Hi world!! How are you all doing these days?

Im back and I have something to share! Don’t be shocked! LOL! I know the last 3 months I’ve been busy, and I am hoping that will change at some point so I can get back to sharing DAILY! I miss it. I miss all of you.

Yes I am here. Running a business and a family is a lot more work than one might think! I have my hands in every single part of this process, and it is keeping me busy. A good busy and I’m loving every second. Anyway, I am here, and what time I’ve had has been going into My Time Made Easy ™ LLC or my children and husband.

We’ve certainly kept busy here. Now the kids are on vacation, we’ve had class parties, been bowling, roller skating, to the children’s museum, celebrated Gabby’s first birthday….and there has been so much more! More on that some other day.

I’ve been creating so many projects that mainly all need to wait to be shared! However I do have one that I made for Alexa.

Scent-sational Skunk


 Last month I released 2 Cute Critters called Whooty-Love © and Heart Stealer Raccoon ©. They were based on the stamp images from Critters with Heart ©. They were such a hit! I thought it would be fun to show you that with a little imagination and you can whip up all sorts of cute critters using elements from each one!


If you don’t recognize what this was designed from I will tell you-this was created using the elements from Heart Stealer Raccoon Cut File and the Under Cover © template! Raccoon turned Skunk! Now think of all the animals you could get creating!


Now the belly on this is from one of the next additions to the Cute Critters © line up! You will see more on this the 27th! Mark your calendars for that 😀 The next 2 additions will open up even MORE possibilities. These are FUN and easy kid friendly projects too!

 If you are wondering WHY a skunk…..Alexa has a love/hate relationship with skunks. She loves them, yet is truly terrified of them! LOL! It’s very strange. When we go to a children’s outside nature museum called Squam Lake she LOVES learning all about the Skunks. She reads books about them, draws pictures and everything, yet when faced with one she FREAKS that it is going to spray her. She even has nightmares about them being in her room. I can’t explain it really. When she sees skunk stuffed animals though she wants one! Anyway…..for Valentines Day I made her a skunk box!


Did you even think a SKUNK box could be so cute? I’m in love with it. She is even holding a flower bouquet!

I used all the raccoon elements here. I cut the Under Cover © template, ear base, face base, nose, arms, legs and tail in black cardstock. Then I cut the face heart from white, along with the ears, and tail again. Instead of the Raccoon face (eyes/mask) I used the nose and Googly eyes to create a skunk face. So easy and super cute!

I just cut the white part of the tail to fit in the center all skunk like.

Inside this box is the YUMMY scented bar of soap! Alexa loves this scent, so I’m giving it to her. She always gives me a hard time about taking a shower in the morning, so I’m crossing my fingers this helps! LOL!!

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you are all enjoying your own families and get some creative time in. I have received many emails from many of you bloggers sharing your MTME creations with me and I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing what you’ve done with me!

Be back soon.

In the meantime enjoy your family creative time!