I have alot of insight I think for this post as I share my shooting stars cards.

Alot of times we all feel like we want and need acceptance in the stamping world. Its natural to want others to love what we do, and be validated. When I created these cards I was thinking of my own goals, hopes, and dreams for my future. After all, the set is called MAKE A WISH. When you buy it $7 from every set goes towards making a sick childs dreams come true.

Dreams are important in life. Everyone should have them.

Anyway, back to dreams and needing validation, alot of us may feel like we need to be published to be recognized amongst our peers in this industry. Then I thought about it a little more. I get more recognition PUBLISHING my OWN stuff on MY blog and SCS thanfrom any magazine! I also think I touch just as many people! Im not saying that I dont love seeing my creations in print, they always look better there! LOL! Im just saying sharing in this was is important and we are ALL recognized.

THINK ABOUT IT! Everytime you share a card you ARE PUBLISHED! Just not in paper format that people pay to see LOL! But still, think of how many people do see it and get inspired. Just a thought.

I also feel that alot of companies are seeing the power of blog posting as oppose to advertising in magazines. ONLINE is the way the world is going.

So next time you upload realize you are publishing yourself everytime. And I guarantee at LEAST one person is inspired by your creation. And that is awesome.

So about today-I was suppose to publish a entry earlier.

Sorry I was MIA all day! I was chatting on the phone with AmyR, for so long my phone battery DIED! We were chatting about all the cool new items that are coming out since CHA. I think we are a bad match cause we enable eachother WAY TOO much! LOL!

Speaking of enabling-Melody (aka lacyquilter) had me order a butterfly set from Hero Arts and it arrived today too! YEAH!

AND I got a card from a super busy, and super cool friend nominating today PSF day! So to all my PSF’s (pretend stamping friends) BIG HUGS!

Anyway-I was also busycause I got my Stampin Up order in and was so upset cause I ordered the wrong set! Instead of Fabulous Flowers I got Absolutely Fabulous! GRRRRRR!

Dont you HATE when that happens? Anyway Im sure Ill use it since Im a sucker for sentiments, and it was totally on my list, but when you expect ONE thing, and get another-its awful. Oh well. Another order to place Im sure.

Now for what you came here for. Im sure it wasnt my BABBLE! Let me share a card here with you.

wish for you Wishing on a Star

This one (as are both) VERY simple. I used my Glue Pad, and Martha Stewart glitter. Wrapped some silver cord around the top, and tied on a star (very glittery) that I made using my Cuttlebug star die, and DCWV glitter stack white paper. It was hard to get a descent photo of these.

 shooting star Shooting Stars

OK I gave up on even trying to get a perfect photo. All the bling between the glitter and the star it was impossible. I tried my photo box but it just wasnt workin for me. Just believe me when I say its very sparkly!

Tomorrow is my Saturday Sketch! Dont miss it! I have ANOTHER Make A Wish card to share, and a pretty Princess one too! I may save that for Sunday-depending on weather or not Jay watches football tonight and I get to stamp!

ALSO I have become part of the Scor Pal team! Yeah! I created a cool Window Box that will be shared there SOON, and an envelope tutorial. Told you I have been busy 😀

Now its time for a a vanilla bean chiller. MMMMMMMMMMM

What are you doing this weekend?