I have a VERY full and informative post for you today! SO grab your favorite cup of whatever you enjoy most, and have a seat!

I promised to share a book and some ideas for those of you out there who are “Canning” challenged. So make sure you take a moment and soak in all the endless ideas 😀 More on that at the bottom!

Today I want to first share some cards with you! Now today I am sponsoring the

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Over the last few months I have made numerous samples with our digital images, and am always using the digital paper, so I thought I’d share a few more samples today.

AND because I promised you all even more ways to use the Well Preserved set thought today would be the perfect day to share it all.

Apples, Oranges, Cherries and Pears! OH MY!

I wanted to share even more versatile card ideas using more of the fruit images!

First up:

An apple for teacher


I’m working on teacher thank yous and gifts, and thought this could be perfect for one of the 12 I have to gift things to!

I used the Preserve It: Apples and Pears digital collection for this one. Super simple layout that can be switched up with every fruit in the set.


The LOVE the versatility in the apple because you can color it, leave it outlined or ADD the sliced apple core image!

FUN! FUN! FUN!! Plus they are the perfect size for creating your own background paper or becoming the mail focus of a creation.

Sending you sunshine!


How “sweet” is this?

Reminds me of a Florida Orange Juice commercial! LOL!

For this I printed some of the Pretty Printable paper from the Preserve It: Oranges & Strawberries collection, and the Vintage Plaid Hues of Red with Sugar! 

I had so much fun combining the fruit slices from both the A Spot of Tea (which is the large fruit wedge) then the Well Preserved set which used the little fruit wedge!


I just stamped them as seen in this: Using the Fruit Wedge from A Spot of Tea © video, and added some glitter.

My sentiment is from the You’ve Got Mail set 😀 Its such a fun and unique set that really gives new meaning to HAPPY MAIL!!

Two Lil’ Cherries


OH! I so loved this one when I was done!

I combined the label image from the Well Preserved set with the cherries, and added a clear page pebble over them.


I then layered it onto the floral circle frame from Paper Pattern Pieces. It gave such a elegant look!!

I decided to split the sentiment from Sensational Sentiments.With the two lil’ cherries, and the sentiment “two words” it was perfect to me.

I used the Fruit Medley collectionfor the bottom of this one. It was the perfect addition to my card!

Just Pear-fect


This is last but certainly not least!!

Loving the colors and the paper on this one. I used Nomad polka dot pattern from the Darling Dots collection, then the floral paper from the Tea Parlor Nomad’s Warm Apple Cider Collection. You really should check out all the patterns within each collection!! There is generally a large variety of AWESOME patterns for so many uses.


Once again I used the frame from Paper Pattern Pieces, This time it was the square. I love stamping the 2 pears together. I just stamped one pear, then masked it before I stamped the second one. I enjoyed coloring them, but you could easily leave them alone, or paper piece them.


OK now onto more details, as promised.

There are tons of you out there who are CANNING challenged!

Many of you expressed that you love the Well Preserved set but aren’t sure you could use it since you don’t “Can”.

Well I think (or hope) I’ve given you a ton of ideas (for those of you who don’t “CAN”) to find uses for this set all the same. The set is very versatile, as are many of the sentiments.

For all you out there who CAN’T can, because

1) you don’t want to

2) you don’t have time

3) you never even tired-where to begin?

4) you have no ambition to

….then I have some wonderful alternatives for you to still be able tp utilize the Well Preserved  stamp set, as well as the Jam Packed template!

So if you thought you CAN’T now you CAN!!

For all of you out there who CAN’T can your own fruit goodness, or maybe you never tried it and WANT to, then I think you will love this book I found at Walmart!

Ball Blue Book: Guide to Preserving


I found this with the canning supplies (near the dish section). It has EVERYTHING you would ever want or need (with photos for you visual people like myself) for someone who has NEVER canned before 😀 I hope to share my very first batch of jam making with you all once we pick our own FRESH fruit. I think that makes the difference 😀

Now back to you all who don’t want to bother canning, YES! you “CAN” find some great uses for the Well Preserved  stamp set.

You can also just just the jars for packaging stuff!! IF you can fit it in a half pint canning jar you can “JAM PACK” it, with style! So the ideas are endless.

From sewing and stamping supplies, to delectable edibles!

There are all sorts of things you can put in the half pint Ball Canning Jar! They are pretty inexpensive too. Just let your imagination soar a little. Think outside the BOX!

Here is a little something I made!


Some mini blueberry muffins!

One batch of mix goes a LONG way when giving gifts!


I fit in about 6 per jar. They equal a smidgen more than gifting on large muffin, and look so cute in here.

I just used the half pint jar, to put my mini muffins in, then for the front decoration I use the Well Preserved set with coordinating Well Preserved Cut File . You can whip up a ton of tags like this. I then added some blueberry fabric to my jar lid, then tied with some gingham ribbon. SIMPLE! DONE!

Here are some ideas for you:

Food mixes-like strawberry, blueberry and raspberry pankcake mix, muffin mix (already made muffin), or even bread mix.

Drink mixes!! You will want to see Tracey’s post for sure 😀

Candy-there is a plethora of fruit flavored candies! Some of my faves are the gummy fruit wedges and the Haribou Raspberries!

Candles-yes! You can make your own scented candles and package it up in a Ball canning jar! How cute would that be?

Cookies! Yup! Stack em’ up and put them in a jar instead of a bag. My favorite are Raspberry Linzer cookies!

Scented bath & body products! How about some handmade (or store bought) soaps, or bath-salts? Lots of sweet scents!

Fudge and other chocolate yumminess.

Peanuts, or oven roasted cashews!! YUM!

Apple Cider, Coffee, or Hot Cocoa mix!

Dip! Already mixed, and ready to present to a hostess 😀

What about the layered mixes you can put in a jar! There are ALL sorts of soups and cookie recipes that you can layer in a jar!

Instead of a bowl of soup, what about a JAR! They can pop it in the fridge until they are ready to heat and eat.

I think I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Get creative with your gifts, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how the smallest of gifts, presented perfectly goes a LONG way, and gets an amazing response.

Remember, your presentation is the FIRST thing people notice, and that is what really “SELLS” people on products in the marketplace! Catchy colors, packaging designs and logos!

Now it is easier than ever.

Thanks for stopping by.

I hope you took something away from my MILE LONG post today. Jeepers, I should have cleaned the house before I started this post, because now I want to go create something, instead of dust, vacuum, and wash the floor.

Until next time.