Just moved 

Meet Sellabella. Isn’t she HOT!

I bought her MONTHS ago! Now I am not a Realtor. But I thought she would make great cards for people who just moved, bought or sold a home, or even WELCOME to the neighborhood! Dont I sound like a sweet neighbor?

In all honesty I could barely tell you my neighbor’s names, and I dont really even say more than HI to most! Awful isn’t it? Especially since we live in a tiny town. I like to think I could be the June Cleaver of the neighborhood, but I honestly am not. (If you dont know who June Cleaver is, then I have totally dated myself EW!)

NOTE to self-get to know your neighbors.

We do make sure we check the pedophile list every month! Having children that is a must. We live in walking distance to the schools so the good news is they aren’t SUPPOSE to live within a certain distance! But you NEVER know.

After checking I do know they all live near our town Post office! Weird! Its like this street put up a sign-ALL Pedophiles MOVE HERE! OK enough of that.

SOOOOOOOOOO When my good friend AmyR moved I got inspired to dust off my pretty un-inked Bella and make a card. I will send this to her as soon as I get some goodies to add with it. Maybe it will cheer her up, considering she isnt in love with her new home.

I used the same paper in my post yesterday. Piggy Tales! Cute huh?

She is colored with my Copic Markers.

The ribbon is by CTMH, as is the sentiment (Welcome to the neighborhood set). Hinge and key was from JoAnns Craft essentials. Brads by SU!

Well thanks for looking! Tomorrow Jason and I are off to out get away! One overnight date-kid free! WAHOOOOO!