simple piece

WOW! Why doesn’t a weekday go by as fast as a weekend day?

I have SO much I am working on its insanely awesome! I can’tshare alot of it right now-but all in time. You can see my new biography HERE and check in to see some of my reports for the Craft Critique, each month.

This was an extremely simple card I did just for YOU! I really wanted to have a post today, and since we had Amber’s 3rd b-day party ALL day I quickly whipped this up for YOU!

Our time is priceless, as is each creation we make with our stamps.

You are all “so kind” with all you share with me and taking the time to comment or email me. I truly appreciate all of it. I love keeping up with my blog-and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

That being said, I hope this encourages YOU to see that not every card has to be layer upon layer. OR That it has to have an amazing color combo to be great or stand out.

Sometimes we dont have time to do all that, and the beauty of giving our art to someone is that it is just that-every piece- ART. And weather it took 6 minutes (like this card) or over an hour, it will be appreciated just the same.

It would take longer to go get in the car to buy a card then to make one!


In 10 minutes or less! Create a card.

 I hope you will go stamp a SIMPLE card using black and white or another simple combo-weather its a monochromatic look or one color and white/black. Whatever-keep it simple and under 10 minutes.

Link it here so we can all see what you do!

I know how long this card took because it was a commercial break, and then a tiny bit into the segment! I always look at the clock too before I start just to see HOW long it took.  It would have been less if I hadn’t cut the flower, and could have got those jewels to stick the first time! LOL!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Tomorrow I will have an altered item to share-YEAH!