You asked, I listened.

That is my goal as a fellow papercrafter, and store owner.

I spent some time making a video to show you the step by step process for the basic things you need to know when using your Cricut and SCAL for the Pretty Packaging © templates or Pretty Pieces © Cut Files!


PLEASE NOTE: I had to hold the video in hand, type and record. SORRY!! I hope my camera base gets fixed so I can put it in the tripod next time.

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Bottom line: Click at your own risk!

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I also put together a step by step PDF download with the instructions for the basic steps that are covered in the video, so you can utilize your Cricut and SCAL. Now you have both a text and visual reference.

If you for some reason cannot view the video, no worries! All the needed info is attached below.


my-time-made-easy-guide-to-using-cricut-with-scal-software.pdf  <—-Click that to download/print/save a PDF of the general instructions for what you will want/need to know to get started in MINUTES!

There are SO many various things you can do with your Cricut. This was made to serve as a quick reference! Play around and have fun with it. Now you can print it out and keep it next to your computer as you get ready to download your Pretty Packaging © template or Pretty Pieces © Cut File!

Since many of you are so nervous, feeling technically challenged, or may be on the fence about learning how to use the Pretty Packaging © templates in our fabulous cut file versions, I want to tell you to CUT IT OUT! (I mean that literally :D) Put down the scissors……and keep reading.

I should make it known that all our Pretty Packaging © templates or Pretty Pieces © Cut Files come in  files for just about every cutting machine available!

We offer our files in PDF-for those of you with a home printers, as well as SVG, WPC, DXF, and GSD.

For more details please read —>HERE.

I want all of you to know that YOU can accomplish ANYTHING. There are NO limits. If I can do something to help you achieve that accomplishment, then I am over the moon to do that for you. I take pride in especially helping you make AMAZING coordinating cards,tags and gifts EASIER and more affordable than ever!

There is no better feeling than learning something you thought impossible.

So with that being said I am here today to show you how to use the Pretty Packaging © template or Pretty Pieces ©Cut File with your Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot software.

NOTE: The Cricut  is the most popular type of personal cutter, and the one I get the most requests/questions about. It is also the cutting system that I personally use, so that is why I am using this cutter for my tutorial.

I do advise you to look in to ALL other personal cutting machine options before making the choice to purchase one, should you be considering that investment. We all have different prefernces/wants/needs, as well as budgets! Make a decision based on what is best for you.

You may not even want a personal cutter, as you enjoy our PDF version. That is perfectly wonderful. I ensure you that I will continue to always offer my products in that format 😀 No worries!

To get started:

You would need the Cricut, ANY Cricut Cartridge, Sure Cuts A Lot Software, and a USB cable

You can find the Sure Cuts A Lot software for the BEST price I have ever seen–> HERE! YES! There is a MAC version too.

I forgot to mention that they are offering a coupon code right now.  The code will take an additional 10% off of the entire purchase. The code is FEB14 and it expires at midnight EST on 2/14/10.PS I don’t get a commission or ANYTHING from Cricut, or CandaCraft. I just enjoy sharing what I love and a great deal!

MANY of us are visual learners so that is why I put together a quick video for you! I knew once I was able to show you just how easy it is to download  and use our Pretty Packaging © templates or Pretty Pieces ©Cut Files with your Cricut you would feel more confident in knowing YOU can do this.

You can access a FREE Pretty Packaging © template in our store —> Cutesy Cover. Now you can start with a great template RISK FREE!

All our template cut files come with a PDF version. Each template has full color photos, with step by step instructions. It is very clear and easy to understand, no matter what your skill level!

When you download your Pretty Packaging © template or Pretty Pieces © Cut File make a folder for JUST those types of files.

This keeps your files organized so you can easily access them. Then each time you go to obtain a file to cut, it will be readily available in that same folder you opened in the Sure Cuts A Lot program.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. I hope you found it informative and helpful.

Now if you are looking for actual eye candy you will want to see what Tracey Cuccia has in store for you!

Look what she did!


Some words from Tracey Cuccia

“Technology is great, isn’t it?  I think back to even 10 years ago, and it’s AMAZING the things you can do from your PHONE now!  I LOVE my iPhone, and would be lost without it.  I don’t think I could ever go back to LBI (Life Before iPhone – lol).  I can keep in touch with my friends via e-mail or facebook, get the latest news, play games, and even make my grocery list!  So what on EARTH does this have to do with My Time Made Easy???  Let me show you…HERE

Is that project not CRAZY??!!

I have some samples to share tomorrow ! I have to say creating the pdf document then all the video creating/editing wore me out! LOL! I’ve been busting my butt this release 😀 I actually need to purchase a new computer chair!! LOL!! I kid you not.

Well thanks for checking in!

I also have a very informative post all about the cost effectiveness and benefits of using our AMAZING Pretty Printables © digital paper! So be on the look out for that ( it may even be another video too! depends on the response to that)

I am spending some time with my niece Gabriella (or as we call her Gabba! LOL! OK her parents call her Gabby I call her Gabba) She turns ONE next Friday! OMG! Seems like yesterday…..I’m so looking forward to having her for the day 😀 I could just eat her up. I’ll have to get some photos! She is SO beautiful! She looks a lot like Amber. Reminds me of her too. OH! Where does the time go?

Till tomorrow.