flowers a flutter

Here I go again!

I LOVE butterflies. I love whimsical. I love black. I love rhinstone stickers. I love dimension. I love 3D images. I love flower everything. I love when one color makes a card POP. I love paper piercing. I love single layers. I love simple. I love when it just falls together.

THAT being said I LOVE this card! I love Garden Whimsy. I love my stamps! LOL!

I love that despite the fact I can’t draw a stick figure that is recognizable, stamps can make me the artist my own skills won’t allow! Dont you love that too?

I use to not be able to do CLEAN. I use to have every little area covered in some image or with something. That was LONG ago-like first few months learning to stamp. As I got more comfortable with myself and developed MY STYLE (which Im not sure has a name or distinct look that fits a category, other that its MINE) this look became easier. Its not forced, or over thought. Now I like cleaner simpler looks. I have changed.

These clear “ghost shapes” by Heidi Swapp ROCK! I had them for OVER a year and am finally using them, and now cant stop. Its sad to think how long I have neglected such a cool item.

Its one of those purchases that I said “I dont know what to do with these but they are cool” Since that time my stamping has evolved (as it continues to do regularly-I think) and now I know HOW to make’em work.

I LOVE that the flowers are CLEAR and dont obstruct my beautiful butterflies. Although you can paint these or layer paper behind them- I love them being clear.

I love that everything isnt so PERFECTY aligned, and it goes off the card.

Sometimes you just LOVE it all. And it all just works.

I love the funky whimsical font from my accidental purchase- Absolutley Fabulous. I was determined to get some good use form a $22 mistake! And I am!

Well I hope you liked this one, and it inspires you in some way. Enjoy the day.