Well I hope you are ready to see some more great projects! I’m long winded again, so be prepared!

I apologize for that. I just can’t help myself. When I get excited I RAMBLE and spew every thought imaginable.

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  • Mona Pendleton -also has a tutorial
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    All projects shared are from the February Release at My Time Made Easy © LLC

    Each design team member is sharing a various template/stamp project combo for you! You are sure to be inspired. One of the best things about our collection is the INSTANT availability.

    Today I am sharing some samples using the Pretty Packaging called Happy Mail ©, and our stamp set Critters with Heart ©!

    Critters with Heart © is so super cute! Read the details on this set HERE. It is available in digital format, and our acrylic images! It wasn’t created to coordinate with the Happy Mail © template, but it does go so well together.

    Owl always love you-



    Did I say cute? I LOVE the owl. Owls actually have a heart shaped face if you look closely enough. I love the 2 owls in this set. I made them because my girls LOVE owls. They actually have owl bedding in their bedroom. I had to make 2-one for Alexa and one for Amber (at least that is what I was told to do! LOL!)

    I make LOTS of girly stuff. It just comes EASY.This was my attempt at a BOY themed mailbox. Sadly I could NOT resist the urge to add the flowers :C It just felt perfect. I quickly saw the BOY themed mailbox idea slide away as I added the 5 flowers. Still, it is perfect. Noah “carefully” ripped the flowers off before putting it in his room. He was nice enough to hand them back to me so I could “re-use” them on a project that wasn’t for him  (that was rather funny).


    I’m in love with the heart pattern in the  Cute Critters  © Digital Paper. On the flag I used the Darling Dots © pattern. Did you realize you can print s amall swatch for projects like that? So cool

     I thought this was a great mix of colors boy or girl!

    I wanted to play up on the 2 blues in the pattern, to make it boyish. A collection of colors I’ve never used together, but work (I think! LOL!). I know I am guilty of not doing enough boyish/masculine projects. When I showed this one to my hubby he was NOT liking it AT ALL! I almost ditched it all together. The more I looked at it, it grew on me 😀 So no matter what he thinks, I think I like it.


    I thought that the Jolly Rancher candies were a PERFECT match. Noah LOVES candy, and the dentist LOVES Noah. He was in heaven over this treat.


    My own children have loved using this template, and I will share some photos of their works of he”art” later this week. Every afternoon we have a craft hour. The kids and I do a “project”. This is where the templates come in handy!!

    This is how I balance “family” and “mommy time”. They get my time first (and are usually sick of me by the end of the hour) and then I can do what I want/need for craft time, and NOT feel so guilty! They are ready to take some time to spend on their own. It is good for mommy and good for the kids to learn to occupy themselves as well. They are old enough to do that too, so that helps too.

    Often my girls will move on to a solo craft project, and Noah, well he’d rather ditch craft/mommy time for video games ANY day!


    See. Here are the girls during craft time. Hard at work. Amber is stamping, Alexa is coloring….and Noah looks BORED TO DEATH!


    and another one….BORED! BORED! BORED! I don’t think he touched the mailbox at all.


    I did manage to get a smile out of him.


    See they have their own space with their own supplies, so I don’t have to fret over my things getting ruined. Kids LOVE having their own craft supplies, and being able to use them as they see fit. This is where we do all our art projects. The playroom is right off my craft room so I can easily help out when needed too.

    We are still completing the details on our mailboxes, that is why we are delayed. We had to take a “creative break” to attend some birthday parties, and go and see Disney Princesses On Ice! THAT was amazing. Poor Alexa was TRAUMATIZED by the fact that Snow White dies after eating the apple! They even put her in a “coffin”, to only wheel her off and complete her happy ending later in the show. BOY did that make some of the show unbearable. We tried to tell her it wasn’t “real”, but she is very literal, and couldn’t get past what she SAW. Anyway….thankfully the Prince kissed her awake before intermission! LOL! I’m excited to get to sharing some more photos of my kids and their artsy stuff. Seems like forever since I’ve posted anything here with them :C BAD MOMMY.

    OK now I have another sample using Happy Mail ©

    Sending you Sunshine


    For this sample I chose to use the ADORABLE little chickie in the set, and combined it with the sentiments and images from You’ve Got Mail ©!


    How cute is that lil chickie? Love him in red & yellow. I also love lots of dimension. It is just one of those things that is quick and easy, but makes a huge impact on a project! On this the bird is popped up as is the umbrella.

    This is SO spring to me.

    I have to say this umbrella patterned paper from the A Loving Heart © collection is my FAVORITE! Kristin did an amazing job on all the paper! No surprise there.

    I was SO inspired by the umbrellas in  the pattern that I mimicked the design on my mail flag.


    I stamped the umbrella on my flag in brown ink. I stamped it again on some scrap paper, and cut it out. I added Flower Soft to it, so like the paper, flowers appeared to overflow from it. LOVE THAT!!

    Now my idea of sending someone a CHEER UP sort of gift, is something along the lines of pampering


    Inside the mailbox I put a pedicure set from the Target $1 spot, and some nail polish. Nothing overly fancy, but it sure makes a super cute gift, don’t you think?

    This template truly  goes together in a snap.

    Now obviously this template is your “traditional” mailbox! If you are like me, you have scoured store isles in search of the tin version of this, year after year. The FUNNY thing about the tin version is we buy it to ALTER/COVER! LOL! Why not make your own from cardstock?


    This makes it customizable, easy and AFFORDABLE! Now you can make one for everyone, and afford to fill’er up! Cardstock usually costa a MAX of 0.20 cents a sheet, and this can use ONE 12 X 12 piece!

    Don’t forget you can easily resize the template if you have a personal cutting machine, to suit larger or smaller projects. Even better.

    You know I love matchy matchy stuff. Every good gift needs a card right?


    Speaking of smaller projects…..did you see our Love Notes © Cut Files?


     I wanted to whip up a simple card to tuck inside my template.

    Here I used the  cut files to create my card. Same design as the mailbox. Scallop layer in white. Main card layer in red. You don’t have to add the scallop layer, but it sure is PRETTY! The patterned paper being my main layer. Quick and cute.

    Then I made my envelope pocket. It is just a cute pocket that your heart shaped card can slip in to.

    Now how cute would these be for Valentines day? You’d pay MORE for ONE box of valentines that this cut file! Your children can have the fun and pride of making their own too!


    On this I made the scallop layer meant for the heart notecard, larger, so it layered on to my heart pocket. I used the You’ve Got Mail set to decorate it too. Cute eh?

    Another FAB project for the kids to do of ALL ages! My kids LOVE the Critters with Heart set!

    Noah’s favorite is the porcupine. Amber loves the owls and Alexa, she loves the pig! LOL!

    What is YOUR favorite Critter in the set? I’d love to hear it!

    Thank you for stopping by! Lots more to come tomorrow, so I hope to see you back here.