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I simply can't tell you how excited I am over this next Pretty Packaging Template and Pretty Impressions stamp combination!Tomorrow is July 1st so you can get it all ten! There is little time to wait!So start planning your projects/gifts now! So get ready for a ton of inspiration :D


  • Lesa Rapp
  • Stephanie Kraft
  • Pam Imholz
  • Use the NEW! Wonderful Watering Can template with the NEW! Tending the Garden stamp set.

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  • Dawn Easton
  • Geny Cassady
  • They will each share 2 cards using the Tending the Garden set today!

    Now I have a FABULOUS project with so many details, that I put them all into a video slide-show for you! I did include a few photos of the details within my post as well.I will share details about the release below, so enjoy!

    Wonderful Watering Can
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    Wonderful Watering Can ©

    Pretty Packaging Template: $5


    Completed Project Size

    4 1/4 Inches Tall

     4 Inches Wide

    3 Inches Deep

    Available in PDF, SVG, WPC, DXF, and GSD

    This template was designed to coordinate with the Tending the Garden Pretty Impressions stamp set. You may also want to check out the Gardening Apron, and Simple Seedling envelope/card set, as well as our coordinating Pretty Printables Digital Papers


    Now it is easier than ever to create your own version, and I will share MANY options over the next couple of days!! There is something so simply appealing to me about the design of a simple watering can. It brings up so many fond memories or my own mother planting seeds each Spring. So much so that I decided to create this stunning 3 dimensional template for you to be able to make your own unique, and stunning gift presentations!There are so many possible uses for this beauty. otr-sdwtrn.JPG I simply cannot believe this is made from all cardstock. It is a marvelous presentation that is sure to make anyone wonder HOW you did it!

    I decorated by Wonderful Watering Can © using a NEW! Coordinating stamp set called Tending the Garden. In that set there is a "framed" image, that is meant to be similar to a seed packet! Within the stamp set there are many images and sentiments that can be used alone, or within the seed packet frame.


    Here I stamped the frame in a darker green ink on my Pasture cardstock.I stamped the frame again onto white cardstock, and cut and layered it. Within the frame I stamped my whimsical version of a Pansy flower, and the sentiment "Bloom with Happiness".

    I also stamped the leaf border that goes around the template.


    For my handle I used some brads to make this template appear even more realistic!

    The top panel leaves so many possiblities. Here I used the Picket Fence Digital Paper.


    The spout is another great detail, you can do so many various things with it (as you will see soon!) to really add to the details.

    I embellished mine by using a NEW! Perfect Pansy Pretty Pieces Cut File

    Perfect Pansy © Pretty Pieces Cut File $2.50


    Available in PDF, SVG, WPC. DXF, and GSD

    What could be more perfect than a pretty pansy?

    If you loved the Rambling Rose © Pretty Pieces Cut File, then you are going to flip for this stunning Perfect Pansy © Pretty Pieces Cut File!

    This one is available in a PDF (printer friendly version) for those of you with printers, who missed out on the Rambling Rose © Pretty Pieces Cut File due to it’s complexity.

    When I designed this Perfect Pansy © Pretty Pieces Cut File I created it with my own mother in mind. I have very fond memories of my mother in the garden every year of my life. Every time I see a Pansy I think of her. She was forever planting Pansy’s each Spring. Our walkway was always lined with the pretty flowers. I often buy her Pansy’s yearly, as it brings such warm memories back to me. More photos further down bckvw.JPG This is the other side of the watering can. ALWAYS decorate all sides of your projects! Ideas for use:

    It makes a perfect table centerpiece, party favor or gift packaging.

    Design to package some floral themed stationary

    Gardening supplies

    Flower/ plant /herb seed packets

    Floral scented oilsS

    cented candles

    Any sort of bath & body products Dip’s, drink or food mixesSweet home baked treatsBird seed/feeder

    Special keepsake items

    or a real/silk planter!

    Whatever you choose to use this Watering Can for it is sure to look wonderful


    This is the complete gift set. Easily designed to coordinate! Could it get any better?? (YES! Because there is even MORE to share soon!)

    mrecndle.JPG There is a set of 10 floral scented tea lights which I stamped little covers to match my set. I used the same leaf images that I used in my border.wtrcndset5.JPGThey fit perfectly inside the watering can!


     All I did was give a little squeeze to the top to fit them inside.


    I decorated a bird cage candle holder to match, using the Perfect Pansy Cut File!


    Isn't this simply stunning? The close up of the Pansy is in the description above.

    If you want MORE photos/ideas for ways the Pansy can be designed check THIS OUT!

    I thought it would be fun to include some information about the Pansy too!

    The pansy is named from the French word "pensee" meaning thoughts, in particular the thoughts of lovers. The myth grew that you could see a loved one in the face of the pansy.

     Legend tells the flower was originally white, and blushed bright purple where it was pierced by Cupid’s arrow. This accounts for the flower's reputation of bringing thoughts of loved ones.

    In Victorian times, the language of flowers evolved into a parlor game for sending secret messages to your loved one. A small bouquet of pansies meant "Think of me."

    Shakespeare's famous character Ophelia used the meaning of the pansy to express herself in Hamlet: "There's Rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, that's for thoughts." In the 1880s pansies were one of the most popular flowers and remain so to this day. OK how about a card to match my project? Sadly I forgot to include it in the group photo, but it is obvious it is a perfect match.canflower.JPG

    I know you may be dying to see MORE of the Tending The Garden set, and are most likely wondering WHAT is included for images!

    Well of course we have a watering can! That was the entire basis of the set.

    This one is fabulous because it has a lot of great fetures.

    Tending The Garden: Set of 50 Images $20

    *also available in Digital Download* for $12

    This is a must have set!

    With so many wonderful sentiments, and images combined, you will be able to create a variety of gifts from the heart, and for many occasions. The images and sentiments in the set can be used alone, or be used within the watering can image, as well as in the watering can label -which happens to fit perfectly on the watering can image! Or the images and sentiments can be used within the "seed packet" frame, which again can also be used own its own!


    As you can see I made this watering can 3 dimensional. I had stamped it onto white vellum cardstock, dry embossed it from the back to create a puffy watering can!

    I stamped the bottom with one of the solid band images that come with the set.

    I decided I wanted the label on my watering can, so I stamped my sentiment of choice, and then I stamped inside the label using one of the floral swag images in the set. This swag was also used to create the border strip along my card! canwtrcan6.JPGI used a singlo pen to color my flowers purple, and flower centers white.I also used a butterfly from the set to add to the garden feel. Often where you see flowers, you see butterflies and bees! 

    This is a super set that can have a lot of sentimental value! With an arrangement of images and sentiments alike that fit within the seed packet like frame, you will find so many used for it!


    You may also notice that I chose to use the flowers from the Fancy Frames set, to "fill" my watering can. I added some Flower Soft for a PERFECT touch. I also used the Killer: Curves Fancy Frames for my decorative border detail!

    Sentiments in this set include:

    Planted in Memory of:

    In Loving Memory

    Our Love Grows

    Planted With Love

    Love is in bloom Tending the GardenJust for youFor your kindness

    Just Bee-cause

    You are tree-mendous!

    May you always bee happy.

    The earth laughs in flowers. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Happy Birthday

    Lil' Sweet Pea

    Thinking of you

    With Thanks

    To love and be loved

    is to feel the sun

    from both sides.

    David Viscott


    Seeds of Kindness

    New Little Sprout


    How ya bean?

    Bloom with happiness This set was designed to coordinate with the Wonderful Watering Can Pretty Packaging Template. purp-wtrcn3.JPGYou may also want to check out the Gardening Apron, and Simple Seedling envelope/card set, as well as our coordinating Pretty Printables Digital Papers

    The more you see of the items from this release, the MORE you will fall in love! It is peek gardening season still, so it's never too late to give gifts. Better yet, this set was made versatile enough for gifts of any occasion, ALL YEAR ROUND!

    OK now it is time for the GIVEAWAY!!

    Valued at: $52.00

    Simply leave a comment on today's post! Let me know what you think of the projects and YOUR favorite flower!

     You will be entered to win:

    Pretty Packaging Template: Wonderful Watering Can

    Pretty Impressions Stamps: Tending the Garden Entire collection of 7 Gardening Greats Pretty Printables paper!

    Pretty Pieces Cut File : Perfect Pansy

    Winner will be drawn in the morning of the 1st! 



    Pretty Packaging © template - Waonderful Watering Can

    Pretty Impressions © Stamps- Tending the Garden, Killer Curves, Killer Curves: Fancy Frames

    Pretty Printables Digital Paper: Picket Fence

    Cardstock by Couture Cardstock: OSW White, Sunflower, Pasture, Tannenbaum, Carousel, Quest, vellum

    Ink: Momento, Copic Markers

    Pretty Pieces © Cut File- Perfect Pansy

    Ribbon by May Arts, brads by SU!, Bird from Michael's craft store, buttons by Foo Fa La, Flower Soft

    As always thank you for the sweet support, the time you take to read, stop by and/or comment and email :D

    Enjoy the rest of the today! The official release is just HOURS away! Our group post will be next, so don't miss it!

    Till tomorrow.