Amber’s 4th Birthday invitations

Put on your party dress, and join us for a day of pampering!

Its hard to give a 4 year old the “burden” of choosing a stamp set for their birthday theme. It is so hard to choose, and what they want changes minute to minute!

Amber turned 4 in August, but we are having her party in October. A summer birthday party usually has people too busy to come, and September is crazy for families to get back in the swing of things.

ANYWAY-Amber is have a “Day of Beauty” party! We are going to the Empire Beauty School, where the girls will get manicure’s, pedicure’s, their hair done all fancy, and a little lip gloss and blush (if the mom says it is OK prior to the party). Isn’t that SO cool? Its really inexpensive when you go to a teaching school rather than a beauty parlor, so if this is something you want to do I recommend looking into that option. Its cost literally more than 50% LESS for me to this this there (with MORE services included) than at the fancy salon!!

 I read a fabulous book on birthday parties called Peppers and Pollywogs. It is really helpful when planning parties, and super for the proper way to avoid a problem!! She answers those questions about how to handle certain issues that can arise such as the fact that I should ask BEFORE the party about the make-up thing. I never would have thought to do that BEFORE, and that way it won’t be offered if it is an issue. AND it doesn’t put anyone in a pressure situation DThe book is great, and as a mom who really loves doing cool stuff for my kids parties I enjoyed the helpful ideas and guidelines. It even helps with how much to spend on parities, and gifts etc. Seriously check it out.

That brings me to the stamp set.

I told Amber to pick what she wanted for her set.

First choice from me was Dog Plate #1. Amber agreed it was cute. Then she saw my Lily (aka Amber) stamp set. She then decided Lily (um, Amber-which looks like Lily if she were a cartoon! LOL!) holding a balloon was the best choice.

I was a tad relieved we didn’t use the dog set because coloring 14 of those would NOT be fun. I DISLIKE GREATLY mass producing. You have NO IDEA. So we were going with Lily.

Then, while at one of my many weekly visits to Target (yes, its a sickness. I believe there is a large unseen magnet that draws me in there several times a week), we were of course in the craft section, when Amber spotted this set


HOLY! MOLY!!! Yes you are looking at an entire acrylic Disney Princess set!!!!

Now if you ever priced these stamps wood mounted, you would know that they run $8-$16 EACH! This set was only $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am that excited. My girls are in LOVE with these Disney images, and to score a set like that is INSANE! SO RUN!

OK so, Amber see’s the set and say “OH! MY! WORD!” “MOM! Look at that!” (yes she talks just like me, its hilarious)”We HAVE to buy that!” (spoken like a true shopper. I am proud!) I then picked it up and said “Yes, we do!” At this point Jason just wanted to vomit. The banter back and forth gave him future flashes of his future when Amber is a teenager, and we will be shopping, with HIS credit card! LOL!

Anyway, we got the set and Amber decided she wanted Sleeping Beauty for her image. So now we went through 3 images, to finally decide on this. So to work I went!

Amber’s favorite color is pink. So that was what color she wanted ,which was perfect for sleeping beauty. I think her invites came out so pretty! We used a Bazzill cardstock with a shimmer- Romance is the color I believe. Her crown and necklace just sparkle away (you can’t see by the photo though). I will say coloring ALL of the images wasn’t that fun, but they look great! One of the mom’s even asked where I found that sticker! THAT was quite the compliment 😀

SO now we wait for the party. It will be so fun. No prep or cleaning up from me-we just show up with the cake and ice cream. I am not doing favors either. The party is enough I believe. OK MAYBE I will put a mini nail-polish in the cup cakes, but that is it.

Now I have to plan for Alexa’s birthday party (which her b-day is the 29th of this month), so I best get crackin.

I have SO MUCH more stuff to share, but only so much time. Its crazy. Im going to be doing like 2 posts a day, I swear!!

OK I really need to run-literally, so talk to you later!