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I have tona to babble about, as I feel like Im on the phone sharing with a girlfriend. If you aren’t into the BLAH BLAH BLAH-scroll down to the cool Lauren’s Loot Bag.

I JUST got back from the dentist. I havent been in 10 years! HATE that place and would rather give birth again than go to the dentist-seriously! Id even take a PAP Smear over it.

After x-rays and whatnot I now remember WHY I hate the dentist-I have 11 cavities! HOLY CRAP! How many teeth are in our head? 32-and 11 of mine of ruined! After being told I have that many cavities I was then complimented that I have beautiful teeth, lots of protective enamel blah blah blah then told had I actually had my twice yearly cleaning Id be fabulous. Slapped on the wrist told to fix my cavities and keep up with cleaning and I will keep the pearly coffee yellows my whole life! LOL!

I was also asked how on earth I am even eatting due to one major cavity on my left side. Guess when you have given birth to 3 children and your daughter has Cancer some things just take a back seat and pain has a whole new meaning! OK sorry I have to make light that this 10 year avoidance is going to cost me over $2,000, as I also learned our dental cover more than ___________(insert whatever word you wish).

Let me say that I have enjoyed reading all your comments. Looks like alot of you NEED more stamp time 😀 AND you all need to post your creations MORE, and dont be afraid to participate in challenges. Its alot of fun and helps you grow as a stamper!

I am also happy to read I’m not the only hoarder of my stamped little treasures of art. I did feel more alone in the fact that Im not a good person and sends lots of RAK’s and just because cards. Its not that I dont have “peep’s” who would love it! I just never do it.

Upon reading the comments I found the site Cards For Cancer. I decided to take my Hoarded treasures and help a cause! I am sending them there! I have to go through my box- (make sure they are appropriate ones) but will post the photo of all the goodies I send there this weekend orsometime next week. We will see what our family Labor Day weekend has planned as to my free MYTIME.

Have any of you considered doing that?

Let me clarify that my intent for the questions was not to guilt you into purging. I just love hearing about my readers, and then this link popped up and there I was PMing someone about what they do!

Obviously I love to help in whatever avenue my stamping can make a difference-donating cards for cause, Alexa’s stamp set, Make A Wish set, YOU NAME IT. Last Christmas I donated a bunch of cards (over 1,000)  to Davids House for families of sick children. Anyway-wanted to share that with you.


Well I thought it would be fun to share this idea I had while attempting a card that went WRONG! Its cool how a bad thing can be turned so good.

I decided it would be come a bag holder, due to the flap style. Since the idea was for Halloween treat bags I like to call it Lauren’s Loot 😀 With the help of my Scor-Pal, it was really easy to whip up. Love the crisp and profession score I get.

These came out cute, and were really fast and easy to make. I’m thinking this is the Halloween Lott bags my kids classes are going to receive.

ghostly loot Spooky Delight

This is the front view. The Ghost image by C.C. Designs (Halloween set releasing tomorrow) was actually stamped on white glitter paper by DCWV. The “moon” is a piece of banana cardstock punched with a 1 1/4 circle, and does have a Sakura glitter pen run along the edges. Sorry for the blurry photo.

The stars paper was a perfect cover for my bag front. Its the Rock Star stack also by DCWV.

Click the thumbnails to view images larger.

ghost loot side 1 View from side so you can see its a bag cover

ghost loot 2 Other side, flap open. The image is adhered to the flap portion so it open. THe image on the flap weighs it down so it stays closed.


1)Take a white lunch sack or other bag, can cut down top to size.

     In this case my bag is 3 1/2 wide by 4 inches high.

2) Cut base from cardstock or patterned cardstock. It should be a bit wider all around the bag.

      My example measures 4 1/4 x 6 1/2.

3) Score at 1 1/2 inches for the flap.

4) Use redline tape and adhere bag to base. Cover front of bag with piece of coordinating cardstock


Here is a supah cute sample for a shower Lauren’s Loot bag. This could be baby or bridal shower. Endless possibilities!

mft loot bag Shower Time

This one is cool cause the flap slided under the ribbon-so you can fit ALOT of goodies in there!

mft loot side 3 Side view  mft loot side 1  other side view bag full  side open mft loot Bag open

Well I hope you liked this idea, and if you attempt it please share a link to it for us! Very easy to do, especially for mass producing.

I’d love to hear what you think of my samples.

TOMORROW I announce the MYTIME MAIL winner, and have my Sketch Challenge. So for those who haven’t done any now is a great time to start!