I know, I’ve probably said this before-but I will again!

Inspiration is EVERYWHERE! You may have to be a little creative to figure out a way to make what you are inspired by, transform onto your cardstock, but it can happen! And it can be amazing.

Here is a card that was inspired by Ambers Birthday Dress. It had eyelet lace like material for the panels of her dress.

eylet lace Eyelet Lace

As I looked at the fabric panels I thought-WOW eyelet lace is just so pretty. It would be so cool to make a card like that.

So I did.

My idea was to use a flower, and cut portions of it out. This idea started as a single layer card-using Jolies Fleurs set (and So Swirly). I planned on just using the Pearle-scent ink in beige, on shimmery white cardstock, and cutting out the area on the flower. I used my Tool Taxi hobby blade to cut out the area inside the flower image.

Well as you can see, that idea progressed into a layered card, where my eyelet lace flower would become the main focus, and then have some flowers outside of the cut panel. I wanted to keep the delicate, soft neutral feel-so I went with my most favorite color right now-Soft Sky.

See how much an original idea can transpire if your not afraid to just go with it! Whats the worst that can happen? You trash it and start over? WHOOP DEE DO! If I stuck with my original plan, and was afraid to let it progress I wouldn’t have what is in my opinion a much more gorgeous version of my eyelet lace inspired card! LOL!

I would have a single layer-plainer card. Which is fine too.

Bet you didnt think it was going to go into all this dramatic detail did ya?

Anyway, I wanted more detail, so I added some embossed vellum cardstock-another soft touch.

Hope you like it! I left it blank. This could be a wedding card or other FABULOUS occassion card.

So go look around you, and transform an item of inspiration onto your cardstock!