing Baby Buggy © template and Bringing Home Baby © stamp set.


    Pretty Packaging © template: Bouncing Baby Buggy

    Pretty Impressions stamp set: Bringing Home Baby

    Cardstock from Couture Cardstock: OSW white, Blushing, Sweet heart

    Matte Photo Paper (super for printing digital paper :D) Printworks Matte Photo Paper (Target)

    Pretty Impressions Digital Paper: GaGa for Gingham, A Loving Heart

    Ink: Copic makers and Momento black

    Pretty Pieces Cut Files: Tag You’re It ©, Fanciful Flourishes ©

    May Arts Ribbon, SU! Buttons

    As always, thank you for taking the time to stop by!  I hope you are excited about what we have shared today and what is to come tomorrow. I’m so excited it feels like March will never get here. Each month is like Christmas to me.

    I feel so grateful to be able to take something that I so LOVE doing (and totally believe in with every bit of my heart) and be able to share it with the world. To have a group of people who understand the joy, and feel the same passion for giving handmade cards/tags/gifts is just wonderful! It has proven to not only be a great outlet but truly the gift that keeps on giving when such is passed on to others.

    Thank you all for letting me share my passion with you each time I create something.

    See you tomorrow!!

    Scent-sational Critter

    Feb 21, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Hi world!! How are you all doing these days?

    Im back and I have something to share! Don’t be shocked! LOL! I know the last 3 months I’ve been busy, and I am hoping that will change at some point so I can get back to sharing DAILY! I miss it. I miss all of you.

    Yes I am here. Running a business and a family is a lot more work than one might think! I have my hands in every single part of this process, and it is keeping me busy. A good busy and I’m loving every second. Anyway, I am here, and what time I’ve had has been going into My Time Made Easy ™ LLC or my children and husband.

    We’ve certainly kept busy here. Now the kids are on vacation, we’ve had class parties, been bowling, roller skating, to the children’s museum, celebrated Gabby’s first birthday….and there has been so much more! More on that some other day.

    I’ve been creating so many projects that mainly all need to wait to be shared! However I do have one that I made for Alexa.

    Scent-sational Skunk


     Last month I released 2 Cute Critters called Whooty-Love © and Heart Stealer Raccoon ©. They were based on the stamp images from Critters with Heart ©. They were such a hit! I thought it would be fun to show you that with a little imagination and you can whip up all sorts of cute critters using elements from each one!


    If you don’t recognize what this was designed from I will tell you-this was created using the elements from Heart Stealer Raccoon Cut File and the Under Cover © template! Raccoon turned Skunk! Now think of all the animals you could get creating!


    Now the belly on this is from one of the next additions to the Cute Critters © line up! You will see more on this the 27th! Mark your calendars for that 😀 The next 2 additions will open up even MORE possibilities. These are FUN and easy kid friendly projects too!

     If you are wondering WHY a skunk…..Alexa has a love/hate relationship with skunks. She loves them, yet is truly terrified of them! LOL! It’s very strange. When we go to a children’s outside nature museum called Squam Lake she LOVES learning all about the Skunks. She reads books about them, draws pictures and everything, yet when faced with one she FREAKS that it is going to spray her. She even has nightmares about them being in her room. I can’t explain it really. When she sees skunk stuffed animals though she wants one! Anyway…..for Valentines Day I made her a skunk box!


    Did you even think a SKUNK box could be so cute? I’m in love with it. She is even holding a flower bouquet!

    I used all the raccoon elements here. I cut the Under Cover © template, ear base, face base, nose, arms, legs and tail in black cardstock. Then I cut the face heart from white, along with the ears, and tail again. Instead of the Raccoon face (eyes/mask) I used the nose and Googly eyes to create a skunk face. So easy and super cute!

    I just cut the white part of the tail to fit in the center all skunk like.

    Inside this box is the YUMMY scented bar of soap! Alexa loves this scent, so I’m giving it to her. She always gives me a hard time about taking a shower in the morning, so I’m crossing my fingers this helps! LOL!!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    I hope you are all enjoying your own families and get some creative time in. I have received many emails from many of you bloggers sharing your MTME creations with me and I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing what you’ve done with me!

    Be back soon.

    In the meantime enjoy your family creative time!



    I’m not done sharing yet. I really have to thank everyone for the support and kind comments and emails. This release has gone so well. I just know each month will be better than the last!

    So to thank you, I have a little surprise giveaway. Read on.



    Today is the last day of peeks from the February My Time Made Easy ™ LLC Release!

    We are giving away the chance to receive 2- $50 Gift Certificates-totaling $100 to spend when you wish on whatever you wish at the My Time Made Easy ™ LLC store. There is nothing better than a FREE shopping spree! Oh and with another release just a couple weeks away!


    In order to qualify you have to do the following: 

    * Visit each design team members blog to view their project.

     Catherine Doucette· 

    Katie Cotton·     

    Kristin Bueter·        

    Mona Pendleton·        

    Pam Imholz·   

    Tracey Cuccia

    *Leave each member a comment about what you liked best about one of their release projects from the week. 

    By commenting here, you are agreeing to play along, and comment on every ones post, in order to qualify for the giveaway.

    The winner will be drawn via

     The winning name will be crossed checked for comments on all design team members posts. If the winning person did not complete the round of commenting, then another number will be drawn, and cross checked.

     Winner will be announced Friday February 12th HERE!

    Enjoy all the eye candy!! The team has really put in a lot of work this last week so we are all excited to hear what you favorite projects are from the team.

    Speaking of favorite…..I made a project using my most loved, yet under used color-Lavender/Lilac

    Surprise Mail

    ·         lavender-1.JPG

    I LOVE getting mail! I LOVE using this Pretty Packaging © template to GIVE mail 😀

    This is a little gift set I created using one of the newest Pretty Packaging © templates “You’ve Got Mail ©”. I used the You’ve Got Mail © stamp set too to accent it. They are a perfect match, but one doesn’t need the other.

    I LOVE the flower image in the set. So many occasions it could be used for.  I dragged out some little silk flowers I had in my stash to accent the front. I LOVE how it turned out.


    It is the most perfectly sweet mailbox to give all sorts of treats in.

    I used mine to hold a smaller size body lotion. I plan on giving these to the teachers for Valentines Day! I was able to whip these right out!

     I did shrink this a little. I believe by like an inch or two. I don’t remember exactly-sorry! The body lotion is a perfect fit. Nothing you’d expect to get in here!


    I used my Argyle Amazement © on the side panels to add to the floral pattern of the box. Simple and EASY PEASY.

    I think they will appreciate these “from the kids”. Teachers work SO hard and deserve a lil something every now and again.


    Pretty Packaging © template: You’ve Got Mail

    Pretty Impressions stamps: You’ve Got Mail, Argyle Amazement

    Ink: Black, Copic markers

    Cardstock from Couture Cardstock: OSW white, Carousel & Fortune Teller

    Ribbon from May Art, Adhesive Rhinestone, Silk Flowers

    Thank you again for all the support and taking the time to visit. I am just DYING to see what YOU all create with any if our new release items! Be sure you share when you post!

    Till tomorrow!

    For the love of Argyle

    Feb 8, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, My Time Made Easy, Uncategorized

    Can you believe the I still have SO much more to share?

    Tomorrow the entire team gets together to post yet ANOTHER amazing gift ensemble using elements from the latest My Time Made Easy ™ LLC Release!

    Now today we have a peek from Catherine Doucette 


    Words from Catherine

    I just love the “You’ve Got Mail” Pretty Impressions Acrylic Stamps from the February release!  Take a look at how I used them to “build” my house!   I love to use my stamps to create custom backgrounds, and even use them for something totally unexpected…like a stamp window for a house :0)

    Wait until you see her creation!!! Click HERE!

     Myself, the design team, and YOU the customers have just fallen in LOVE with Argyle Amazement ©. It is easy to see why! This is a background building set, unlike any other I have seen, that just like its name-is AMAZING!!

    Argyle is one of the hottest pattern trends right now! It is literally everywhere and I LOVE it. My girls especially have lots of clothing with the fabulous pattern.

    You will be totally amazed at how quick and easy you will be building backgrounds, or using this set as the main focus or accent over and over again. It has elements to make things masculine, elegant, clean, simple or whimsical. Scroll down on my blog the last week and you will see this set used on just about every project possible.

    So let me share a couple QUICK samples!

    I’m tight on time today.

    I have 3 samples specifically using the Argyle Amazement © set today, all with relatively similar layouts, but different color schemes to show you have it can go from Primary color WOW! to muted monochromatic colors, to the soft pastels for a baby card.

    Summer Time


    I used just the trio diamond flower pattern from Argyle Amazement, stamped on my cardstock in a staggered pattern, in chocolate ink. I then dusted off my copic markers to color it in! I had a blast. It actually came together VERY quickly. The main layer is cut with a circle, then layered onto a scallop circle.


    This color combination just warms me up! It is like the sun on a perfectly warm summer day. I love this sentiment "Perfect in every way".

    I had to use the All A Flutter ©set to make it appear that they were flying around this summer argyle garden. Butterflies stamped in red, and colored with markers and a Copic Spica glitter pen for some POP!

    Then onto a darker, more muted combination.

    Argle paired again with the All A Flutter © set


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pattern this made! With all the options in the set the combinations, and color schemes are so endless.

    As you will see, if you scroll around on my blog, I used the flourish flower argyle A LOT! I am just in love with it! That pattern is actually the flowers in the Pretty Printables paper collections this month!! Too fun.


    I added the similar wing print in the cross pattern to the butterfly.

    The colors more monochromatic here . I defnitely think it has some elegance to it. I’m keeping the occasion options open on this one by leaving it blank. I love the pearl accents I added to the butterfly, ribbon and flower centers.

    In the bkgd I stamped a sentiment from the All A Flutter Sentiment set too.

    Now lets get to a quick and simple baby card


    Admitedly very clean and very simple. There is however dimention to it that isn’t coming across in the photos (I swear! LOL!)

    Sadly my lighting was a bit brighter than I realized, so you can’t get the full effect of the argyle :C Had I noticed how bright it was I would have re-taken them for my post today. Oh well.

    The pattern in this one is stamped in brown, and it has a crosshatched texture diamond in a celery, and a turquoise diamond in solid, alternating patterns. Really fun and easy.


    I used the little carriage that comes in the newly released You’ve Got Mail © set to make this into a baby card. SUPER SIMPLE!

    The sentiment is from a set named So Sentimental ©. It is NOT released yet. Just a TINY peek at what is coming.

    So that is all. Now you can see how one set using virtually the same layout can look so different. Make sure you scroll down to check all the samples that I’ve been posting. There is SO much that has been shared from today’s post to how to use the Cricut and SCAL as well as the awesome value in our Cut Files! I am hoping our gallery will be ready at some point. It is a lot of work and very time consuming. I want to ensure it doen’t have any glitches or CRASH if we have X number of people loading or accessing it. So hold tight on that. There will be a place we can all share our MTME creations soon.

    Soon I will do a tutorial for those of you who are SCARED to try the digital paper, and NEED to see how super easy it is, as well as why it is SO cool, or want to see the cost effectiveness of printing your own! So be looking out for that.

    Well I need to run. It’s Valentines week for the kids so I need to prepare all the supplies for them to complete their Valentine projects and class Valentines!! As I stated before I will share their completed projects.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and sending me those super sweet comments and emails. I read every single one, and appreciate any time you take to stop by 😀
    See you back here tomorrow!

    The Perfect Package

    Feb 6, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: My Time Made Easy

    I’m back!

    Make sure you check out all the posts I have shared the last week or so! They are JAM packed with ideas and inspiration.

    You will want to read this to the end because we have added a new category to the store 😀

    Hope you are having a great weekend. I’m making my post today short and sweet. I spent the day with my niece and have a Super Bowl party to prepare for.

    Its been a while since I posted so many days in a row!! I have been a creating machine….and have shared so many various ideas that I hope you have gained some source of inspiration to get creating your own projects in no time.

    Pam has a great post to share today. Here is a PEEK


    Words from Pam

    Hey girls – do you struggle to make some fun stuff for the men in your life? Husbands, or dads, or sons, or grandpas or brothers or uncles… 

    etc? If so pop over and check out my little project for you today. 

    I’ve used both stamps and a template for you. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂

    Check our her blog—>HERE!

    I figured it would be a good time to highlight one of our newest Pretty Packaging © templates Under Cover ©. This is a super cute template with SOOOOO many uses and possibilities.You can use it as it is….add a window, make it a shaker box….or of course use it with the Cute Critters Cut Files– Heart Stealer Raccoon ©, and Whooty-Love ©

    Today I am sharing the sample that is on the website. This uses some of the products from last month’s release.


    This box was filled with truffle filled Hershey Kisses! An entire bag fit in here!

    I created the slider cover from Rusty Hinge cardstock. I then added an additional patterned paper layer that I printed using the Pretty Printables Fluttering By © collection. I  combined 2 patterns from the collection to make my own customized pattern. I printed the text in the pink color, then the daisy pattern over it. It made for a stunning pattern. It was fun to customize that.


    I used my Cricut Expression with the circle that comes in the software to add a window (for both the slider and decorative cover). I did make the decorative cover circle a 1/4 inch larger. I then covered the circle opening with acetate. The acetate is sandwiched between the pattern paper and slide base layer.


    This uses the All A Flutter © image set.

    I stamped the butterfly on the acetate window in white stazon, and brushed on some pearlescent pastels.

    I stamped the butterfly again on acetate, repeated the pastels, then cut out, attached with a clear glue dot and popped wings forward. So simple, so easy, and so pretty.

    I added some flowers, and May Arts ribbon.


    For the slider portion of the template, I used the Rusty Hinge colored polka dot pattern from Shutt-erfly © Pretty Printables paper. It was the Perfect accent to the box. If you haven’t tried the paper you should! Its STUNNING!

    If you love the look of this collection, you will love what I am about to share next.

    We have put together a NEW! Collection of items for you called the Perfect Package ©—->Click here

    Now you can choose from 2 different packages, and get a collection of select items at a discount!! Be sure to check it out.

    We have a few more collections being added Valentines Day too!


    Pretty Impressions stamps ©- All A Flutter

    Pretty Packaging © template: Under Cover ©

    Pretty Printables Paper ©: Shutt-erfly and Flutter-By

    Cardstock from Couture Cardstock: OSW white, and Rusty Hinge

    Other: acteate, pearlescent pastels from Pebbles Ink, White StazOn May Arts ribbon. Prima Flowers, buttons by Foo Fa la.

    Thank you for stopping by! Return tomorrow for even more projects and ideas.


    You asked, I listened.

    That is my goal as a fellow papercrafter, and store owner.

    I spent some time making a video to show you the step by step process for the basic things you need to know when using your Cricut and SCAL for the Pretty Packaging © templates or Pretty Pieces © Cut Files!


    PLEASE NOTE: I had to hold the video in hand, type and record. SORRY!! I hope my camera base gets fixed so I can put it in the tripod next time.

    If you want to safely view  ALL the videos I published on Veoh, please CLICK HERE! 

    NOTE: DO NOT CLICK ON THE THUMBNAILS !If you click ON the thumbnails AFTER the video it takes you to the Veoh site. Some of the content there I am told is “R” and even “X”rated (EEK!) and you may not want to do that around young children. So if you just watch the video here on my blog, and avoid the thumbnails you should be OK. Not sure WHY they don’t have ONLY stamp related videos pop up, but I guess some aren’t.

    Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

    I am not responsible for content that links to the videos from the Veoh site.

    Thank you D

    I also put together a step by step PDF download with the instructions for the basic steps that are covered in the video, so you can utilize your Cricut and SCAL. Now you have both a text and visual reference.

    If you for some reason cannot view the video, no worries! All the needed info is attached below.


    my-time-made-easy-guide-to-using-cricut-with-scal-software.pdf  <—-Click that to download/print/save a PDF of the general instructions for what you will want/need to know to get started in MINUTES!

    There are SO many various things you can do with your Cricut. This was made to serve as a quick reference! Play around and have fun with it. Now you can print it out and keep it next to your computer as you get ready to download your Pretty Packaging © template or Pretty Pieces © Cut File!

    Since many of you are so nervous, feeling technically challenged, or may be on the fence about learning how to use the Pretty Packaging © templates in our fabulous cut file versions, I want to tell you to CUT IT OUT! (I mean that literally :D) Put down the scissors……and keep reading.

    I should make it known that all our Pretty Packaging © templates or Pretty Pieces © Cut Files come in  files for just about every cutting machine available!

    We offer our files in PDF-for those of you with a home printers, as well as SVG, WPC, DXF, and GSD.

    For more details please read —>HERE.

    I want all of you to know that YOU can accomplish ANYTHING. There are NO limits. If I can do something to help you achieve that accomplishment, then I am over the moon to do that for you. I take pride in especially helping you make AMAZING coordinating cards,tags and gifts EASIER and more affordable than ever!

    There is no better feeling than learning something you thought impossible.

    So with that being said I am here today to show you how to use the Pretty Packaging © template or Pretty Pieces ©Cut File with your Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot software.

    NOTE: The Cricut  is the most popular type of personal cutter, and the one I get the most requests/questions about. It is also the cutting system that I personally use, so that is why I am using this cutter for my tutorial.

    I do advise you to look in to ALL other personal cutting machine options before making the choice to purchase one, should you be considering that investment. We all have different prefernces/wants/needs, as well as budgets! Make a decision based on what is best for you.

    You may not even want a personal cutter, as you enjoy our PDF version. That is perfectly wonderful. I ensure you that I will continue to always offer my products in that format 😀 No worries!

    To get started:

    You would need the Cricut, ANY Cricut Cartridge, Sure Cuts A Lot Software, and a USB cable

    You can find the Sure Cuts A Lot software for the BEST price I have ever seen–> HERE! YES! There is a MAC version too.

    I forgot to mention that they are offering a coupon code right now.  The code will take an additional 10% off of the entire purchase. The code is FEB14 and it expires at midnight EST on 2/14/10.PS I don’t get a commission or ANYTHING from Cricut, or CandaCraft. I just enjoy sharing what I love and a great deal!

    MANY of us are visual learners so that is why I put together a quick video for you! I knew once I was able to show you just how easy it is to download  and use our Pretty Packaging © templates or Pretty Pieces ©Cut Files with your Cricut you would feel more confident in knowing YOU can do this.

    You can access a FREE Pretty Packaging © template in our store —> Cutesy Cover. Now you can start with a great template RISK FREE!

    All our template cut files come with a PDF version. Each template has full color photos, with step by step instructions. It is very clear and easy to understand, no matter what your skill level!

    When you download your Pretty Packaging © template or Pretty Pieces © Cut File make a folder for JUST those types of files.

    This keeps your files organized so you can easily access them. Then each time you go to obtain a file to cut, it will be readily available in that same folder you opened in the Sure Cuts A Lot program.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I hope you found it informative and helpful.

    Now if you are looking for actual eye candy you will want to see what Tracey Cuccia has in store for you!

    Look what she did!


    Some words from Tracey Cuccia

    “Technology is great, isn’t it?  I think back to even 10 years ago, and it’s AMAZING the things you can do from your PHONE now!  I LOVE my iPhone, and would be lost without it.  I don’t think I could ever go back to LBI (Life Before iPhone – lol).  I can keep in touch with my friends via e-mail or facebook, get the latest news, play games, and even make my grocery list!  So what on EARTH does this have to do with My Time Made Easy???  Let me show you…HERE

    Is that project not CRAZY??!!

    I have some samples to share tomorrow ! I have to say creating the pdf document then all the video creating/editing wore me out! LOL! I’ve been busting my butt this release 😀 I actually need to purchase a new computer chair!! LOL!! I kid you not.

    Well thanks for checking in!

    I also have a very informative post all about the cost effectiveness and benefits of using our AMAZING Pretty Printables © digital paper! So be on the look out for that ( it may even be another video too! depends on the response to that)

    I am spending some time with my niece Gabriella (or as we call her Gabba! LOL! OK her parents call her Gabby I call her Gabba) She turns ONE next Friday! OMG! Seems like yesterday…..I’m so looking forward to having her for the day 😀 I could just eat her up. I’ll have to get some photos! She is SO beautiful! She looks a lot like Amber. Reminds me of her too. OH! Where does the time go?

    Till tomorrow.

    Literally Cutting Your Costs!

    Feb 4, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    I have a special post for you today all about the Personal Cutting Machine VS. Punches/Die Cuts

    First I want you all to make sure when you are done here, you go and see what Kristin Bueter has to share today using the Pretty Packaging © templates: Welcome Home ©


    From Kristin: Spring is in the air! Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

    I made my own little spring dream house using the Welcome Home © template. Come see all the details —>HERE!

    OK back to business 😀

    Many of you are on the fence about a personal cutting machine. Many of you already have one!

    Some of you may be scared to try it out. This just may be the push you need to see that it is not only easy but in the end, more cost effective.  . I am SO computer challenged and I was able to work my Circut seconds after watching the video that comes with it-and figure out the SCAL all by myself! Let us not forget the TIME you save on cutting, and the SPACE you save on storing.

    Today I want to talk about our Pretty Pieces© Cut Files and what an AMAZING value they really are! I don’t just mean “talk” about it, but I am going to actually show you ! Many of us are more VISUAL, so when you see it all laid out, you will be amazed!

    This is a visual of the value in Pretty Pieces©  Cut Files vs. the purchase of punches or dies. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my border punches and other die cut type of products, but we are talking about the difference and how you are SAVING MONEY, SPACE and getting the MAXIMUM product for the $.

     As I share all this you can certainly add this chatter to the many benefits to having all my Pretty Packaging © templates in a cut file too 😀 The templates can be easily resized to suit you projects! Larger or smaller, you are maximizing your use from an already AMAZING template. Plus NO CUTTING!! A dream come true. Granted the PDF version of the templates do come together rather quickly, but when you eliminate the CUTTING, you saved even MORE time, which will enable you to make MORE and spend the minutes you DO have designing a FAB project/gift.

    When you purchase a  Pretty Pieces © Cut File for ONLY $2.50 you are getting a WORLD of value in that purchase!

    Let me SHOW you!

    Our first cut file was Flutters and Flowers.


     This cut file has 2 different butterflies,

     some layering flowers, and leaves.

    In that cut file you begin with the EXACT size butterfly that you would use for the All A Flutter © stamp set. The butterfly in the Pretty Pieces © Cut File match the stamps perfectly! Now you would use that cut file INSTEAD of a butterfly punch!

    You can also get SO many different sizes from one purchase. Anywhere from the smallest of cuts, to the LARGEST!

    Take a look below:


    This is the 1 1/2 inch solid butterfly next to the resized version of the SAME butterfly at 11 1/2 inches. WOW! That is so cool.

    Here is an example of the resizing options from ONE cut file


    I took the solid butterflies, and started at 1 inch. I began resizing the butterflies by a 1/4 inch.

    So I have 1 inch, then 1 1/4, then 1 1/2……you get the idea.

    I started sizing my butterflies at 1 inch. I increased the size by 1/4 inch, up to 11 1/2 inches. That would give me a total of 42 butterflies! That is AMAZING.


    This punch is ONE size, bulky, and cost me $15.99.

    By NOT purchasing only 17 punches I could have the Cricut Expression AND the Sure Cuts A Lot software!! (Show THAT to your hubby!)

    Think of how much it would cost you for 42 different punches! Let alone the STORAGE! 

    This is my punch collection.


    There are MORE than 42 in this photo alone.

    I have more on the other side of this door, and in 3 large tupperware bins


     If I purchased 42 of those punches it would cost me $672!! And I wouldn’t even have the variety of options that the Cut Files give.

     A punch comes in ONE size. Costs anywhere from $5 to $22.

     A die cut often comes in a pack of various sized dies, but is PRICEY, needs a machine (which limits the size of the cardstock you can use, the placement of your shape, and is often not the right size you wanted or needed.

     You can resize these by ANY measurement you wish. You can also add windows or shaped cut out to your projects and templates!

    Using your personal cutting machine to create with literally CUTS your costs for supplies!

    You may not have ever even thought about how much you can save, and how much MORE you actually get from a cutting machine.

    Hopefully this helps you see the value in the products we are offering. I love sharing things I personally love. and that make my life easier, and expand my spending $$ and TIME. This is definitely ONE of those things. My personal cutter was one of the BEST items I have ever invested my $$ in to.

    Now how about some projects that utilize the NEWEST Pretty Pieces Cut Files © Cute Critters: Whooty-Love and Heart Stealer Raccoon.

    I dream papercrafts. I don’t say that as a euphemism I REALLY do. I have a notebook that I keep on the counter so that I can quickly jot down an idea in the middle of the night. Jay will wake up in the morning sometime and say, I take if you didn’t really SLEEP to well since it looks like you were busy dreaming of work!

    If everyone had a job they enjoyed as much as I do mine, the world would be a HAPPY place. 

    I am constantly thinking packaging. It doesn’t end.

    Sometimes you have a dream….and it is just that! One crazy dream of something that makes NO sense once the fog of sleep disappears. Then sometimes the reality is better than what you imagined it to be!
    That is exactly what happened with the Pretty Pieces Cut Files © Heart Stealer Raccoon, and Whooty Love.

    When I began working with the tangible stamp form of Critters with Heart, all I could think ablout was HOW to make them into a BOX. I knew I wanted to do something, but wasn’t really sure WHAT. I’d seen some brown paper bag puppets in the store, and that was MY AH! HA!! moment.

    To me, the bags were a bit cheesy. A great kids project, but I wanted cute and durable!

    I KNEW at that moment that I wanted to do some sort of box body, and use the elements of the Critters with Heart © set to create these. That proved to be a whole other task! Upon reviewing the animals I have to decide WHAT would be the cutest for the boxes.

    It was decided that the Raccoon and Owl would be the best for the task.

    Without further delay here is Heart Stealer Raccoon


    Is he not the SWEETEST creature you have ever seen? I love him to pieces.

    This Cut File coordinates with our Under Cover © template (which has many uses of its own :D). I will share some uses for that box by itself another day.

    I made my Under Cover © template, and the Raccoon head, ear base, arms, legs and tail from Sleuth cardstock. It is a pale grayish color. Assembled my Under Cover © Template.


    I used my Raven Cardstock and cut his tail again, inner ear, and belly.

    The Cut Fileincludes the PDF printed version of the face, but there is also an ALL cut file piece for those elements should you wish to do that. I went with the PDF version of the face as it is perfectly cute and QUICK 😀 The eyes have black pebbles from Cloud 9. PERFECT fit. I used some pastels to add some color to the cheek.


    I then just added all the elements to the box. I chose to use dimensionals for a 3D effect. How cute can one box get? Imagine a class of kids making these for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, any friends birthday! OH! ADORABLE!

    Even my SON approved! Now you KNOW its good 😀


    For the tail, I cut that twice (as stated above). The base of the tail was in Sleuth. I then cut the Raven colored tail into 1/2 inch strips and adhered it to the main tail! I even scored it down the center and curled the ends a bit 😀 Imagine adding Fun Flock or Flower Soft?! OH!! LOVE!


    He is holding a felt heart sticker. Tag has You stole my heart from the Critters with Heart © stamp set. I stamped the heart image from the You’ve Got Mail set 😀

    Would you believe this goes together in like 10 minutes, once the file is cut?


    I don’t think this could get any cuter! (actually it CAN! LOL! I will share more of that another day).

    Now how about some Whooty-Love?


    I love unexpected colors, but when you design with a bird I guess there is no color limits. I wanted something BRIGHT and CHEERY.

    This project was inspired by this one….


    I have SO many ideas for colors of this owl!! (this was from another post the other day)

    I used a teal colored cardstock for the Under Cover © base, as well as the owl head base, wings, and tail (you can’t see that in the photo). I then used the lighter aqua colored cardstock for the 2nd face layer.


    I decided to use the PDF version of the face (printed, layered, and cut twice) and the adorable printed belly 😀 I colored the eyes lids, beak and belly with my copic markers. I added glitter to the belly, and the smaller wings I decided to add.

    Of course flowers make everything heavenly.


    My sentiment is from Critters with Heart ©.


    Pretty Packaging templates:Under Cover ©, Heart Stealer Raccoon ©, Whooty-Love ©

    Pretty Impressions Stamps: Critters with Heart ©

    Cardstock from Couture Cardstock

    Copic Markers

    Gingham ribbon, Craft Seam binding ribbon from Martha Stewart

    Prima Flowers, Glitter, Felt heart sticker

    Epoxy sticker by Could 9, adhesive rhinestone

    Well that is it for today. Believe it or not I have much more yet to share 😀 So stop by tomorrow.

    I hope you enjoyed everything I had to share today.

    I really hope you are getting inspired by all the projects that we are all sharing with you! Many of you will have the NEW! images delivered to your mailbox any time now.

    Today Mona has an adorable project using the Pretty Packaging template Welcome Home © So go check it out—>HERE!


    “MTME from My Home To Yours – planting seeds of friendship”

    Today I am going to share some of my most favorite projects with you! They should definitely inspire so many various ideas.

    I will be focusing on Critters with Heart © You can definitely check out the last few posts as I have randomly shared some other projects ideas with you.

    This is an adorable set that is perfect for ANY time of year, when you want to say something sweet to the one you love. These CUTE little critters all have something in common-each was designed based on a heart! Add a punny sentiment and you are sure to warm the heart of anyone who receives something created with this set.

    42 hearts were used in this set!

    Can you see the hearts?

    • Porcupine – has a heart shaped face, and nose
    • Owls – heart shaped face, beak and wings
    • Raccoon – heart shaped face, nose, ears, and tail! He/she is also holding a heart in his/her hands
    • Little Chick – wings started as a heart, but got separated to make is adorable bird, and the nose was a heart too!
    • Chickens – they have heart shaped wings, and the body was a upside-down heart, that was altered. Also the feathers atop their head…..two hearts!
    • Piggy – the body was also an upside-down heart, as was the face. Also has heart shaped ears, nose and little heart prints on its bottom!
    • Mouse – an obvious heart shared face and nose. Who would have thought that a mouse could be SO CUTE?

    Sentiments Include:

    • I’m stuck on you
    • Owl always love you
    • Whoo’s having a birthday?
    • You stole my heart
    • A little birdie told me…
    • What’s up chick?
    • You’re a hoot!
    • You crack me up
    • I love you “sow” much
    • You make my heart squeal
    • Happy Bird-day!
    • Just chicken in

    This set is also available in the Digital Format!!

    Now you can download these images immediately and get started on making some of the cutest projects. Digital images are wonderful because they can be resized, cropped, layered, colored, flipped…..endless possibilities! Step by Step photo directions are included with every digital stamp download file. They teach you how to crop, color and resize! In just a few clicks you will be making wonderful gifts, cards, treats and tags!

    I used the Digital stamp image here to create a little piggy jar!

    This little piggy


    This little jar was purchased in the Bridal section at Michael’s. You can buy a large pack of these cute candy jars for only $9.99 (after 50%off coupon)

    This is a super sweet and simple treat idea!


    I simply resized my digital stamp image of the pig’s head to be about 2 inches big! I printed it twice onto pink cardstock, then cut it out!


    I layered the eyes and snout on dimensionals for a more realistic look, then Layered it on my jar lid (which I already covered with a punched pink circle). Tied a bow around the “neck”.


    Then I took a pink pipe cleaner-which was cut down, wrapped it around a pencil, added a clear glue dot the the back of the jar, and adhered the curly tail I made……and BAM! ADORABLE pig jar. This took only a couple of minutes to make.


    This is filled with only PINK peanut M&M’s. Does it get ANY cuter?

    I think so!

    You make my heart squeal


    I squealed with delight after this project came together in about a minute!

    I stamped the mouse tail onto my cardstock base. Added a SWEET Dove Chocolate candy with a glue dot.  They also have other heart shaped candies for sale like store brand or REESE Peanut Butter cups in hearts this year (they didn’t last till I actually made this projects! OOPS! ). YOu could even use this concept for Lollipops!!! Now that would be CUTE! I then stamped my mouse head on pink cardstock, cut out, ad added with a glue dot. Easy Peasy! The kids could definitely make these!


    Well this set is certainly geared towards sending love ALL year long, but me being a mom, and having THREE kids in school, each with about 20 kids per class, I like to try to be economical and have my kids MAKE their own valentines.


    It can’t get much easier, and certainly not any cuter!

    Then I came up with this idea the other day that I think is SOOOOO cute.

    Stuck on you


    This uses the adorable Under Cover © Pretty Packaging template. I used my Cricut to cut the circle when I cut my template sliding cover. This made it ULTRA quick! I was also able to cut my white layer too.

    I stamped the heart argyle from Argyle Amazement on the decorative band I made. I LOVE that set. I LOVE  the heart argyle. It was inspired by a sweater my daughters have. The argyle is so versatile.

     I then made the top a shaker box, using the Stampin Up! treat cups! I often use Crystal Light cups but they are frosted so you wouldn’t be able to see the heart confetti/glitter.


    I stamped my porcupine in black StazOn, onto the cup bottom.

    I filled the cup with some heart glitter. Adhered a piece of acetate to the cup bottom to keep the glitter in, and still allow you to get a PEEK in the box!


    For my porcupine I took my singlo gel pen in a peachy color and colored the inside of the cup, so you can see the ADORABLE porcupine face. Put a adhesive heart shaped rhinestone on the nose 😀


    Filled this up with some M&M’s and it was done!


    This little piggy

    Pretty Impressions Stamps: Critters with Heart Digital image

    Cardstock: Couture Cardstock: Sweetheart

    White singlo gel pen

    Glass jar from Michael’s

    May Arts ribbon


    You make my heart squeal

    Pretty Impressions Stamps: Critters with Heart

    Cardstock: Couture Cardstock: Sweet Heart, OSW white, raven

    Scallop heart border punch by Martha Stewart

    Dove Chocolate

    Gingham Ribbon

    Stuck on you

    Pretty Impressions Stamps: Critters with Heart , Argyle Amazement

    Pretty Packaging template: Under Cover ©

    Cardstock: Couture Cardstock: Candied Apple, OSW white, raven


    Ink: Black StazOn, singlo gel pen, red, pink and berry

    Shaker cup by SU!

    Heart glitter/confetti

    Adhesive heart rhinestone

    Grosgrain ribbon in black

    So that is all for today! I have MUCH more to share with you for tomorrow, so stay tuned!!

    Welcome Home!

    Feb 2, 2010 Author: mytime | Filed under: Cards, Home decor/3-D items, My Time Made Easy

    Hope you are enjoying all the projects the team and I have had to share 😀

    Today Katie Cotton has an amazing sample for you. So be sure to check her out!

    Here is a peek:


    As soon as Lauren sent us the template for Welcome Home I instantly fell in love and knew just what I wanted to do with it!  I wanted to fashion it into a bank and use it to accept donations for the Thornwell Children’s Home, a cause my church regularly supports.  I wanted the little home to have the feel of being surrounded and filled with Love!  Using the super cute heart from You’ve Got Mail and digi paper from Cute Critters, I feel like I’ve accomplished my mission!  This little box will sit next to a box of cards that church members may “purchase” with all the proceeds going to the Children’s Home.It is so funny to me how one simple idea, can spark another, then that idea turns into yet another…..with a totally different outcome.

    That is basically how my brain works. I generally am working on a project, and “something” within that project spurs and idea, that causes me to stop dead in my tracks, and implement my “vision”. If only I had more crafting hours in a day (sigh).


    So this is the story of how Welcome Home © was created!

    It began with a card…..


    A little bird told me…

    Inside it says “that you are adding an egg to the nest”

    One of our friends is expecting their second baby! People usually don’t acknowledge a blessing like that, if it isn’t your first. I always try to make as big of a deal as I can no matter HOW many kids they have.

    I had my adorable little bird from Critters with Heart ©, all stamped, colored and cut out. I even added a page pebble to the body (SO CUTE!). I had bought this really sweet mini birdhouse, on a stand (at Target) that I was going to dress up and put my little bird on. Once I got to stamping I felt the NEED to be more creative! I just couldn’t put it on that house!

     So I thought…. how cute it would be to create my own little house shaped card. I could use a LARGE button has the “bird hole”!

    I thought…..and thought. I was looking at another project I had done using the house image from You’ve Got Mail. That is when the lights in my head came on. Truth be told I think that SIMPLE house it that set is just the cutest house ever! So small and simple. I just love it. So…..I decided to use that as my inspiration for the “birdhouse” card.

    I got to creating by using my house stamp from You’ve Got Mail © as my “template”. Before I knew it this card was created.


    I just layered 2 house pieces together. I scored the pack piece a 1/4 inch, and adhered to my card front with Scor-Tape. CUTE! CUTE! I kept it simple since I wanted the focus to be that cute lil bird!

    Once it was ALL done I thought it would be the cutest cut file! I knew if I posted the card people would ask for it. So it became a cut file.

    Then I moved on to make another sample with it.

    Another reason I wanted a simple house shaped card….


    You’ve Got Mail © is an ADORABLE mail set for ALL occasions! I’ve already received MANY suggestions of add-ons too :DI thought it would be perfect ON the house shaped card!

    This was the TINY peek you saw the other day.


    I love this set to pieces. SO versatile.

    Once I made the mailbox, and added some flower soft I was in love. I used the Argyle Amazement © set for some detail, and was about done with my would be “card”.

    As I completed it I thought “Wow! This would make a cute basket/box to give a gift in!” I planned on making a VERY simple connecting piece. As I got started I decided that I want it enclosed!


    So one thing lead to another……


    and the tab tuck in method was complete!


    I was bouncing at the possibilities!

    Now it is really cute like this, but sometimes you *may* want to add a roof. This is an option that is included with the instructions.


    So there you have it! HOW this particular project turned from almost never being, to a cut file, grown template! Sometimes my brain is much faster than my hands!! Thankfully I was able to keep up. Often I end up just sketching stuff because I can’t get to it yet.

    This is an adorable house shaped template that can be used over and over again!!

    Be it for holidays, or every day. Welcome Home © is an ADORABLE house shaped box, with a fun tabbed tuck in closure. Those of you with personal cutters, this can really extend the possibilities of this template for sure!

    Use the front and back panels as a shaped card, tag or scrapbook embellishment. I used it on a tag in a previous post.

    Use it as a gift box for any occasion such as Welcome Home, Welcome to the Neighborhood, from our house to your house, get well, cheer up, thinking of you……you get the idea.

    Fill it with a small house planter, flower seeds, coffee, tea, candles, bath products, a stuffed animal or doll, maybe some art supplies for a child to “decorate” it (perfect for a little party too!! VERY inexpensive party favor-turned party project). Endless uses and EASY to assemble.

    Sometimes we just need a quick and cute shaped box! Nothing that takes too long to assemble, but still says “I care” so I made this for you. This one certainly fits that description.

    All there is to decide is what project idea using this template will you “welcome”?

    Now another idea I have is to show how you can MAXIMIZE your supplies! If you see a style or design it can be adapted to just about any type of project!

    I took all the same elements in the 2 Welcome Home © samples, and created a third. How about a You’ve Got Mail © template to match?


    Our friends just moved in together so we wanted to bring them a little something for their scantly decorated apartment 😀

    So I used this set for presenting our gift.

    Inside this Welcome Home © gift box I have THIS scented oil warmer.

    I didn’t get a photo because I just filled it today.

    In here I have a gift card to Yankee Candle so they can pick out their own scent for the Oil Warmer. I also added a fee Peanut-butter Lindt Chocolates, to “fill” it.

    Not really a GUY gift…..but it may mask the odor from his dirty socks that he leaves all over the house! LOL! AH! NEW love!!


    A little birdie…

    Pretty Impressions © stamps: Critters with Heart

    Pretty Packaging © templates: Welcome Home ©

    Cardstock: Couture Cardstock:Rusty Hinge, Ganache

    Ink: Copic markers, Pallette brown

    Prima Flowers, Satin mini flowers by M’s,Adhesive Pearls,

    Making Memories Page Pebble, Button by Foo Fa La


    Welcome Home

    Pretty Impressions © stamps: You;ve Got Mail, Argyle Amazement

    Pretty Packaging © templates: Welcome Home

    Cardstock: Couture Cardstock: Rusty Hinge, Ganache, OSW white

    Prima Flowers and Adhesive Pearls, brad

    Scor-Pal to create lines in house.


    You’ve Got Mail : Welcome Home

    Pretty Impressions © stamps: You’ve Got Mail, Argyle Amazement

    Pretty Packaging © templates:

    Cardstock: Couture Cardstock: Rusty Hinge, OSW White SU!: Cameo Coral

    Flower soft, Prima Flower, adhesive pearls and brad.


    Well that is all for today.

    I hope you enjoyed the samples today.

     So much more to share tomorrow! Until then.

    Well I hope you are ready to see some more great projects! I’m long winded again, so be prepared!

    I apologize for that. I just can’t help myself. When I get excited I RAMBLE and spew every thought imaginable.

    So when you are done here…….Be sure to check out the Design Team: )

  • Catherine Doucette-she has a tutorial!
  • Katie Cotton
  • Kristin Bueter
  • Mona Pendleton -also has a tutorial
  • Pam Imholz
  • Tracey Cuccia-has a giveaway for the Sure Cuts A Lot!
  • My Time Made Easy LLC Store

    All projects shared are from the February Release at My Time Made Easy © LLC

    Each design team member is sharing a various template/stamp project combo for you! You are sure to be inspired. One of the best things about our collection is the INSTANT availability.

    Today I am sharing some samples using the Pretty Packaging called Happy Mail ©, and our stamp set Critters with Heart ©!

    Critters with Heart © is so super cute! Read the details on this set HERE. It is available in digital format, and our acrylic images! It wasn’t created to coordinate with the Happy Mail © template, but it does go so well together.

    Owl always love you-



    Did I say cute? I LOVE the owl. Owls actually have a heart shaped face if you look closely enough. I love the 2 owls in this set. I made them because my girls LOVE owls. They actually have owl bedding in their bedroom. I had to make 2-one for Alexa and one for Amber (at least that is what I was told to do! LOL!)

    I make LOTS of girly stuff. It just comes EASY.This was my attempt at a BOY themed mailbox. Sadly I could NOT resist the urge to add the flowers :C It just felt perfect. I quickly saw the BOY themed mailbox idea slide away as I added the 5 flowers. Still, it is perfect. Noah “carefully” ripped the flowers off before putting it in his room. He was nice enough to hand them back to me so I could “re-use” them on a project that wasn’t for him  (that was rather funny).


    I’m in love with the heart pattern in the  Cute Critters  © Digital Paper. On the flag I used the Darling Dots © pattern. Did you realize you can print s amall swatch for projects like that? So cool

     I thought this was a great mix of colors boy or girl!

    I wanted to play up on the 2 blues in the pattern, to make it boyish. A collection of colors I’ve never used together, but work (I think! LOL!). I know I am guilty of not doing enough boyish/masculine projects. When I showed this one to my hubby he was NOT liking it AT ALL! I almost ditched it all together. The more I looked at it, it grew on me 😀 So no matter what he thinks, I think I like it.


    I thought that the Jolly Rancher candies were a PERFECT match. Noah LOVES candy, and the dentist LOVES Noah. He was in heaven over this treat.


    My own children have loved using this template, and I will share some photos of their works of he”art” later this week. Every afternoon we have a craft hour. The kids and I do a “project”. This is where the templates come in handy!!

    This is how I balance “family” and “mommy time”. They get my time first (and are usually sick of me by the end of the hour) and then I can do what I want/need for craft time, and NOT feel so guilty! They are ready to take some time to spend on their own. It is good for mommy and good for the kids to learn to occupy themselves as well. They are old enough to do that too, so that helps too.

    Often my girls will move on to a solo craft project, and Noah, well he’d rather ditch craft/mommy time for video games ANY day!


    See. Here are the girls during craft time. Hard at work. Amber is stamping, Alexa is coloring….and Noah looks BORED TO DEATH!


    and another one….BORED! BORED! BORED! I don’t think he touched the mailbox at all.


    I did manage to get a smile out of him.


    See they have their own space with their own supplies, so I don’t have to fret over my things getting ruined. Kids LOVE having their own craft supplies, and being able to use them as they see fit. This is where we do all our art projects. The playroom is right off my craft room so I can easily help out when needed too.

    We are still completing the details on our mailboxes, that is why we are delayed. We had to take a “creative break” to attend some birthday parties, and go and see Disney Princesses On Ice! THAT was amazing. Poor Alexa was TRAUMATIZED by the fact that Snow White dies after eating the apple! They even put her in a “coffin”, to only wheel her off and complete her happy ending later in the show. BOY did that make some of the show unbearable. We tried to tell her it wasn’t “real”, but she is very literal, and couldn’t get past what she SAW. Anyway….thankfully the Prince kissed her awake before intermission! LOL! I’m excited to get to sharing some more photos of my kids and their artsy stuff. Seems like forever since I’ve posted anything here with them :C BAD MOMMY.

    OK now I have another sample using Happy Mail ©

    Sending you Sunshine


    For this sample I chose to use the ADORABLE little chickie in the set, and combined it with the sentiments and images from You’ve Got Mail ©!


    How cute is that lil chickie? Love him in red & yellow. I also love lots of dimension. It is just one of those things that is quick and easy, but makes a huge impact on a project! On this the bird is popped up as is the umbrella.

    This is SO spring to me.

    I have to say this umbrella patterned paper from the A Loving Heart © collection is my FAVORITE! Kristin did an amazing job on all the paper! No surprise there.

    I was SO inspired by the umbrellas in  the pattern that I mimicked the design on my mail flag.


    I stamped the umbrella on my flag in brown ink. I stamped it again on some scrap paper, and cut it out. I added Flower Soft to it, so like the paper, flowers appeared to overflow from it. LOVE THAT!!

    Now my idea of sending someone a CHEER UP sort of gift, is something along the lines of pampering


    Inside the mailbox I put a pedicure set from the Target $1 spot, and some nail polish. Nothing overly fancy, but it sure makes a super cute gift, don’t you think?

    This template truly  goes together in a snap.

    Now obviously this template is your “traditional” mailbox! If you are like me, you have scoured store isles in search of the tin version of this, year after year. The FUNNY thing about the tin version is we buy it to ALTER/COVER! LOL! Why not make your own from cardstock?


    This makes it customizable, easy and AFFORDABLE! Now you can make one for everyone, and afford to fill’er up! Cardstock usually costa a MAX of 0.20 cents a sheet, and this can use ONE 12 X 12 piece!

    Don’t forget you can easily resize the template if you have a personal cutting machine, to suit larger or smaller projects. Even better.

    You know I love matchy matchy stuff. Every good gift needs a card right?


    Speaking of smaller projects…..did you see our Love Notes © Cut Files?


     I wanted to whip up a simple card to tuck inside my template.

    Here I used the  cut files to create my card. Same design as the mailbox. Scallop layer in white. Main card layer in red. You don’t have to add the scallop layer, but it sure is PRETTY! The patterned paper being my main layer. Quick and cute.

    Then I made my envelope pocket. It is just a cute pocket that your heart shaped card can slip in to.

    Now how cute would these be for Valentines day? You’d pay MORE for ONE box of valentines that this cut file! Your children can have the fun and pride of making their own too!


    On this I made the scallop layer meant for the heart notecard, larger, so it layered on to my heart pocket. I used the You’ve Got Mail set to decorate it too. Cute eh?

    Another FAB project for the kids to do of ALL ages! My kids LOVE the Critters with Heart set!

    Noah’s favorite is the porcupine. Amber loves the owls and Alexa, she loves the pig! LOL!

    What is YOUR favorite Critter in the set? I’d love to hear it!

    Thank you for stopping by! Lots more to come tomorrow, so I hope to see you back here.

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