Hi everyone-this is a family post so read at your own discretion.

I’m making this very quick, as I am heading out the door!  

Those of you who have followed MY MOTHERS STORY <— CLICK to read I have an update for you, and if you get a chance, and believe in prayer, say a quick one for my family today please.

I am heading out the door today to go to court with my mom. Last time we went to court her husband/and his lawyer agreed there was enough evidence to not fight against being held in jail without bail for 90 days.

Well the 90 days are up, and since that time my mom has had to appear before a jury to hear her side of thestory (and his) so they could decide if the charges of attempted murder as well as several others were appropriate for this case. It was decided that yes, they were and they also added a kidnapping charge to that as well.

 Today is VERY important because it will be decided if they hold her husband in jail until is trial, or if they will let him out on bail.

Please just pray there is enough reason to hold him where he belongs until he has a fair trail. I know my mother will not be safe if he is released, due to a particular incident that occurred, and many details that I cannot disclose. There is always much more to story.

It’s been a very tough week for me as I also lost my two fur-babies (my cats Moo-moo and Lovey) this past Monday.

They were 14 years old.

When most people get their first apartment they worry about furniture and things like that, my first purchase were my two cats! Being in a house of a dog lover growing up, we weren’t allowed to have cats. I always wanted one, so that is the first thing I did! They’ve been with me almost half my life!

 I had them since they were 4 weeks old! I planned on ONLY getting ONE kitten, but when I showed up, while the 3 other litters of kittens this woman had (we won’t go into my thoughts on that situation!) the two of them were cuddled together sleeping, then when they awoke they cleaned each-other!! I couldn’t separate them, so I took them both!

 I had to bottle feed them because they were still so young. They were brother and sister, and they needed someone because thier mother got run over by a car.

Long story short, they’ve both battled kidney issues since they were 5. My little boy cat-Moo-moo had more of the kidney issues over the last 5 years. For some time he’s been urinating blood. There has been nothing we can do, as we have done everything we could the last few years.

 Anyway, come to find out, over the weekend prior we realized they were both urinating pure blood, and were suffering with pain daily. They came into this world together, and left this world together. The two of them slept and played together daily for the last 14 years. I’m heartbroken. My dog Daisy has barely eaten all week. She use to sleep with them too. Its really hard.

Alexa is also pretty ill today, so my husband is taking her to the doctor for that, and I pray everything checks out OK.

I really hate to be such a downer today, but this is what is going on in my life. Tomorrow will be a better day, and some prayer can help all situations. I’m just running on empty this week.

In light of my DOWNER issues I would like to hear about something GOOD that is going on with each of YOU! I think hearing good news of others always brightens people’s day. It can be big news or something you are just happy about or proud of! SHARE!!!

On a GOOD note from me we are going on a family vacation very soon and the kids couldn’t be more excited! They are at great ages and I am really looking forward to time with them. 

OK gotta run!!

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