The things I’ve crossed off my to do list the last few days are INSANE! How about you?

We are getting ready for vacation, so I’m back to workin my hiney off to be swim suit ready within the next month, and I have 2 things to say:

1) OUCH!

My body hurts!! I know its a good hurt because I’m using muscles that have been neglected. The ONLY muscle getting any use the last few months has been my BUTT cause I’ve been sitting on it typing and makin files! LOL! OH and then I guess my finger too


 LOL! When I work out I eat WAY more than I usually do, because my body/metabolism is actually working! I eat more than usual and LOSE weight. Typically I don’t eat breakfast or lunch, and then by 3pm I’m starving. I can generally live off coffee the first few hours of life, so hunger normally doesn’t occur. This is BAD. I NEED to eat. its good for you to eat several smaller meals a day. Keeps everything moving, and you body burning calories, so I am getting back to that.

OK totally off topic but I felt the need to just say it, since all I can think of is how SORE and HUNGRY I am! LOL!

Its the end of the year, and teacher gifts need completing, so WHY am I typing this post instead?

(You may want to check out the Boxed Lunch Perfect Package if you ARE making gifts :D)

I don’t know, maybe its my therapy! LOL! My little connection to the world. I enjoy sharing everything here. Its kinds like a virtual diary of creativity 😀 Its the coolest thing to know others may get enjoyment or inspiration from me in any way 😀 So I keep doing my best to keep creating.

My husbands jokes “Don’t you worry about running out of ideas?” While I giggle, YES! That does  freak me out! LOL! But I have so many ideas jotted down it may take a lifetime to get them all made, so I won’t worry about that just yet.

Speaking of ideas and creativity, I figured I share a fun little project using a technique I’ve not tried in a long time, so I hope you have a minute (or like 5)

The official June release week at My Time Made Easy ™ LLC is over, but I made SO much stuff I still have plenty to keep sharing! Certainly NOT a bad thing.

So I figured I’d share some samples I created using the rose bud flourish image from the A Spot of Tea set! I LOVE the way that turned out, so I wanted to showcase it a little. I think the tags, and that flourish a SUPER on thier own 😀

First up here is a simple card I made.


I really loved using the Rambling Rose Cut File, combined with the flourish image from the A Spot of Tea !! It makes a stunning combination!


I drew a frame around the sentiment, which is from the All A Flutter Sentiments. I really love this sentiment, and has forgotten all about it until I got a birthday card from Pam! When I read it I was just like “WOW! I so love that sentiment. I swear I have that somewhere!” Then it dawned on me “DUH!! You MADE it into a set! LOL!” So I knew that was going to be what I wanted for my card 😀 I then obviously needed a  butterfly (I swear I could use a butterfly on EVERY project and never tire of them) so I used the butterfly from Just For You set. I’m finding I turn to that set A LOT too 😀 I love incorporating older sets/products with the newer sets/products!

Next, you may have seen this on the website, so I figured it would be a good one to share (Plus I got some HOW DID YOU DO THAT? emails :D)

Now keeping the focus on that same rose bud flourish, from A Spot of Tea, I decided to make a “faux metal” embellishment for my candle!


I knew I wanted to take a simple candle and “step it up”.


So, I made a fancy schmancy topper for the candle.

I used the Killer Curves Frame to cut my label. Then I stamped it with the Killer Curves : Fancy Framesborder, which I colored in with my Copic markers.


Punched a hole in the center, to pull my wick though, then stamped the sentiment from Sensational Sentiments. Note: you will want to punch your hole FIRST so you can ensure it is in the center! The stamps are clear photo-polymer, so lining things up is a breeze.

Then I added some pearls and a Prima flower! Love it.


This was wrapped with the Tea Parlor: Bow Bells Lagoon paper. It was designed using the rose bud flourish so it is a PERFECT match! Love matchy matchy stuff!

How AMAZING does that look? Can you believe its NOT real metal?!



All I did want use my Versamark ink pad, smooshed it onto my cardstock. Ensuring lots of ink got on there evenly.

Layered on some Silver embossing powder, then heat set.

Repeat at LEAST 5 X’s-Smoosh ink pad, add embossing powder, heat set!

On the LAST time for the heat setting that last layer, make sure you ink your stamp in either versamark ink ,or you can use a permanent black for a cool look.

JUST as you finish heat setting QUICKLY stamp your image into the HOT powder!


This is the look you get!

Pretty cool huh?

This just went from a sweet smelling $1 candle to being worth far more than that! And its OH SO PRETTY!

Well that does it for me. I have an Ice Cream Social to go to with the kids (I PRAY I can stay away from getting a scoop myself!).

I’ll be back really soon with more to share!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share a piece of my world with you.